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Recently, there have been a few detours. And it was all the stars' faults, really, what lead her to cross paths with the Winter Soldier, who met her by holding her at gunpoint, demanding repairs for his mechanical left arm. Jane Foster's fear did not last long with the assassin, which soon mutated into persistence, and persistence into faith — and such was the reason she was instrumental in bringing him in from the cold, and remembering his former life as James Buchanan Barnes. And, along the way, falling in love with both his lives, and the man foundational to both.

In recompense, HYDRA found out about her work and made her a prime candidate for compliance training — torture that had them in her head for nearly two weeks. Thanks to the efforts of many heroes, both she and Bucky Barnes were saved from captivity, and the two strangely took to each other even more in the months thereafter. Adventures followed in its wake: Jane met a lonely vigilante in Hell's Kitchen and built him his devil suit. She became a public figure, known globally — not for her theory, but her relationship to James Barnes, and was a key witness in his trial for the Winter Soldier's crimes.

She was invited to the fated conference in Mizizi and survived its explosion, and far more instrumentally, helped Jessica Jones and others investigate HYDRA's first infiltration of Wakanda; she became dear friends with a magician named Zatanna Zatara (after stabbing through a Nazi sorcerer for her, with the Spear of Destiny), and the latter's generousity and penchant for enabling landed books of magic into Jane's curious, too-clever hands. From there, she began forging into a whole new field of science: technomagic.

Her messing in the latter came with dire consequences: firstly, a deep blood addiction, and secondly, a glance from a spirit who haunted Danielle Moonstar. The Demon Bear eventually took Jane and Bucky both as its demonic heralds, as well as Moonstar, herself, only for Jane's soulless intelligence to eventually retaliate — cleverly breaking the thrall and binding the Bear to her whims, which were to remake the universe without its failed contingency of free will. Fortunately, they were stopped.

Heavy still with guilt, Jane has called an armistice with her magic study, deeming it too dangerous. Though the decision still comes too-late, as HYDRA-financed groups found and refined her corrupted code, and remade it into a nano-infliction that bestows abilities to humans — as well as making them lose their minds. After his run-in with the Brotherhood, whom tore out his arc reactor, Tony Stark saved himself with his own antigen to the nanites; Jane returned an old favour and saved Stark's life by managing and writing the code as it changed his DNA, remaking him into something else entirely.

Diversions from her work continue, as Jane's new roots, and many close friends, keep her attention fractured in many places. She helps Bucky Barnes reclaim a new life in this age, she assists secret hero teams such as the Avengers, the Defenders, and the Titans, she repaired (some) bad blood with S.H.I.E.L.D (not much), and she even went up once into space. Still, every so often, she still looks up. Jane has not forgotten her stars.


Jane Foster has the soul of an explorer. Restless and fearless and insatiably curious, she is not a woman consigned to lay roots, rather seek a "home" inside a journey. She is obsessed with the stars, and now given evidence of vast worlds beyond Earth, has made her life pursuit to bridge the barriers of time and distance — and unite the universe for her to discover.

An astrophysicist and engineer, Jane is happily married to her work — and treats it more as a raison d'etre. She believes her genius is Promethean in nature, meant to warm the Earth and its people by bringing them better fires, but there is also her own selfish component: she wants to learn. She needs to learn. Her mind is voracious, and its gluttony to ingest new subjects is never satisfied. Without a constructive outlet, Jane would quickly and easily become the epitome of "genius falling into madness", unable to do anything but turn her desperate intelligence onto anything around her in the hopes to find new "projects" or means to occupy her mind.

Of course, this scientific devotion has come with its downside, and outside her work, Jane is a little pathetic, almost the archetypal "loner genius" who has dismissed much of the world in favour of her own mind.

Though many concede to find her odd, reserved, and slavishly (monstrously) protective of her work, Jane is known to be somewhat level-headed, if not stubborn and an admitted control-freak, gentle, and of an unrelenting moral compass. To her, the greatest gift one can give another is knowledge, and she cannot forgive being kept in the dark, or worse, being left behind.

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Allowed access to most of Shadowcrest's vast library, Jane began studying and proofing a means to bridge the disparate worlds of magic and technology. Thanks to her considerable intelligence, and just as importantly, her open-mindedness, she has both enterprised the art and fine-tuned it to a careful, powerful weapon.

In short, it allows her to program and execute elaborate manifestations of her will, and already, she has used it to grant brief, extraordinary enhancements to existing tech (she made Bucky Barnes' left arm quantum tunnel through substances), to dispel existing hexes, to astral project, or even to tunnel her consciousness into the theatre of another's mind. She even opened a singularity inside Wakanda.

The effects are great, but as is the expectation of magic, it comes with a heavy price. Having no power source to conduct spellcasting, be it by an artifact or a Homo Magi's blood, Jane's own technomagic came at the cost of losing blood, sacrificing seconds of her own lifespan, and enduring a monumental addiction.

For these reasons, Jane Foster has effectively sworn off technomagic, and for nearly a year, has not indulged once in its great power and easy fixes. Part of her deeply misses it, but the rest knows how dangerous it is — and how many have been hurt already by its consequences.

While Jane is prepared to hold true to her vow, the fact remains that she still knows how to wield magic, and in possession of any sort of device, can potentially write a script to make the impossible possible.




Jane Foster
Everything needs more quantum field theory.
Everything needs more quantum field theory.
Full Name: Dr. Jane Foster
Code Name: Jane Foster
Occupation: Astrophysicist / Engineer
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: Avengers, Defenders, Titans
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Species Detail:
Age: 31
Height: 5'1"
Build: Smol
Hair Color: Brunette
Eye Color: Brown
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Natalie Portman
Theme Song: Foo Fighters - "Learn to Fly"
Character Type: FC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: jane-foster
Played Since: November 2018

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