Ordinary people that find themselves gifted with extraordinary powers- it's an occurrence that calls upon those who find themselves with said powers to make a choice to use it for the greater good, or take advantage of it. The power of the original Flash is that of superhuman speed, and that power becomes inherited by the grandson of Barry Allen, the second Flash- and not only a fraction of it, but the full capabilities that Barry had also wielded. While in that timeline Barry himself never saw what his grandson Bartholomew (Bart for short) would become capable of, his wife Iris risked much to save the boy from a premature death. First taken by an alien race called the Dominators to be experimented upon, an infant Bart was freed by the government of Earth, only to have new interest in his powers sparked, and so he was isolated from his family, intended to be formed into a hero, or perhaps even cloned.

It wasn't such a simple matter as super-speed. Bart's hyper-metabolism had become a major issue. Since he had no idea how to shut it off, use of his speed caused him to age at a rapid pace. By the time he was in age, a toddler, he looked like a teenager. To bypass the problems this could cause mentally, the boy was plugged into a virtual reality that fed him necessary information at an enhanced speed to match his rapid growth rate. All that Bart had ever known to that point was the product of imagined scenarios- his life as he knew it was basically a video game. As an unfortunate result, he wouldn't fully comprehend how dangerous the real world could be. It also didn't do a thing for the boy's rapid aging process. At the rate things were going, he'd die an old man long before another year would go by.

Refusing to let that happen, Iris, being Bart's only relative of contact, took matters into her on hands, freeing Bart and using time travel to take him back to the twentieth century where she hoped to get her nephew, Wally West to help Bart learn how to control his powers. While they made the jump correctly, something occurred during the transition, separating Bart from his grandma. Alone and overstimulated from racing across the globe nonstop, Wally was finally able to track him down and help the boy stabilize before he tore himself apart.

From that point Bart jumped right into the business of being a hero, and Wally quickly realized that the job that Iris had hoped to task him with wasn't going to be an easy one. That job eventually was passed to an older, more experienced speedster by name of Max Mercury who took on the mantle of Bart's guardian and mentor, moving with him out to nowhereseville in Manchester, Alabama where much to the kid's horror, he's forced to try living out a normal life as a normal human being.

At least Bart must be doing something right as he's become a member of the young team of superheroes known as the Titans and hasn't been kicked out yet.

Recent Events

Things have been a rollercoaster for the young speedster recently, but he hasn't once looked back in reconsideration of things, eager to tackle whatever challenges lie ahead.

He's gotten a job at a certain bar, found out that he's got a half-brother and more than a few things that can't easily be ironed out in regards to relationships as much as he'd like to. For a day he was thought to be an ancient god and may still have some deluded buglike followers. Add the sudden inheritance of a billion-dollar company name in and well…

The Titans themselves have been through hell and back, perhaps literally, and despite potentially traumatic experiences Bart feels closer to a lot of his teammates.


Living in a virtual reality for the majority of your life definitely has its affects on a person. As a result, Bart is a bit of a reckless sort. True to his alias, the boy acts impulsively, charging full throttle into things without a thought for the worst. Wally West even coined a name for it- the Single Synapse Theory; the first spark of a thought launched completely into action without hesitation. The kid's all improvisation and reflex, working things out as he goes along.

His mind still works as though he's playing one giant video game. While it might be a chaotic mess initially, Bart's learned how to handle himself well enough from his fighting alongside fellow Speedsters like the Flash and Max Mercury that he usually manages for things to come out the way they should. Most of the time. He possesses a strong sense of justice as befitting a hero-to-be, although he tends to be more intent on the "beat down the bad guys" aspect of it all. If things don't quite go the way he expects it to, he doesn't give up, although he might sulk or glare about it for a while, but even that can get boring.

Being friends with Tim Drake has helped him become more open to adjusting the way he does things, as Tim's come to understand the young speedster enough to put his skills to the best use in ways that Impulse can't complain. In general it's helped considerably to be around others his age, so to speak, opening him up to being willing to work with a team.

Yes, he's as impatient as one would expect someone with the name "Impulse" to be. He'd rather be doing things rather than thinking, and he's always happy to go all out once he's given the rein. And while some of his thoughts and ideas may seem it, he's not stupid. Just because he prefers to act without real consideration, it doesn't mean he won't bother to think at all. While a lot of the time one might feel he's not listening to the advice given, he does take it to heart, sometimes whether he realizes it or not.

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Character Sheet

A notable ability that Bart has is being able to vibrate through matter, such as walls, doors, bullets and other not-nice things thrown his way. It's proven quite useful in getting out of tight scrapes

It runs in the family (get it). Bart has a connection to this energy field that serves as a source for more than a few speedsters, effectively making him a Speed Force conduit. This connection is what grants him his many speed-related abilities.

Being connected to the Speed Force means that Bart can also sense others likewise connected to it in an empathetic manner, particularly when they might be in trouble. In this way he can also locate them.

Dopplegangers, clones- let's be real, the thought of having multiples of Impulse is terrifying. A bit of a freak accident's awoken his unusual ability to create copies of himself that can run off and act independently within a brief window of time, and upon their return he gains whatever memories and experience from those perspectives.

This speed isn't just embodied in Bart's movement, but his very being, and it's the very thing that near killed him at an early age. His body functions at superhuman speeds by default, so he's able to process things faster than normal people can. This includes his base senses, and even extends into his ability to recover from injuries. Physically he's capable of pushing near light speed, and has learned a few tricks from his predecessors such as creating pockets of air and creating whirlwinds. While he can't fly, he can run fast enough to speed across water and has on occasion left burning trails in his passing.




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Full Name: Bartholomew "Bart" Allen II
Code Name: Impulse
Occupation: Superhero, Owner of Stark Industries, and Part-Time Student! Wait…
Aliases: Bart, Huitzilopotchli (don't ask), Kid Flash :(
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: Titans, Stark Industries
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail:
Age: 18 (Actually 6)
Height: 5'7"
Build: Lean
Hair Color: Auburn
Eye Color: Amber
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Himself/Voice: Ben Schwartz
Theme Song: Everything Is Awesome - Tegan and Sara
Character Type: FC
Universe: DC
Wiki Tag: impulse
Played Since: November 18, 2018

Last Posted Activity: 13 May 2020 01:39

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