500 years ago, a tired warrior in a small village battled against a tide of
bandits and raiders formed from the deserters of two nearby warring factions.
Fearing his home and his family would be wiped from the face of history, the
warrior beseeched a goddess of the land to give him the strength to protect
his family and their legacy. The goddess was moved by his plea and the warrior
and his sons were able to battle with the strength of 100 soldiers to destroy
the invaders.

That was the story that was told to Momo from an early age, the legend as to
what began the gift that had been past down their bloodline for generations.
Each member of their family had born one child, a son, to carry on their
abilities into the next generation. Momo was the first daughter to be born in
that line and her powers came to manifest in strange unexpected ways.

Empowered warriors in times of legend were one thing, but as the world
modernized the family's secret became the military secret of Japan. A
specialized squad working under secret oversight of the Japanese government
and a proud military tradition right up until the world was set ablaze in a
second World War. Momo's ancestor escaped to the island of Korea and
eventually worked to assist the allies.

After the war Momo's family settled and built a life in Korea, but the nature
of the civil war and the legacy itself soon enough drew her family back to the
military and once more the 'Legacy' worked for a military command.

From the earliest age, Momo was educated by her father and family in their
military tradition. By her mid-teens she was 'pre-training' to take her
position in the taskforce built around her family under the command of her
father, at the age of 19 she was qualified as a member of the South Korean
Special Warfare command (even if her existence was extremely classified).

Eventually, the joint cooperation between the U.S. and South Korea brought
her to the attention of SHIELD. After extended talks and negotiation, a deal
was struck and Hanako Momo was assigned to a Joint Taskforce working under the
command of SHIELD to deal with the increasing potential threats of mutant,
metahuman and magical threats.

Recent Events

Assignment to SHIELD and traveled to the United states - March 2019


Momo has grown up in a strictly military family with a proud tradition. Literally proud of the legacy that is her namesake, she works hard to make her family proud and be extremely dependable for those she works with. Even so, her youth and nature still holds true. She's a good person at heart and wants to help people in need with her talents. Despite everything trained into her, she still carries a need for people to like and accept her. She wants friends, love and family and still carries a certain brashness of youth to act even when others could handle the same problem.

RP Hooks


Character Sheet

LEGACY BARRIER: Those that had come before Momo in her bloodline had been more resilient than most human beings, shrugging off small calibre weapons and injuries that would fell normal people. Momo herself doesn't have this resilience. Instead, she has developed the power to channel her magics into a protective barrier around her. While this field is far more protective, able to stop far heavier weapon or energy attacks, it requires active thought to maintain and prevents her from using her other abilities to their fullest, particularly her 'boost'. Momo can extend this barrier to protect others, however this makes it burn out twice as hard. This barrier can eventually be overcame and shattered, but it is capable of sustaining even several blasts from a tank canon or a direct hit from a missile before it 'breaks'.

LEGACY BLESSING: Like all others of the 'legacy', Momo is blessed with a speed and reflex that falls into the bounds of superhuman. She's capable of responding to threats moving at subsonic speeds and can edge past the peak human limits of movement for running and evading.

LEGACY BOOST: Every legacy-bearer before Momo has had strength far beyond that of an ordinary man, lifting cars and tearing metal with their bare hands. Momo herself does not naturally have this power, instead she can deliberately draw all of her energies into a momentary burst that might allow her to barge through an armored door, knock down someone many times larger than her, or leap a massive height but it cannot be sustained for longer than a moment and thus cannot help her lift or carry any weight beyond what an ordinary girl her size could manage.

MAGICAL EMPOWERMENT: Momo's greatest ability that sets her apart from her family is being able to channel her magical empowerment, magnifying the force and properties of an object. While this could be used to reinforce the integrity of a barrier, it is most commonly used to empower a weapon in her hands. Edged weapons gain the ability to cleave through things as hard as diamond with ease, blunt objects hit like they were a denser mass but most spectacular of all is what she can do with firearms.

Channeling her power through a gun, she is able to make these 'enchanted' rounds impact with many times the force and penetration than they could otherwise naturally manage.

NEW LEGACY: All of those in her bloodline since the empowering have carried the blessings of magic within them, empowering their strengths. As the first daughter born in the line, Momo is also the first to be able to tap into that magic directly. While she lacks training and her knowledge is extremely limited without training, the girl is an extremely potent magical source and is even capable of some very basic magics herself.




'Magical Girl' with a Machine Gun
'Magical Girl' with a Machine Gun
Full Name: Hanako Momo
Code Name: Legacy
Occupation: Military Asset
Reg. Status: Registered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: SHIELD, South Korean Military
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Empowered Descendant
Age: 19
Height: 5'2
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Dark
Eye Color: Hazel
OOC Information
Portrayed By: (Pending)
Theme Song:
Character Type: OC
Universe: Original Character
Wiki Tag: legacy
Played Since: March 2019

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