The son of nuclear physicists, Kurt Marko, Cain was subject to abusiveness and mistreatment from a very young age. Neglect and abandonment led to the souring of Cain's persona and began developing him into a bad seed that spent most of his schooling years being bounced from one boarding school to another. Shortly before he was expelled from yet another school, Kurt Marko married Sharon Xavier and moved into their Westchester mansion. When Cain returned home from his latest expulsion he met young Charles Xavier and immediately took to bullying and mistreating him. Kurt favored Charles over Cain, worsening their relationship and things exponentially worsened when, during a moment when Kurt was physically abusing him, Charles sensed the turmoil telepathically and somehow Cain realized Charles had peered into his head to learn this shame. For that he never forgave him.

Everything reached a head when a teenaged Cain confronted Kurt Marko in his lab and during their argument accidentally started a fire that engulfed the room with Charles present as well. Kurt rescued Charles first and then went back for Cain and later died of smoke inhalation.

As adults Cain and Charles both found themselves in the same unit and the same war in an eastern nation. Fearing for his life and opting to sit out the war until it was over, Cain abandoned his post and Charles went after him. Both stumbled upon an ancient temple bearing a mysterious ruby gem which Cain approached and was able to read he inscription which appeared to his mind in English, despite its foreign lettering. At this moment The Juggernaut was born and as this happened a cave in collapsed the entire mountain and Charles was barely able to escape. He believed his step brother was dead and it would be years before Cain was able to free himself, at which point he had adopted the persona and name of The Juggernaut and his career in super villainy truly began.

His bottled up rage, personal fears and failings tend to be his own worst enemy, holding himself back from truly tapping into the seemingly limitless power capable of being accessed by the chosen avatar of Cyttorak. When such rage is unleashed, even Cyttorak himself becomes at risk as per The Juggernaut's own words, "Rage feeds The Juggernaut, and once The Juggernaut feels rage, nothing on this or any world can stop The Juggernaut." Regardless of his status quo, no matter what, he remains a tremendous presence and among the most powerful physical beings on the planet for good or for ill.

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A schoolyard bully with the strength to move mountains, The Juggernaut does not seem to be very complicated on the surface. Unrefined, arrogant, selfish, boorish, single minded, and destructive are just some of the negative traits that can be applied to him. The use of his powers can be cataclysmic in scope and he seems to have very little regret or understanding of his own scope or just what happens to the world around him when he sets his mind on doing something. He cannot be said to be truly evil but he does show the results of unimaginable and seemingly limitless power in the hands of someone who can't think beyond simple thuggery. At times he's at best a blue collar mercenary-hitman and at worst a petulant man child who won't think twice about his actions collapsing an entire building around you if you challenge him or spill his drink.

Within his core, as with all people, the issues run deep. The abuse he suffered as a child and his warped perception of the world has influenced his world view as a grown man. He's slow to make friends but loyal, perhaps to a fault and a lack of clear thinking, when he does categorize someone in that way. Though selfish and destructive he is not a blood thirsty berserker monster and he has the capacity to rethink his actions, show mercy and even do sincere good even at risk of offending his patron power source. At the end of the day, old habits die hard and it's not uncommon for him to come full circle and seemingly back to his old ways despite having temporary moments of epiphany.

RP Hooks

PUNCHFEST 20XX: A blue collar villain at his core, if you're looking for trouble of the most base, slugfest, kind, he's your man. Comes with difficulty settings.

CHARGE OF THE LIGHT BRIGADE: Juggernaut makes for a great 'under dogs vs overwhelming odds' sort of character. If you win or lose, he can be great for team building exercises!

DID YOU JUST SPILL MY DRINK??: Juggernaut has managed to maintain a distinction between his armored (costume) state and his civilian identity by virtue of his helmet hiding his features and his full 'Juggernaut' persona being the size of a semi truck. And in general he's just more or less interested in getting by in life - save for him being the avatar of an eldritch horror and a drive towards violence and destruction. This means social scenes can happen and veer any number of directions. Just ask him about his Dazzler discography collection.

MUSCLE, LOTS OF MUSCLE: Though he comes with 'handle with care' warnings, Juggernaut is professional and quite capable of getting jobs done. While he'd never refer to himself as a henchman, a wise mastermind type able to fork up the fee can have a powerful tool in his arsenal.

WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON ANYWAY?: Juggernaut has been known to fight on the side of angels and to lay his allegiance with humanity over the threats against it. The proper circumstances can have him lending you a hand, even a circumstance as contrived as the other bad guy ticking him off or causing a traffic jam making him late for an appointment.


Character Sheet

BRICK TRICKS: Juggernaut's physical strength affords him an array of 'brick tricks'. Clapping his hands together has produced shockwaves wide enough and powerful enough to fell entire teams of opponents. A simple stomp once collapsed an entire valley onto military forces. Though he lacks the leaping capacity of a Hulk the power of The Juggernaut has demonstrated the capacity to leap high enough to fell giants the size of large buildings. It stands to reason other stunts are well within his reach.

ENDURANCE: Juggernaut's stamina is such that he simply does not tire. He cannot be poisoned and does not need to breath, eat or sleep save for personal satisfaction. He can survive in virtually any hostile environment from the depths of space to the pressures of the bottom of the ocean without ill effect as well.

EXEMPLAR OF PHYSICAL POWER: The Juggernaut is essentially the avatar of the most destructive aspect of the magical principality known as Cyttorak. As such he bears the title of the Exemplar of Physical Power. Empowered through an enchantment bestowed upon him by the Crimson Crystal of Cyttorak, The Juggernaut possesses what seems to be virtually limitless brute strength and power and is considered one of the strongest and most powerful beings to walk the Earth.

HEALING: Juggernaut has exhibited regenerative power. Weapons of magic origin have shown themselves capable of piercing his invulnerability though they still must contend with his natural durability. Unlike Wolverines or Hulks, this regenerative ability seems to require a certain degree of dedicated effort to trigger although it only takes a matter of seconds to complete. The scope of Juggernaut's regeneration is truly monstrous as magical weapons capable of doing enough damage to even put an eye out will find the eye recovered in a matter of seconds.

INCALCULABLE STRENGTH: The Juggernaut is considered a Class 100 being. His strength is considered incalculable, as he's shown capable of lifting and wielding buildings as weapons and been shown engaging in physical contests producing quakes described as the greatest fury ever unleashed on Earth or damaging and shifting the tectonic plates themselves. His fists have produced force registered at magnitude eight levels with the brunt of their impacts felt as far away as New York despite taking place in Arizona. His strength easily rivals the strongest beings known to exist and furthermore, even when at what is believed to be his most powerful, he's actually still holding back with his bottled up rage granting the potential for truly untapped levels of monstrous strength by any scope of measurement or comparison to other beings.

INVULNERABILITY: The Juggernaut is virtually indestructible with the enchantment empowering him rendering him immune to what seems to be any form of physical harm. He has withstood the force of collapsing mountains, buildings , discharges of energy capable of cracking the armor of a Celestial and repeated blows from the strongest beings known to exist. The invulnerability offered by the power of Cyttorak has also protected him from disintegration beams and attempts to remove him from existence via reality warping or oblivion itself. He is even virtually immovable, even when still, against force on par with what some of the strongest to exist can bring to bear though sufficient force, cosmic level power and blows that catch him off guard have been shown capable of knocking him around and even stunning him.

SIZE: The Juggernaut is a superhuman giant who has seemingly been constantly growing larger over the years. (See Esoteric Abilities) Although he has demonstrated the ability to appear in a massive but still more human scale form, the power of The Juggernaut expresses itself outwardly resulting in a visible increase in size when he ceases restraining himself or dons his armor or otherwise yields to his destructive impulses. This is purely cosmetic and not a sign of him turning into Juggernaut and back again although other avatars have done so.

SPEED: Juggernaut's running speed has been observed at reaching 600 mph though it is a gradual build up over an extended distance. At such speeds he requires an immense amount of room to slow himself down to a stop essentially becoming a run away freight train.

TOUGHNESS: Though invulnerable, certain effects have proven capable of negating his invulnerability or even wholesale piercing it. The criteria for this varies as repeated blows from Thor's hammer may prove ineffective but The Executioner's Axe when wielded by Thunderstrike or Shatterstars swords have been noted as being able to 'tag' him. In such cases, though, he is not vulnerable like a human but still has considerable degrees of durability such that the can withstand repeated punches from the likes of Thor and though be battered, refuse to fall. On a similar scale the strike from the axe of the Executioner 'got his attention' but didn't drop him.

UNAGING: The Juggernaut has seemingly not aged a day since becoming empowered by Cyttorak. The cosmic effect of a power on the scale of Oblivion proved sufficient to force his aging process but the power of Cyttorak then countered in, fueled by Juggernaut's rage. Under normal circumstances he will not grow old.

UNSTOPPABLE FORCE: The Juggernaut is said to be physically unstoppable and the embodiment of the irresistible force. Once he begins moving in a direction no force has proven capable of stopping him. This is applicable if he is running or simply walking. Extremely powerful energy discharges, strength on par with The Hulk and other such things may slow him considerably but the only force truly capable of stopping him is himself. It is possible for an opponent of sufficient strength or mystical power to turn Juggernaut's momentum against him, effectively redirecting him before he has a chance to adapt, but only the strongest have proven capable of attempting this and even then it is not a common or wise manuever without careful planning.


"It's just I've got places to go and things to do. You wanna get in my way? That's -your- problem"

"Life is pain and pain leads to despair, and the only way to beat despair is through rage..and once The Juggernaut feels rage..nothing on this or ANY world..can STOP THE JUGGERNAUT!"



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The Unstoppable
The Unstoppable
Full Name: Cain Marko
Code Name: Juggernaut
Occupation: Mercenary
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Villain
Home Turf: NYC
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Species Detail:
Age: Eighties
Height: 9'5" (variable)
Build: Gargantuan
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Blue
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Portrayed By: Himself
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Character Type: VFC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: juggernaut
Played Since: 11/19/2018

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