Kiden Nixon


Kiden's life wasn't exactly easy, though it could have been. She grew up in a fairly nice suburban home with a loving mother and a few siblings. The problem, of course, was that they were all crazy. Kiden was the black sheep; but that was for the best. She was the only one not involved in the daily screaming matches. Headphones helped, but it was like walking through an episode of Jerry Springer on the way to the front door. It affected her more than she'd ever admit.

Maybe if her father never died, maybe then things would've been different. Or, maybe, if she never learned she could stop time. Things would've been simpler, at least… School wasn't great either. She was bullied for her temper, and when her powers manifested? Everything went to hell. She broke her bully's leg in No-Time, after he attempted to /shoot her/. Lesson: Don't mess with gang members. She was expelled - and he went to jail. She hated her power. Every time she used it, bad things happened to the people around her. The bullet from her bully's gun hit her favorite teacher. And that was just the beginning. From there, it only got worse.

Tensions rose and broke in her family, and she ran away. A few 'no-time' incidents had her being hunted by SHIELD. She got in a conflict with a drug kingpin. A mutant-exploiting organization that wanted her for her power. A manipulative psychic. And all this? Just her adolescence. Now, older, she's still a runaway; still searching for her family, living on the sidewalks of NYC. But soon? Soon she's going to have to find something to hold on to. Something more than her gaggle of alleyway mutants and homeless confidants. Something real. After all… She does want to make a difference. With all the pain she's caused, it's about time she helped.

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Kiden is a strange one. She's pretty, but utterly gross. She's young, but completely jaded. She's a girl of contrasts. If there's one defining principle of her personality, it's that she doesn't care. About her life? Check. About what other people think of her? Check-check. She eats out of the trash, and will give you the finger if you judge her for it. She's deeply, deeply emotional, but she hides it all behind her wall of manic, freewheeling, ragamuffin carelessness. She's quick to snap at someone, and says what she thinks, right when she thinks it — for better, or for worse. She's also… a hero. A helper. Someone that no matter how mad she is, how upset or moody, she will /always/ act to save those around her. Her friends, or simply someone in need. Even if she's complaining about it the whole time!

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More of the source of her powers, rather than a power itself: Kiden can enter 'no time', an oddly pink-hued time stream where time is seemingly frozen. She can bring others into it as well, as long as they're touching her. She doesnt know what would happen if she let go, and she's too afraid to find out. The power is often triggered by great emotion, or great danger, though she's occasionally been known to activate it when she's… hungry. Plates of food mysteriously disappear around her. Time, of course, feels odd in 'No Time', and she once walked from NYC to Philly in what felt like a few minutes. It was hard at first, but leaving no-time is voluntary and easy for her now. But entering it? That's enother thing entirely.


What feels like a handful of minutes to Kiden, is mere miliseconds to those in the normal time stream. This allows her the appearance of super speed or teleportation.


The ability to move through such a slow, near frozen state of time without being affected by it gives her the power of intense force. A simple poke of her finger can break a bone, or send someone flying into a wall. However, it can only be used once — touching someone's skin returns her to normal time.




Trash Bitch / Rat Girl / Time Queen / Other names she's made up for herself that no one ever uses.
Full Name: Kiden Nixon
Code Name: Trash Bitch / Rat Girl / Time Queen / Other names she's made up for herself that no one ever uses.
Aliases: Ky, Kid
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Mutant
Age: 18
Height: 5'3"
Build: Skinny
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Artist Depiction
Theme Song:
Character Type: FC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: kiden-nixon
Played Since: November '18

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