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Frank and Leslie Dean were part of Hollywood's A-list, and wanted to give their daughter Karolina a normal childhood in spite of it. Mostly, this was because 'normal' made for good cover: Frank and Leslie were also criminals who, along with five other pairs of criminal parents, ruled the West Coast underworld as The Pride. Karolina and the rest of the Pride's children ran from, then fought against their parents' designs for power and immortality in what turned out to be an incredibly lethal bout of teenaged rebellion. Along the way, Karolina learned that not only were her parents criminals, they were alien criminals exiled from the planet Majesdane, a fact which they'd only ever intended to share when she'd turned eighteen.

A couple years after their passing, she went on to learn that her alien, criminal parents had promised her hand in marriage to the royal heir of another alien race, as collateral for a deal to redirect an impending invasion from their adopted homeworld to Majesdane. She learned this directly from said heir after a brief misunderstanding/brawl between them and her friends. It was made clear to her that going through with the marriage could put a stop to the war that raged between their races ever since the Deans' bargain, and furthermore that her betrothed was willing to be as patient and accommodating as possible to ease her into the arrangement. She said yes for an opportunity to learn about her people— and get a little separation from seeing one of her oldest friends die in the same disaster that claimed her parents, not to mention the stresses that came with being a career runaway.

Karolina's impending nuptials were coming along steadily after about a year of courtship/space tourism— and then an argument broke out between the wedding parties while negotiating over seating arrangements. Before she knew it, Karolina and her betrothed were separated in the fog of battle, leaving Karolina racing off-world in a hastily claimed passenger ship and unsure of whether her fianc?e survived.

Following several long months of space hitchhiking - stolen ships unfortunately do not come with unlimited fuel - Karolina was welcomed aboard the Guardians of the Galaxy's Milano when one of its (drunk; possibly space tripping) occupants saw her Majesdanian form and figured her for some kind of dancer. After multiple corrections, a couple of jobs, and an adventure-related detour, the Guardians eventually brought her to Earth with the matter still up for debate, leaving Karolina with a newfound appreciation for the oldies, some wild new friends, and a few old ones to check up on.

Recent Events


Uprooted from a safe, comfortable upbringing by the awful secret behind it, Karolina's spent the last few years of her life running from danger and struggling to catch her breath. When the truth - truths, to be more accurate, given her hidden alien heritage - her parents hid from her first came to light, she was crushed to the point of hopelessness; the support of her friends slowly brought her up from those depths, leaving her more stable, if still raw and wary. The shock of her arranged engagement to space royalty and the courtship— and disastrous parting of ways— that followed kept her reeling, but surviving her parents made it easier for her to roll through it without crumbling. Without the luxury of talking to a therapist, she's developed a range of coping skills cobbled together from self-help books and trial/error to help her manage the lingering pain of betrayal, bereavement, and guilt.

Outwardly, she tends to present as an upbeat and outgoing woman with an overall sunny disposition. The cynicism she's learned over the last few years is never all that far from her thoughts and occasionally slips out, however; she's a long way removed from the sheltered, naive girl she was before she learned who her parents really were.

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Character Sheet

LUCY IN THE SKY: Karolina can fly while powered up. Her speed varies depending on how much energy she's willing to expend, topping out just below the speed of sound. She's fairly maneuverable in flight, having had a few years worth of practice in stressful conditions. Her hair leaves a bright, colourful trail in its wake when she flies.

MAJESDENIAN PHYSIOLOGY: Karolina's body converts solar radiation into a unique form of energy that's stored in every cell; all of her other powers involve manipulating and/or radiating this energy. She can only access her powers by activating a radiant 'powered' state in which she's visibly suffused with this energy. She's stronger and more resilient than the average human woman of her build, as people of her species have naturally evolved to thrive under much higher gravity than Earth's. Since Karolina's never actually lived under such conditions, however, this is a fairly marginal boon: she can knock someone larger than herself clean off their feet with a punch if she's properly motivated, and take a couple more hits than than someone as slight as her 'should' be able to; she verges on peak human territory, all in all. Notably, since she's a walking solar battery, her blood and tissue are harmful to beings that might be harmed by exposure to sunlight, such as vampires.

RAYS OF LIGHT: Karolina can project beams of destructive energy from her hands. She's had enough practice to precisely modulate their temperature, shape, scope, and even brightness at will; they can concuss or melt, as needed. Their effectiveness varies depending on how much energy she pours into them, with her 'average' blasts being strong enough to punch through concrete.

SHELTER ME: The exotic energy Karolina projects can be manipulated and shaped by thought. She doesn't have a lot of practice or guidance in doing this, however, so she's mostly limited to making bubbles, shields, and restraints. These fields can withstand automatic gunfire, dozens of tons of impact or pressure, and large explosions without crumbling; however, they're a draw on her energy reserves, and more extreme stresses come with suitably heightened energy requirements.

SHINE ON: In her 'powered' state, Karolina radiates an exotic, colourful energy from her skin and hair. She can adjust its brightness at will, pushing it to the point of blinding onlookers dozens of yards away.




Space Runaway
Space Runaway
Full Name: Karolina Dean
Code Name:
Occupation: Odd Jobs
Aliases: Lucy (in the Sky With Diamonds)
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: The Titans and The Guardians of the Galaxy
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Alien
Species Detail: Majesdanian
Age: 19
Height: 5'9"
Build: Slender
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
OOC Information
Portrayed By: None
Theme Song:
Character Type: FC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: karolina-dean
Played Since: April 19, 2019

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