Alexis Carr's story really begins in the late 90's. Amelia Fiore, a dancer for the Boston Ballet originating from England, and the strongly Anti-Metahuman ballet master Filipe Caradenza met. In a whirlwind romance that those involved in professional dance did not largely approve of, as Filipe as
Amelia's senior by nearly two decades, as well as his multiple affairs from a previous marriage. The two were married in 1998, and four years and one temporary separation later, welcomed their daughter, Allegra Margarite Caradenza into the world on a rainy March day.

Allegra was born to two well-to-do families; the Fiores were ballet and opera royalty in the UK, and
the Caradenza family owned wineries and olive groves in Abruzzi, Italy. The child wanted for nothing, but with her parents' careers at the forefront of their minds, she was sent to live with her grandmother, Dame Mildred Fiore, in the British estate of Ruxwens.

Privately tutored, she didn't care much for maths or science — just wasn't her interest — but she excelled in physical and musical studies, and proved to be a virtuoso, a prodigy in piano and violin. She played in youth orchestras, followed her grandmother to professional events and by the age of ten had interviewed with the BBC, performed in Christmas and Holiday specials on her parents' names, and even played during the London olympics, dwarved by her adult peers on the stage. Her father, who had fallen in with Anti-Meta activists and desperately worried about how metahumans and mutants would
affect the performing arts world, showcased her as 'Excellence in Human Talent' solidifying her as a young heroine and face of anti-metahuman activity in Italy.

Around the age of twelve, though, she began to develop strange lesions on her skin, in particular about her fingertips, toes, hands and feet. Burn and scorch marks against her clothing started to appear. Keeping the secret from her parents, Dame Mildred Fiore brought the young Allegra to a doctor in
London, who confirmed that Allegra Caradenza, the face of Italian Pro-Humanity groups… was a mutant.

Dame Fiore, knowing Allegra's mutant powers manifesting would put her granddaughter in grave danger, was determined to keep her safe. Public appearances were put on hold. Media was seeded through connections with the press in London that Filipe Caradenza was again cheating in spite of his
'family, faith, humanity first' rhetoric on the European press route. Allegra watched the world from windows, confined to Ruxwens's grounds as her grandmother worked to try and find some place to help her granddaughter, whose powers began manifesting in more violent ways. Scorch marks became blisters on furniture, became outright fires.

And just when Dame Fiore thought that releif was in sight, that there was somewhere Allegra could go to control these powers and still attend to what she wanted to be, what she longed to do — Allegra disappeared.

The only sign that she had left was a meter-high hole in the iron fencing — where the cast iron had been melted away.

From there, with cash secured from her own bank accounts and sequestered away, Allegra made her way to Swansea, where she stowed away on a ship heading for New York City. New York, she felt, was as good a place as any to disappear. She adopted the identity of Alexis Carr from her father's favorite autos, and explained her parents were illegal immigrants who were deported at every shelter for teens she stayed at, making cash here and there playing violin or piano at bars or on the street, before she made the acquaintance of Andy Pruitt, a mutant gang leader, and very bad influence.

Jokingly referring to themselves as 'Spare Change', the gang was only seven strong, and moved from place to place in the city, never staying anywhere for more than a couple of days, squatting in abandoned buildings and making a lean living off begging, busking, and petty theft. At Andy's suggestion and encouragement, Alexis became a sort of scout for the group. As a younger teenager, she would case places as she busqued, distracting others so that pick-pockets could nab cash and wallets before skittering away. Andy was impressed with Alexis's flexibility from years of ballet, and encouraged her to get into tumbling, climbing, and gymnastics to be able to get around, showing parkour videos on stolen phones, and like the physical aspects of ballet, parkour fascinated Alexis, and she poured her heart into it, ballet, violin and piano. She was never tasked with theft itself, and because of her high levels of activity (and poor diet contributing), her more flamable skills rarely became an issue, and she had to concentrate hard in order to produce flames from her fingertips.

Years passed, and the size of the group waxed and waned between arrests. At sixteen, a new member joined the group by the name of Jimmy Miller. While Andy Pruitt was a gentle encourager for some bad behaviors, Miller proved far more aggressive in his tactics. Robbery, arming his mutants with guns, and as the refferandum for the Registration came to an head, Miller and Pruitt butted heads. Andy wanted to take the gang and move out of New York, out of the risk of not only being criminals for what they do but who they are.

Jimmy Miller thought they should fight back. And in a personal battle that saw two members of Spare Change injured, a horrified Alexis held Pruitt's hand after trying to cauterize gunshot wounds. He died in her arms, and Alexis felt like she had lost a brother. In a rage, Alexis attempted to fight Miller, but between exhausting what energy she had and the trauma of Andy's death, she was quickly subdued and given a choice: she could live and learn from Miller, and be his tool, or she could die like Pruitt.

Alexis chose to live, and began a brutal training regimen under Miller's hand.

Under Miller, Spare Change was changed from a gang of pickpockets and minor thieves to a more aggressive form of group. Cash and products stolen went to hawking and pawning, and trading for gear. Daily beatdowns were encouraged to weed out the Dedicated from the useless — and anyone who was useless wasn't seen again. The group was kept low. Recruitment was done by Miller alone, and Alexis was kept on a short leash. Dissatisfied, under-serviced, the poor, the physically afflicted, every mutant with a chip on their shoulder was a potential target for Miller to recruit.

Fifteen members, with Miller at the forefront and his firestarter on a short leash. She was still acting as a scout — small, unassuming, distracting. She said all the right words, she did everything she was asked to — but there's a line somewhere.

She's not about to kill for Miller.

Recent Events

Late December 2019 — encountered Andrea Jackson (Rage). An attempted kidnapping occurred under Miller's orders. Didn't go so well.

Early January: Spare Change splits thanks to the Guthrie's intervention. Sam and Paige are able to take some mutants elsewhere while others decide to either head elsewhere or continue life on the street. Alexis returns to the street.


Alexis is a riches-to-rags story, driven by a need for acceptance and keeping her past hidden and buried.

On one side, she was once the face of Anti-Metahuman talent in Europe against her will (and understanding, as a child). She has changed her appearance drastically in order to better hide who she is, in fear that her adoptive family may disown her in a violent way. Secretive, but bearing a great amount of kindness to those in ned, defensive of those who have her real friendship. She's learning to set up real boundaries instead of being a push-over, and contends both with her distrust of establishment and her desire to create some sort of order in chaos.

RP Hooks

Former poster child for Human Talent Europe

Piano and Violin Virtuoso

Street dweller; in and out of shelters as a young teen.

Missing Person in the UK/EU with substantial reward for her return.


Character Sheet


Alexis is capable of short bursts of flight by super-heating the air around her. Her clothing tends to singe during flight. Her range is currently 150 feet with poor caloric intake, 400 feet with high caloric intake (4k+ per day)


Alexis is immune to the effects of heat up to 1500 degrees Farhrenheit (a bit hotter than a normal house fire). She can comfortably handle fire, hot plates, and pull hot things from the oven with her bare hands.


Alexis is a Pyrokenetic mutant with the ability to create and control fire, manifest heat in her hands hot enough to melt through steel without harming her own body. Her ability to create fire is limited to her hands, but she can control fire within a fifteen foot radius, including fireballs and fire she did not create, inclusive of extinguishing fire within her area of control at will.




March 02, 2020. Friends of Humanity Attack

After a wonderful dinner with the family, Andrea, Jay, Sam and Alexis get attacked by the Friends of Humanity. Colin Knight saves them, sorta .. and Andrea's mom reveals a secret.

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March 02, 2020. Meeting Mom

Jay, Sam and Alexis meets Andrea's parents to talk about the upcoming wedding. Alicia Jackson is a very scary person. Tom is a chill dude.

Posted On: 04 Mar 2020 22:08 (Related Tags: andrea-jackson cannonball icarus ignyx)

February 22, 2020. Making Wedding Plans

Andrea tells Alexis that she's getting married and asks (tells) her that she's going to be the Maid of Honor.

Posted On: 23 Feb 2020 14:16 (Related Tags: andrea-jackson cannonball ignyx)

January 07, 2020. Chaos in NYC with Ombra and Myrkr

Ombra gets attacked by a crowd, Myrkr protects her, and Andrea and Jay get sucked into the drama until Sam bails them out. Also, Alexis!

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January 03, 2020. Spare Change

Sam and Paige Guthrie are invited to join the small-crime gang-turning-military Spare Change. Aggressive negotiations occur, and Alexis Carr switches sides.

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January 01, 2020. Sam and Paige go undercover

Sam and Paige go undercover in mutant town to find out who attacked Andrea

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Fire and Music
Fire and Music
Full Name: Allegra Caradenza
Code Name: Ignyx
Occupation: Street Musician
Aliases: Alexis Carr
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Neutral
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: Spare Change (Mutant gang)
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Mutant
Age: 18
Height: 5'2
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Dark Brown
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Emmy Rossum
Theme Song: "Where the Skies End" - Starset
"Burn With Me" - Amaranthe
Character Type: OC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: ignyx
Played Since: December 2019

Last Posted Activity: 09 Mar 2020 21:11

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