Lex Luthor


Lex was the first child of Lillian and Lionel Luthor. At this point, Lionel Luthor and LuthorCorp were already a global powerhouse force of business that could not be reckoned with. So, Lex was born into wealth and power. Lionel immediately began to groom Lex to be his heir. Things started early as Lex was shipped off to boarding school at a very early age. It was on one of his rare trips back home that Lex's life took a turn for something more.

Smallville. While accompanying his father on a business trip, the infamous meteor shower occurred. Caught in the middle of this storm of meteor rocks two things happened to Lex: he lost his hair and became the bane of his father's existence. It was then that Lionel Luthor began to look at his son with a strong distaste and a certain disgust. Lex picked up on it immediately and the rift between father and son began anew.

Lex's high school was spent at Excelsior Academy, yet another prestigious boarding school that costs too much money. After graduation Lex attempted to attend Metropolis University but was kicked out. After disgracing Metropolis University with his presence, Lex found himself in a series of predicaments that never came to light thanks to his father's money and connections. Eventually, Lex attended Princeton University, like his father, and graduated in less than half the time with a degree in biochemical engineering. Lex was taking a break from his graduate studies at Yale when life threw him a delicious curveball.

An accident at a LuthorCorp facility put Lionel Luthor out of commission and the future of LuthorCorp in jeopardy. Before the Board of Directors could snatch the global powerhouse from the Luthors, Lex arrived to claim his place as the rightful heir to the LuthorCorp dynasty. Within six months, Lex Luthor had taken LuthorCorp to new heights. As the new CEO, Lex Luthor took hold of the LuthorCorp company and rebranded it in his own image: LexCorp.

LexCorp's success was based solely on the genius of Lex Luthor himself. However, to ensure his victory over other companies and corporations, rumors have it that Lex Luthor used a few shortcuts and less-than-ideal business practices. Alleged unethical business moves aside, LexCorp became a multi-billion dollar industry with ties into almost every facet of business known to man. With this rise in fortune also came a rise in status and Lex Luthor enjoyed considerable influence in the public eye with his reputation as an entrepreneur and philanthropist. Both Lex Luthor and LexCorp were there to make Metropolis, and the world, a better place. Lex Luthor and LexCorp were destined to be the saviors of the known world and usher it into a new day and age.


Superman. Everything changed when Superman made his first public appearance in Metropolis. A city that Lex had cultivated and built towards greatness with his own two hands. This invasion of some garishly costumed stranger coming into His city and becoming the people's hero? Well, that was just too much for the ego of Lex Luthor to handle. Unlike the rest of the world, Lex Luthor can see exactly what relying on an Alien Playing God could do to the people of His city. Superman's appearance seemed to spark the arrival of other "powerful" individuals all across His nation and the world. So much so that Lex Luthor has resigned himself to being the sole Savior of Mankind aiming to show humanity that they only need to trust in one person to survive this changing world: Him.

Recent Events


Lex Luthor is a complicated individual. He's been fighting the darkness that seems to run in his family ever since he he realized it was there. He spent the bulk of his recent years trying to be a good person but there are some things that just cannot be denied. Lex's destiny is to be the antithesis to Superman and no matter how hard he tries he cannot escape what seems to be in the cards for him. Lex Luthor's ideology is one that seems to be reaching to take humanity to the greatest heights that they can possibly reach. Lex Luthor truly believes that He is the one that will lead Humanity to the future that they truly deserve.

Lex Luthor needs to be in control. Of every situation that he's in. Whether it his relationship with his adoring public or ousting his emotionally abusive father and taking control of the family business, Lex isn't satisfied unless he's controlling all of the variables in a given situation. He wears his ulterior motives on his sleeve and wishes to take the world under his iron wing. The interesting thing to note is that this need for control just seems to be a natural inclination. Lex doesn't consider himself to be a tyrant or anything of the sort. He just knows best.

The world belongs to Lex Luthor. The world revolves around Lex Luthor. Lex has always had the displeasure of being in someone's shadow. Namely, the long and dark shadow of Lionel Luthor. He learned at a very early age that the only person that he can actually count on in this world is himself and therefore he only seems to care about himself. What can this do for Lex Luthor? How would that benefit Lex Luthor? These are the questions that Lex Luthor asks himself. These are the most important questions to Lex Luthor. The only thing that truly matters to Lex Luthor is Lex Luthor.

Lex Luthor fought long and hard to try and not fall into the trap of being just like his father. He realized he couldn't get away from his fate, he couldn't dodge his destiny. After losing the only friends he had, doing some less than ethical things to secure his father's company and taken a few lives, Lex Luthor has accepted that he is the villain of this story.

Finally, about Superman: "Those red eyes, I'm sure they look right through me, like I am nothing more than a nuisance. But when I see you? I see something no man can ever be. I see the end. The end of our potential. The end of our achievements. The end of our dreams. You are my nightmare."

RP Hooks

LexCorp - The greatest corporation to ever grace the multiverse, LexCorp provides a plethora of opportunities for employment, experimentation and more. There's a lot more to LexCorp than meets the eye and due to its status as a global powerhouse, the chances of Lex Luthor's hands being involved with something are exponentially increased. Also, with all the various corporations floating around there's bound to be some rivalry or associations between them and LexCorp.

Metropolis - Lex Luthor loves the city of Metropolis and believes that it can and should be the City of Tomorrow. Those personal thoughts and dreams aside, Lex Luthor is a fixture of the Metropolis community and very little goes on in that city without the involvement of him or his company.

Kryptonians - Presently and publicly, Lex Luthor is fascinated with Kryptonians. He makes it no secret that he wishes to know and understand as much as possible about them but he's also been one of their biggest supporters. He hopes to achieve a kinship with the alien race and promotes good will between them and humanity.

Villains United - There are those that consider Lex Luthor to be a villain and a mastermind. If these rumors are true, there may be an opportunity for others that have not been given the benefit of the doubt to come together. Perhaps, maybe even form a group or a legion… of some sort.


Character Sheet

Being Lex Luthor

"I'm Lex Luthor."


  • "I'm Lex Luthor for God's sake."
  • "Lex giveth and Lex taketh away."
  • "Must I remind you of my superiority?"
  • "Sarcasm is my forte."



February 09, 2020. Saving Grace

Lex Luthor helps to put on a charity gala for a new hospital. This, of course, is not his launching of a presidential bid.

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January 26, 2020. Partners

Lex Luthor proposes a plan to Emma Frost and she tentatively accepts.

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January 18, 2020. The Brimstone Social

Lex Luthor throws a party at the Hellfire Club of New York—home to so many movers and shakers—to lay critical groundwork for a political bid.

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Lex Luthor
Full Name: Alexander Joseph Luthor
Code Name: Lex Luthor
Occupation: CEO of LexCorp
Aliases: Mr. Luthor
Reg. Status: Human
Alignment: Villain
Home Turf: Metropolis
Affiliations: LexCorp
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Species Detail: Brilliant Human
Age: 35
Height: 6'2"
Build: Fit
Hair Color: Bald
Eye Color: Green
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Jon Cryer
Theme Song:
Character Type: VFC
Universe: DC
Wiki Tag: lex-luthor
Played Since: 21 Nov 2018

Last Posted Activity: 09 Feb 2020 17:43

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