Paige Guthrie is the second oldest sibling to the large Guthrie clan, as well
as a mutant. Having been following in her brother's famous footsteps as he
rose up in the ranks of Xavier's, Paige was determined to not be left behind.
She grew up on the farm with her family in Kentucky, living cheap and working
odd jobs when she could to help her Ma make ends meet.

When her mutant power finally triggered, she was both ecstatic (and a bit
grossed out) to know that she was an omni-morph with the ability to tear her
skin off and have a new form underneath. Determined, she was sent to Xavier's
to join the school on her mission to become an X-Man in her own right. Through
this process she met many new friends and went on several adventures of her
own within her own class, a predecessor to the New Mutants of Sam's time. She
went through the same training that her brother and his friends went through.
She was a natural born leader, even if she went overboard at times with her
studies, and she challenged herself and her friends to always push themselves.
She showed herself to be a loyal teammate.

Upon graduating from high school, she was promoted to the big leagues and
finally became an honorary X-Man. She has taken upon herself to teach at the
school as well in regards to English and History, looking to shape the minds
of young students and inspire them to follow in Xavier's dream by day, while
fighting crime and Sentinels by night.

Recent Events


Paige is very strong willed and gung-ho when it comes to being an X-Man. She
is one of the more stubborn and determined personalities on the team. She grew
up with Southern Hospitality and is polite to her Elders, very respectful to
her leadership and genuinely loves her friends and family. Deep down she does
have rooted insecurities of never being 'good enough', or at the least, as
good as her brother, which is why she continues to push herself in the Gym or
in the field of studies. She hides it well with her ego.

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Husk has the mutant ability to tear her skin off to reveal a new form underneath. This is done with a moment of concentration and can turn her body into substances such as diamond, rubber, rock, glass, etc. She has also shown to be able to shift her body into forms such as fire in a high heat magma.

Through this form, she is able to gain bonus abilities such as: Strength, Durability, Speed, Stretchy abilities and sometimes underwater breathing capabilities. (Gills!)


Paige, when she husks her skin off, comes away dirt and sweat free. No need for zit cream here!




February 20, 2020. Break Their Backs

Crush waits for some scumbags attached to her attacks on the Fighting Rings, and it just so happens these scumbags are scummier than Most when Paige and Sam Guthrie arrive with new information

Posted On: 21 Feb 2020 13:57 (Related Tags: cannonball crush husk)

February 05, 2020. No ID, No Service

Crush stops by Harry's to try and get a drink and is blocked by Sam.

Posted On: 10 Feb 2020 00:55 (Related Tags: cannonball crush husk)

January 27, 2020. Card Sharks

Or how Dani fleeced EVERYONE. Or really, how the team had a fun game of cards :)

Posted On: 29 Jan 2020 02:15 (Related Tags: cannonball husk moonstar shadowcat sunspot)

January 03, 2020. Spare Change

Sam and Paige Guthrie are invited to join the small-crime gang-turning-military Spare Change. Aggressive negotiations occur, and Alexis Carr switches sides.

Posted On: 05 Jan 2020 18:27 (Related Tags: cannonball husk ignyx)

January 01, 2020. Catching Jay up on Spare Change

Paige and Jay pop over to Jay's condo in NYC to talk about Spare Change. He also sings a song!

Posted On: 07 Jan 2020 01:05 (Related Tags: cannonball husk icarus)

January 01, 2020. Sam and Paige go undercover

Sam and Paige go undercover in mutant town to find out who attacked Andrea

Posted On: 02 Jan 2020 23:41 (Related Tags: cannonball husk ignyx)

Full Name: Paige Guthrie
Code Name: Husk
Occupation: X-Man. Also teaches English and History
Aliases: Hayseed
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: X-Men, Generation X
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Species Detail: Mutant
Age: 21
Height: 5'7
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Taylor Swift
Theme Song:
Character Type: FC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: Husk
Played Since: 12/5/2019

Last Posted Activity: 21 Feb 2020 13:57

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