Iron Fist


Danny Rand was born to a life of wealth and privilege. His father, Wendell Rand was the CEO of Rand Enterprises, a multi-billion dollar corporation. For the first twelve years of his life, he wanted for nothing and lived in the lap of luxury. He had no concept of what other people's lives were like. He was a kind child who had a good relationship with his parents. He has fond memories of scrambling around Rand headquarters like it was his own private playroom.

When he was 12 years old, he was travelling with his parents in a private jet. The jet crashed. His parents and the pilot were killed. Somehow, Danny survived. He was rescued by monks and brought to the mystical city of K'un L'un.

Danny grew up as an acolyte of the monks of K'un L'un. The way between the city and the wider world was closed, so he could not return home. Life in K'un L'un was anything but soft. The conditions were brutal and challenging. He worked for his meager rations and slept on a hard mat. When he wasn't working, he was training. It didn't matter if he didn't want to fight. He didn't have much of a choice.

Winning battles was rewarded with more advanced moves. After he started winning fights, it kindled some sort of inner Rand ambition - the same ambition that had driven his father. He started to get more and more competitive, working hard to best his fellow acolytes.

In K'un L'un there was no corporate ladder to climb, but there were titles. The one title that grabbed his attention was that of the Iron Fist - protector of the city. Despite the fact that his fellow acolytes believed an outsider to be unworthy, he attempted the trials anyway. It wasn't arrogance so much as an unconscious feeling of entitlement. He was driven to succeed, and in the mystical city, this was a way to succeed.
Despite all odds, Danny completed the trials of the Iron Fist. He found himself faced with a dragon - Shou-Lau the Undying. He plunged his fist into the creature's molten heart and gained the power of the Iron Fist - as well as the dragon's mark on his chest.

The title was earned, but what Danny didn't expect was that the title essentially meant…glorified sentry duty. It was his sacred duty to protect K'un L'un, which meant standing at the pass, day in and day out.
Another man would be humbled by this sacred duty. But Danny wanted more. If he had been at home and his parents had survived, he would be taking on some junior position in his father's company - a comfy recipient of nepotism. He still felt entitled to that kind of life on some level, but those ambitions didn't map onto the world he now inhabited. He grew restless with sentry duty nearly immediately, and impatient to learn more about his powers.

So in retrospect, the masters of K'un L'un should have expected that Danny would leave his post the moment he spotted a hawk and saw that the way was open. The duty he had fought for and almost died for, was abandoned very quickly. What they didn't know is that he felt very strongly that he needed to be home. Not for himself, but because something was coming.

Danny returned to New York. A combination of a 12 year old's view of how the wider world should work and a certain…cluelessness meant his reintegration into society hit a lot of hiccups. Perhaps the same luck that had guarded him all his life clicked in yet again, because he was somehow able to convince the right people that he was who he said he was, and more astounding still, reclaim a controlling part of Rand Enterprises. Not until after a stint in a mental institution - for very understandable reasons.

The next few months saw Danny find his way into vigilantism and make friends with the people who would come to be known as the Defenders. Their long battle with Wilson Fisk brought damage to his reputation and that of Rand Industries, and set the young man off his feet so much that he's had to reevaluate the whole way that he summons the Iron Fist. Moral certainty used to be the way to his power, but that certainty is in short supply in the real, messy world.

Recent Events

In his civilian identity, Danny is helping to rebuild Hell's Kitchen with affordable housing and setting up the Merit Center - a community center and shelter for youth.

He's also struggling with the recent discovery that his father was researching K'un L'un before the plane crash, and that the accident may not have been an accident at all. He's also struggling to re-balance his chi and gain steady access to the power of the Iron Fist. He's been off-centre since the fight with Fisk.


Danny Rand is a very good-hearted person. He believes in helping people and in doing the Right Thing (TM). Unfortunately, he lacks understanding to truly see the world as it is. Everything he has ever come across has a cut-and-dried solution in his mind. That often means him charging headlong and fighting, or trusting people to do the right thing when they have no incentive to do so. He believes in honour and justice, but as abstract concepts rather than how they actually manifest in the real world. Part of that is his isolated upbringing, and part of that comes from his life of privilege before the plane crash. It's hard for him to see inequality, for instance, because he hasn't experienced it. He doesn't deny it exists, but it doesn't enter into his world view until someone confronts him with it. The credo of Danny's life can be summed up as: he means well, but he often falls short. To his credit, he does try to learn and he does try to listen, but he can also be pigheadedly stubborn when he believes what he's doing is right. Lately, his underlying view that the world can be divided into right and wrong has been challenged in a fundamental way. That's left him shaken and struggling to redefine how he sees the world.

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Character Sheet

The Iron Fist
Danny gained the power of the Immortal Iron Fist by plunging his fist into the molten heart of Shou-Lau the Undying, a dragon. Functionally, what that means is that Danny can, by focusing his Chi, direct that energy into his fist. His fist then becomes incredibly hard, capable of striking with brute force and without injury to him. He can hit so hard that it produces shockwaves that can knock down everything around him. The amount of power he can summon varies depending on how focused he is on his goal. But he easily has the ability to punch hard enough to take someone's head off. Not that he ever would - but other Iron Fists have done so.

The power of the Iron Fist also gives him limited healing abilities, both on himself and on others. Through focus, he can heal bullet wounds, burn out poison and other minor acts of healing. This drains his chi and requires him again, to be incredibly focused and clear-headed. This has the potential to go as far as to regenerate limbs, but he hasn't reached that point yet.

These abilities are completely dependent on his state of mind. If Danny is confused or unsure of his purpose, or if he has lost confidence in himself, he finds summoning the power of the Iron Fist to be difficult or impossible. If he is injured or physically or emotionally weak, he will also find it difficult to summon. If he is well-rested and has clear purpose, he can ignite and release the power in close succession in long fights. Still, he will drain himself if he does so and need to recharge his chi.

Enhanced Attributes
Thanks to his transformation into the Iron Fist, Danny is faster and has more endurance than an average human, He can recover quickly from blows and is able to read a fight and take on multiple opponents at once. Part of this is his extensive training, but part of it is certainly superhuman. His reflexes are lightning fast, he's incredibly durable, and he can go a lot longer without rest than a regular human. Danny can also tell his body to resist the effects of the elements, which means he can move through cold or heat without feeling its detrimental effects. He's still getting cold or overheating - he can just trick his mind into not feeling the effects in the moment.

Danny has only just begun to scratch the surface of what the power of the Iron Fist actually means. As he explores his abilities and finds new ways to draw from the power of Shou-Lao, Danny will discover he can read other peoples' chi to help him predict their movements in battle with a greater degree of accuracy. This chi reading would also help him determine someone's character, to tell if they're good-intentioned, or to read psychic damage. He already does this unconsciously to a small degree and it manifests as a sense about people. As he explores it, he will be able to do it more deliberately.

Eventually, Danny will be able to psychically fuse his consciousness with another to share knowledge, to communicate, and to explore a shared psychic dream-state. Right now he doesn't know the technique to achieve that, or that he has the potential to do so.

Dimensional Rift Creation
For whatever reason, the power of the Iron Fist is tied to the same kind of energy that maintains barriers between dimensions. As such, Danny can essentially punch holes in the dimensional fabric to create rifts in certain spots. (Note: this power would only be used in the context of a plot.)




The Immortal Iron Fist
CEO of Rand Enterprises and the vigilante known as the Iron Fist
CEO of Rand Enterprises and the vigilante known as the Iron Fist
Full Name: Daniel Thomas Rand
Code Name: The Immortal Iron Fist
Occupation: Ninja CEO (CEO Ninja?)
Aliases: Iron Fist, The Golden Labradoodle
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: Defenders
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Magically altered human
Age: 27
Height: 6'
Build: Athletic and lean
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Finn Jones
Theme Song: Inner Ninja by Classifed
Character Type: FC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: iron-fist
Played Since: November 18, 2018

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