Born in Wakanda as N'Jadaka, he was a young man when his father was pushed into working for a villainous invader of their country. His father was seen as a traitor, instead of the victim he truly was by the people of Wakanda… and the king, T'Chaka. The royal bloodline was allowed to pass judgement on incidents that they couldn't possibly understand and N'Jadaka's family was exiled from Wakanda as punishment for the father's crimes.

N'Jadaka's family ended up in Harlem, New York in the United States. It was there that they suffered at the hands of a system that was built against them. His parents were unable to take care of him and eventually were killed by the commonality of being in a world that was not theirs. N'Jadaka lost everything he ever cared about… and he blamed the King of Wakanda for it.

N'Jadaka decided to cut ties with the country that sentenced his family to death by exile. He became Erik Stevens, embraced this new identity and took hold of his own destiny. He educated himself in the States, attended M.I.T. and managed to score two degrees. From there he moved on to military, where he was trained as a black-ops soldier. His work in the field earned him the nickname: Killmonger.

During a mission in Africa, Erik disappeared off the grid. While he was presumed dead by the American military, Erik had just returned home to his native country of Wakanda upon hearing of the death of T'Chaka. Returning home to Wakanda, Erik established himself as revolutionary leader of sorts. He gathered those that didn't believe in T'Challa's rise to the throne. They discovered ancient Wakandan artifacts as they established their own village and christened it N'Jadaka Village in honor of their leader.

Erik has been taking his time and building up his presence, as well as his army. In teaming up with Wakandans from different walks of life, Erik has discovered various elements through which to take the throne from T'Challa. The most important of which being the key to becoming a Black Panther…

Recent Events


Erik Killmonger is about as angry as his name suggests. Filled to the brim with frustrated passion and a tendency to be led around by his emotions, Killmonger exists in a state of mind that can never really be controlled. There's a wild and instinctual set of emotions that seem to be built into the anger that drives Erik's soul. He's an individual with a huge chip on his shoulder that also refuses to do anything to get ride of it. He feels that he's been wronged and that his life was taken away from him. He eels that he deserves things that perhaps he doesn't. He is the protagonist of his own story.

Erik's also somewhat deluded in his way of thinking. He's written his own narrative about how his past has pushed him to his current mental state. He believes he's justified in everything that he does and feels. He believes wholeheartedly in what he's doing and the means to which he's going to prove that he knows what's best for the people of Wakanda.

Everyone else is to blame for Erik not getting the power and respect he feels he deserves. To tell the truth, Erik Killmonger is completely ruled by his own narrative and a need for power. He's angry, built with a thirst for power and greed. He's cunning and ruthless, with a natural intimidating charisma that helps him lead his followers. It's a rare moment to find that Killmonger doesn't express himself, verbally or otherwise. Killmonger doesn't believe in hiding what he wants or what he's after, unless it serves his greater purpose. He's a man that wears his ideals on his sleeve and strives to live up to his name. All of them.

RP Hooks

  • Wakanda Forever - Erik Stevens is an expert of the Wakandan culture and history. He often uses this knowledge as a consultant to those interested in learning more about Wakanda.
  • Vetted — Erik Stevens is a veteran of the United States military. He may or may not still have access and connections to others within the military. Or possibly other veterans.
  • Community Service — Erik Stevens came from nothing so he spends a lot of his time in the neighborhoods of those that may be in need. He gives both money and time to those that need it.
  • Radical Race Card — Erik Stevens is known for his somewhat radical political views. He is very much a "black revolutionary" and is not ashamed of it. He'll debate anyone, anywhere about it.
  • For Hire — Killmonger often allows himself to be hired by others for things like assassinations, heists and other criminal based operations. His name is often whispered amongst the villainous types when a "particular set of skills" is needed.
  • Anvil — Erik Stevens works for Anvil. If you have any ties with them or are on the other side of this organization, perhaps having a sit down with the one they call "Killmonger" would be an interesting conversation.
  • Gotham — Erik Stevens has moved himself into Gotham. He has set up shop here as both a new citizen and an individual that's looking to start a little bit more than a riot.


Character Sheet

Herbal Synthesis

Erik Killmonger has long since been a man that has attempted to ascend to a level of greatness beyond his current fate. After studying the myth and the legend of the Black Panther, Erik discovered the "heart shaped herb" that was foretold to be the source of the Black Panther's power. Of course, Erik attempted to consume the Vibranium tainted herb but was poisoned. His research hadn't informed him of such treachery.

Once more, T'Challa was attempting to keep the people of Wakanda from realizing their greatest potential. Even through such vicious results.

Despite the imminent death that awaited him, Erik managed to recover from T'Challa's vile poisoning and found a way to duplicate the heart-shaped herb through synthetic means. Using science and passion as the foundation for this break through in Wakandan Equality, Erik Killmonger consumed his Synthetic Herb and found himself gifted with a variety of abilities that put him on par with the dictator he had vowed to usurp. Among those abilities? Enhanced strength, speed, stamina, agility — the whole gamut of physical abilities. Perhaps, though, the most incredible of the abilities he's gained are his superhuman senses.

While all of this enhanced physicality allows Erik to act beyond the natural limitations of the human body, it is the superhuman senses that truly allow him to shine. With eye sight that is unhindered by the dark, a sense of smell that can detect others for tracking purposes or even the ability to smell fear or even such incredible taste that he's capable singling out the various ingredients in food, Erik Killmonger now exists in a state of superior humanity that enables him to further fight for his truths, his ideals and for Wakanda.




The Truth
The Truth
Full Name: N'Jadaka (birth name)
Erik Stevens (legal name)
Code Name: Killmonger
Occupation: Soldier of Fortune / Political Activist / Terrorist / Soldier
Aliases: Erik Killmonger, Killmonger, E
Reg. Status: Human
Alignment: Villain
Home Turf: Gotham
Affiliations: ANVIL
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Species Detail: Enhanced Human
Age: 27
Height: 6'0"
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Michael B. Jordan
Theme Song: Only One King - Tommee Profitt (featuring Jung Youth)
Character Type: VFC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: killmonger
Played Since: 20 Nov 2018

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