Akari Takahashi. The oldest daughter of Einosuke Takahashi, a senior executive and CEO of Takahashi Enterprises. A moderately known corporation specializing in cutting edge technologies with focus on the telecommunications market, while the family is more traditional in practices. Many would call the enterprise forward thinking, given their willingness to use their research and development with materials not yet in mainstream production. And as such, the company and family has made a name for themselves in the Japanese and International business waters.

Traditionally, the importance would be to have a firstborn child who would carry on the family name. In other words, a boy. That was not what happened in the Takahashi family. Akari was raised to be acutely aware of her responsibility to family and it was important to determine how she would contribute to the family name. Marriage to another powerful family was the simple route but not the one that the senior Takahashi wanted to solely pursue. Any businessman knows to have multiple possible outcomes, after all.

However, she wanted to pursue her studies and activities was done with some measure of parental oversight. Akari did have the opportunity to attend quality schools - as long as her grades met the requirements. Pampered to a degree, some might think that the pressures - real and imagined would have been too much for any adult, much less a growing child and teen.

And there were struggles. Mostly socially. It really was not until high school that the young woman began to find her own path aside from obligations and responsibilities. And to have fun. Over time, she continued to focus on her studies with a focus towards technology and programming. Natural, given that her family had such a foothold in the corporate world.

As to hobbies and sports as many students did in their schooling career, Akari floated between various ones in her semesters. Archery, swimming and finally, she chooses Bo Jitsu. It was traditional enough for her parents and yet it was something she enjoyed.

Upon graduating high school, she attended the University of Tokyo where she pursued a Computer Science degree with a focus on Engineering and Network Design. Beyond that, she took time to travel. First, within the country and eventually branching out into other countries such as China, America and Australia and going further as time and opportunity allowed.

After obtaining her Bachelors and Masters, Akari went into work at Takahashi Enterprises in to the department of Research and Development while pursuing her doctorate degree. Her professional goal was not to succeed her father as CEO but rather find some major breakthrough that would enhance local, country and international communication. In that order. And yet, family obligation superseded her wishes. It was during one of the trips designed to put Akari out front and center as one of the two possible successors to the Corporation that she decided to take a tour to a museum in downtown Kyoto.

On exhibit were artifacts from the early Japan to the Edo period ranging from weapons to household items, paintings and sculptures. One such item was a statue of a Japanese legendary figure holding a rare, but very large sapphire that seemed to glow even brighter the entire time that Akari and her guide was present in the room. At the time, it was merely noted as a trick of the light and nothing important to take note of.

However, it wasn't until after the tour that Akari began to feel ill. Headaches. Differences in her vision. Fatigue. The next day, the museum curators had discovered that the statue and the gemstone had gone missing during the night. There was no reason to believe Akari had anything to do with the situation, given her physical condition and the mere severity of the headaches appeared to have turned her eyes from brown to blue. And there was no idea as to why.

After a battery of tests, the only diagnosis from the doctors was that she had worked too hard between work, studies and family obligations.

Note, the statue and gemstone still remain missing to this day.

It seemed as if the enforced rest had done some measure of good in the woman for those who knew her. However, there were small changes that Akari began to take notice of. First, her course material made sense. Too much sense for someone who was used to achieving results with some measure of effort. Now, the answers were just 'there' once looking at the problem placed in front of her.

While beneficial, it also meant that Akari completed her doctorate and subsequent presentation earlier than expected. But when asked questions, she was able to give a through and well-thought out answer to her professors.

As a fully qualified doctor in Computer Engineering, she's since fully embraced her role in R & D without a full awareness of what changed with regards to her chance meeting with a Japanese statue in Kyoto, Japan, a year and a half since. While there have been instances where energy doesn't quite react as it should, but it has until now seemed to dissipate where it becomes a non-issue with various projects.

In an effort to obtain further information about the latest cutting edge technologies in communications, Akari has moved her research to Metropolis with a modest branch office of Takahashi Enterprises.

Recent Events


  • Dedicated
  • Limited Pacifist
  • Curious
  • Engineer
  • Independent
  • Kind-Natured
  • Selective in Close Friendships
  • Status Aware

RP Hooks

  1. Modest but knowledgeable engineer. Got business ventures? Let's talk!
  2. Unwittingly giving off those magical vibes. Totally.
  3. Again. Got business interests in the communication sector? She might be someone to talk to.
  4. Want to gain connections in Japan? Eh. She might be able to help.


Character Sheet

DENSITY MANIPULATION: She can change the density of light and/or energy around her to make it either more palatable or lessen the effects in a 10 ft range around her. Smaller spaces will always be easier to manipulate. For example, she could lessen the impact of radiation around her in a distance beginning with solely her person to about 10 feet in a circumference.

ENERGY DISPERSAL: Luminosity is capable of dispersing energy around her immediate area as a conscious effort rather than an unconscious action. Dispersal ranges from the total and complete removal of electromagnetic energy or dampening/lessening the effects of a range that is up to a 10 ft circumference around her.

ENERGY MANIPULATION: This is the ability to bend energy around her immediate area that may include others (10 ft.). If she ever needs to expand that distance, it would come as physical strain. There would be no repeating such a feat without due to time to rest. The strain would include fatigue (physical) lack of focus and concentration. Another feat included in this ability is to make herself and potentially others invisible. The same limits in terms of distance and space are the same as bending energy as a ripples around a stone.

GEMSTONE: She has one of those, actually. Not that Akari is aware of its presence. The missing sapphire found and deemed her worthy. 'Why' it did remains to be seen. In reality, it was tied to ancient lore of intelligence and knowledge - two things that she has worked hard to achieve. And has been amplified with additional benefits in terms of the powers it grants.

ILLUMINATION: By focusing the energy immediate nearby, she can become the equivalent of a human lite brite by emitting light in a fashion that she?s outlined by light. In reality, the energy has been harnessed by her sight and compressed to such a degree against her skin so that it gives the impression of illumination.

INCREASED INTELLIGENCE: At first glance, it seems to be related to her field of study and what she has an affinity for. Sciences. Mathematics. Engineering. But, not farfetched areas such as medicine and music. And amusingly, not business. She may be one level under more accomplished minds, such as Reed Richards and Tony Stark in regards to cutting edge developments but she might have more understanding of their explanations than most.




Full Name: Akari Takahashi
Code Name: Luminosity
Occupation: Engineer
Aliases: Kari
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: Metropolis
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Magical based
Age: 32
Height: 5'10"
Build: Athletic Slim
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Kyoko Fukada
Theme Song:
Character Type: OC
Universe: Original Character
Wiki Tag: Luminosity
Played Since: December 2018

Last Posted Activity: 28 Sep 2019 15:16

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