Le Bien Qui Fait Mort


Amelie Chevalier was born in France in 1923. A happy child from a well-off
family and the daughter of a renowned historian, she wanted for little and was
set on a dream of becoming a famous singer or ballet dancer to travel the
world. Her parents fostered her creativity and Amelie was never happier then
when she was able to express herself through music and dance. Fatefully, her
happy life was not to last.

Having been born after the 'Great War' the young woman was soon exposed to
the horrors of the second world war as her home was invaded by the German
Reich in 1940. Taken prisoner, she learned that her father had been sought out
for his research into the myths and legends of a legendary artifact, theorized
to be the fountain of youth. Kept as hostages, she and her mother were taken
along on the expedition while the Nazi's occult hunters pursued their goal,
forcing her father to cooperate.

Against the very bounds of what Amelie thought possible, her father located
what appeared to be some sort of ancient alchemical labratory and discovered
this 'fountain' was not a source but rather an elixir of immortality that had
to be brewed through precise ritual and recipe.

Greedy for his prize but still suspecting treachery, the German officer in
command of their expedition demanded that her father demonstrate this ritual
and test the potion on his own daughter to prove its legitimacy. With refusal
meaning he and his family would be executed, her father worked tirelessly with
all the knowledge he'd accumulated over his career to get every last detail
right and faced with no alternative gave the elixir to Amelie.

After drinking, Amelie's body was wracked with pain, her form seized violently
and she screamed before her family and captors witnessed her die from the
apparent poison.

She had died, and yet Amelie's eyes did not remain closed forever. Instead
she awoke, confused and scared to the remains of the torn-down camp. Met with
what had appeared to be little more than a waste of time and resources her
family's captors had ransacked the lab and left, leaving her body laying in
the dig site for days. Amelie was horrified to discover she hadn't lay alone.
The bodies of her executed mother and father had rested in the ditch beside
her, never to wake again.

Swearing revenge, Amelie returned to Paris and joined the resistance fighting
back against the German occupation. The once sweet songstress learned to fight
and to kill, she found she had been changed by her 'death'. The elixir had
worked perfectly, she had became everything promised by the legend. If only
the captors hadn't been so quick to take the metamorphosis for a failure they
would have been able to claim their prize. For the remainder of the war,
Amelie made certain to use that prize against them.

With the allied victory and the end of the war, Amelie was left with the
prospect of eternity and no vendetta to fill it anymore. She could not go back
to her old life and so she set out to find a new one, from the circus to the
stage she attempted to find a new path, but war had changed the girl as much
as that elixir. She had hunted man and shed blood with her skills, in the
years to come Amelie would find herself again shedding blood for others, her
abilities and talents allowing her to change once more. From innocent girl, to
fearful hostage, to vengeful freedom fighter and now? A fearsome mercenary and

Recent Events

Having built a reputation in certain circles internationally, her travels and contracts both lucrative and challenging have brought her back to the United States.


Amelie can be a duality in her personality. First and foremost she tends to be
a charmer, occasional flirt and tends to find enjoyment in most things she
does. If she's 'immortal', she should enjoy it as much as she can after all.
She can quite often be friendly and isn't without a sense of humor. When she's
assigned a target however? Other aspects of her being come into play.
Relentless in persuit, Amelie can be almost obsessive in completing her tasks.
The 'thrill' is one thing, but it's also the closest connection she has to her
early life in the war and to driving away the memories of how helpless she'd
been before her change.

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Character Sheet


Thanks to the elixir that made her what she is, Amelie cannot be killed permanently by simple physical means. While her body can be destroyed like any other human, it will eventually regenerate and she will return to living once the mortal damage is gone and eventually regenerate to her peak physical state.


Amelie's reflexes are inhumanly fast, allowing her to react, percieve and process her surroundings at speeds and detail impossible to most. Often this manifests as her seeming to simply 'know' where her foes are at all times, even when she should be taken by suprise and even extends as far as dodging bullets, although she's more accurately dodging where a gun is pointed than the bullet itself.


While not as fast as some others, Amelie does possess a healing factor as her body attempts to return itself to peak functioning. Mortal wounds still take hours to days to regenerate depending on severity, but broken bones will heal in minutes and non-lethal lacerations in seconds.




Le Bien Qui Fait Mort
An immortal former freedom fighter turned mercenary.
An immortal former freedom fighter turned mercenary.
Full Name: Amelie Chevalier
Code Name: Le Bien Qui Fait Mort
Occupation: Mercenary/Hired Killer
Aliases: Marie LaCroix, Sophie Trenet, Alice White and other false identities.
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Neutral
Home Turf: Outer Space
Affiliations: Organized crime and deniable sections of the government.
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Imbued Human
Age: Ageless (Physically 23 years of age)
Height: 5'5
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Amber
OOC Information
Portrayed By:
Theme Song:
Character Type: OC
Wiki Tag: le-bien-qui-fait-mort
Played Since: 2018

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