Jack Turner was born in ranch country in Colorado to the relatively well of
Ezra and Maria Turner. He grew up on the family ranch. At around 14 years old
when he started to show signs of really fine hand eye coordination and
mechanical aptitude his parents sent him to learn gunsmithing with his Uncle
Vance. With gunsmithing came learning to shoot - something that he turned out
to be quite good at - and throughout high school and into his early college
years this was his life: School, ranching, shooting and gunsmithing.

That all changed shortly after his 20th birthday. Uncle Vance's operation was
a fairly high tech one. Indeed Jack had been designing and constructing a
multi-ammunition rifle for use by law enforcement and Vance had been working
with out in Denver called Technical Security Solutions to provide the police
with the next generation in tactical equipment and solutions. He told Jack
that he?d been working on something big, something that just needed a little
more work. He left for Denver.

Jack never saw him again. A few days went by. Vance's business partner, a man
named Tyler Norwich, was contacted but he was no help. A week passed. The
police were contacted. No progress was made in finding Vance. Slowly Jack
became suspicious. He began to suspect that Norwich was hiding something. He
tried to go down to the labs in Denver but was denied entry. So, one day two
weeks after his uncle had vanished he went down to the labs at night and broke
in. Inside he found a case belonging to his uncle and a stick drive. Inside
the one was a device capable of constructing munitions on demand. Inside the
other was a series of disturbing documents that linked Norwich to several
local criminal groups to which so the documents suggested had sold tech and
was planning to sell his uncle's device.

Barely escaping when Norwich arrived with his security guards, Jack fled back
to his uncle's gun shop to retrieve his rifle - the Tri-Gun - and gather a few
key things before disappearing himself before either Norwich could catch up.

That very night Jack located one of the criminal groups implicated in the
documents. They weren't far away. By the time he'd finished dealing with them
he realized he was staring at the edge of a much larger problem and worse that
his initial plan of getting enough evidence to turn the whole lot over to the
police was shot. The web of connections to other gangs and syndicates was too
large and Tyler Norwich too clever to leave irrefutable proof of his
complicity in arming them in plain sight.

To say this was not ideal would be understating things immensely. With no
proof he was sure to be at best arrested and prosecuted and at worst killed or
disappeared by Norwich. So Jack did the only thing that he could think to do:
He took his list of criminal groups and started to follow it, trying to find
the evidence he needed and, hopefully, some sign of what happened to his

The trail led south first, to the Gulf Coast and Jack learned very quickly
that these were not simply gangs and smugglers and gun runners. Consistently
he would run into strange, high tech gadgetry, things that there is no way
criminals of the caliber he was fighting should have ever been able to afford
or maintain. There was the group of counterfeiters in Austin who had some kind
of sonic blaster. Then there was the gang of bank robbers in San Antonio who
had some kind of laser torch to cut into vaults from the outside. And then
there was the assassin in Houston who seemed to be using an early version of
the Digital Assembler. Documents, cellphones and computers he recovered
repeatedly referenced some kind of network that was supplying these gangs and
criminals beyond anything Tyler Norwich would have his hands in and to which a
cut of the proceeds inevitably flowed. Slowly, it dawned on Jack that he was
not dealing with some crooked business or even one corrupt CEO's personal
criminal empire. This was increasingly looking like some kind of Cartel.

For a while Jack made sure that the dangerous, high tech devices he recovered
found their way to the police. In a lot of cases they were needed evidence
anyway. However four months into his campaign, in New Orleans, he ran into his
first serious problem. There, a rooftop leaping thief was using some kind of
leg harness to violently break into ships in the harbor often with fatal
results. The confrontation between Jack and this thief left him shot twice in
the back and having difficulty moving while a fire raged in the port. It was
only by strapping on the unconscious thief's harness that he was able to
escape the flames and deliver the robber to the police. He kept the harness
partly out of necessity. His injuries were slow to recover and he never did
entirely regain his mobility, however he also found that the leaping and
running capacity the harness afforded him was immensely valuable especially
with his enhanced hand eye coordination.

After six weeks or so of laying low Jack moved to Atlanta. It was there he got
a big break. Atlanta seemed to be a major hub of activity for this cartel and
Jack, now reported in some local media as Jackalope thanks to events in the
aftermath of New Orleans, began to break up the gangs one by one. He'd only
been at this a week or so when one of the several hitmen Norwich had put on
his tail arrived in town. Sidewinder, the hitman, styled himself a modern
desperado and gunslinger. A perfect counter or so he thought to the vigilante

For a few days the Jackalope and the Sidewinder played a game of cat and mouse
through the city. Then, one humid and stormy night, they clashed in a running
gun battle that took place over the citys' rooftops and it its darkened
alleys. When it was over Jack was wounded again, but Sidewinder was defeated.
Imagine Jack's surprise though when he pulled the modern day desperado's
signature bandana off and found it had a text message. The bandanna that is.

This was another example of exotic tech in the hands of weirdly work-a-day
criminals. As it turns out the bandanna was made of a type of flexible
electronic and was part disguise, part filtration system and part
communications device. Jack kept it, using it to try to trace the cartel and
its mysterious, well connected boss a bit further. This time the trail led
north, into New England. Over the course of the next several months Jack
worked his way up the coast, through Virginia, into Boston and then up through
New Jersey. It has only been a few weeks since he arrived in New York but
already he has set to work finding the targets of his crusade while avoiding
the bounty hunters and assassins the cartel employs, and the law who is not
always especially appreciative of his efforts.

Whether he can crack his case before he himself cracks in body, mind or both
yet remains to be seen.

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Honest, quiet and focused on his work to the point of being somewhat taciturn. But not yet at Bat levels of brood.

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Jack Turner is a metahuman capable of superhuman feats of manual speed and hand-eye coordination. This, along with a great deal of raw skill, is what makes him such an effective gunslinger.

His actual feats of superhuman prowess are mostly confined to the speed with which he can place accurate shots. Jack is capable of operating his rifle so quickly that he can actually empty one of its six round magazines at six different targets (albeit targets all generally in the same direction) and people will only hear a single shot. His superhuman hand-eye coordination does improve his ability to hit small or quickly moving targets, but it?d be a bald faced lie to say he never misses. He does, it's just that he makes shots that most others wouldn't think possible.

Granted, most of them just don?t know what actually IS possible.


Jack has always gotten by on skill, hard work and a little bit of luck. His father and uncle have always taught him that in many ways a man makes his own luck. He hasn't ever known how literal that is, though. A minor metahuman power, Jack's mere presence bends probability such that small but important things tend to work out in his favor, or at least against his enemies.

This usually isn?t very flashy, nor is it consciously directed. In fact Jack doesn't even know that his luck has anything to do with him, per se. Still it's undeniable that small events tend to work out just so for him. A guard just happens not to look up when Jack really needs him not to look up, or the wind might die down just when he takes a critical shot. These small but significant pieces of luck can make all the difference in a tight situation, especially for Jack who tends to need all the help he can get.



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The Bounding Rifleman
The Bounding Rifleman
Full Name: Jack Turner
Code Name: Jackalope
Occupation: Gunsmith
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Species Detail: Metahuman
Age: 21
Height: 5'11"
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Dylan O'Brien
Theme Song:
Character Type: OC
Universe: Original Character
Wiki Tag: jackalope
Played Since: 2019

Last Posted Activity: 16 Mar 2019 10:46

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