Illyana Rasputin was born in Russia, on the Ust-Ordynski Collective Farm, near Lake Baikal in Siberia. She was the youngest of three siblings, and her parents’ only daughter. Her eldest brother was a national hero, a Cosmonaut who died in the explosion of his spacecraft when she was very young. As a child she was close to her other brother, who would save her from a runaway tractor and subsequently leave Russia. Illyana herself would leave Russia soon after, though not by choice – she would be kidnapped by an assassin and brought to the United States, which first brought her into the orbit of Charles Xavier and his X-Men. It wouldn’t be long before the young Illyana would be kidnapped again, and this time she would be taken even further from her home.

Illyana was taken to Limbo, a hell dimension ruled by the demon sorcerer Belasco. He told her she was special, that he loved her, and that she would be his apprentice. Instead, she would suffer years of unspeakable torments and lose three-fifths of her soul as Belasco sought to turn her into means for his masters, the Elder Gods, to return and reclaim the Earth. Illyana would ultimately defeat Belasco and claim dominion over Limbo for herself, but her soul would never again be pure and complete.

Returning to Earth only a moment after she was taken, she was physically several years older. Unable to return home, Illyana became a student at the Xavier Institute and eventually joined the X-Men’s junior team, the New Mutants. She shared in their adventures for a time until, to thwart a demonic invasion, she sacrificed herself.

Illyana was gone. In her place was left a child with no memory of Limbo or anything that came after. Illyana Rasputin, as she had been, was dead.

The child Illyana was returned to Russia and united with her parents until they, too, died. Shortly thereafter, the child Illyana sickened, and despite the efforts of the Xavier Institute, she died. And that should have been the end of her unhappy story.

Belasco had other ideas. He still dreamed of using Illyana to free the Elder Gods, and through unnatural sorcery he recreated his apprentice. In body, in mind… but his black magic could not give her a soul. Belasco had recreated the Darkchilde, and his dreams were frustrated again. The Darkchilde took back control of Limbo and he was banished once more.

Something that calls itself Illyana Rasputin walks the Earth again, as Queen of Limbo and X-Man both. It looks like her. It sounds like her. It carries her sword, and it even possesses the three fifths of her soul that were stolen so many years before. Maybe that’s close enough.

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Once upon a time, Illyana was a sweet little girl. That was a very long time ago. From the age of seven she grew up in a literal hell dimension, apprenticed to the demon sorcerer Belasco. She endured unspeakable torments both physical and psychological, had three fifths of her soul corrupted, and she was forced to kill not only demons, but her own friends and allies within Limbo simply to survive and have a chance of someday escaping. And all of this before her fifteenth birthday. Not only that, but when she did escape, no time had passed for her friends and family on Earth. That she was able to function at all was something of a miracle. She could seem cold and aloof to many, and even among the very few she allowed to be her friends she guarded her secrets jealously, unwilling to let anyone see the darkness that had taken the majority of her soul. That darkness twisted her, numbing her sense of empathy and mercy, and giving her a spiteful edge that delighted in twisting the knife when she had the upper hand. Nevertheless she fought her own darkness, and died still fighting against a greater evil.

The Illyana that Belasco created to replace the original had all of her predecessor’s memories, but none of her soul. She played the part of Illyana Rasputin, but she was coldly manipulative and cared little for any harm she inflicted in pursuit of reclaiming those fragments of her soul that remained. Even though she is no longer soulless, she knows that she’s less than she was, and she remains damaged. On the surface, she can be fun to be around, with a sense of humour that could be called mischievous if someone was feeling charitable. However, she is instinctively defensive, holding others at arms’ length unless they have proved themselves to her, in which case she will defend them to the death, and she can be utterly ruthless when dealing with those she considers her enemies. She is secretive, stubborn and independent, often pursuing her own private goals, and she has one hell of a temper if she’s crossed, or her friends are threatened.

In short, Illyana came back wrong, but she’s trying to do better.

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Character Sheet

SOULSWORD: The Soulsword is a piece of Illyana Rasputin’s soul, forged into a weapon that she can call to her hand at will. It is anathema to demons and other ethereal or sorcerous creatues, all but the most powerful of which would be banished or slain if struck by the blade. Intangible beings, such as astral projections or those who are out of phase with normal reality, are also vulnerable to the Soulsword and can be struck and injured by the blade as if both they and it were solid. Before her resurrection, the Soulsword had no physical effect on non-magical foes, and would simply pass through them. Now, the Soulsword is as tangible as Illyana wills it to be from moment to moment and, even when intangible, Illyana can channel her magical energies through the blade to render human opponents unconscious.

ELDRITCH ARMOR: Illyana can protect herself with a suit of arcane silver armour. It tends to appear around her left arm and shoulder whenever she manifests her Soulsword, but it can cover her from head to foot if she so chooses. It appears near instantly when summoned, and has even manifested unconsciously to shield her from unexpected harm. It protects her from both moderate magical and physical damage, but she is vulnerable to stronger attacks.

TELEPATHIC SHIELDS: Illyana’s mind is not a human mind, and cannot usually be read, manipulated or controlled by telepaths of any strength. She also possesses strong defences against direct telepathic attacks. Only the most powerful and skilled telepaths would have a chance of entering her mind, and doing so would not be a pleasant experience. However, Illyana is capable of making her mind just human enough to allow telepathic communication if she so wishes.

DEMON: Illyana is, literally, not the woman she used to be. She is a copy of Illyana Rasputin recreated by the sorcerer Belasco using black magic. She appears to be a twenty-two year old woman because she chooses to, but it is not her natural form, which is far more demonic, stronger, and more durable than a normal human. She is a Hell Lord and, at least within Limbo, effectively immortal.

SORCERESS: Illyana, the original Illyana, was taught black magic by the demon lord Belasco as a means to further corrupt her soul, and she was an adept student. Having mastered all of the spells in his extensive library and wrested control of Limbo from him, her magical powers within that dimension were almost limitless. She could change the very substance of Limbo to fit her whim, command the armies of demons that dwelled there, create scrying crystals, harm, heal, and so much more. By contrast, on Earth, her powers were far more limited. The resurrected Illyana has addressed that weakness through extensive study and practice. While not a shadow of her abilities within Limbo, she is still a powerful sorcerer. She is able to set wards, cast mystical bolts, shield herself and others from attack, cloak herself and others from detection, create magical constructs, transmute matter on a minor level, astrally project and more. Without the limitless power of Limbo to call upon, however, intensive use of her magic on Earth can leave her drained and weakened.

STEPPING DISCS: Illyana’s only mutant ability is control over the stepping discs that occur naturally within the hell dimension Limbo. Illyana can teleport to and from Limbo at will by summoning a stepping disc and simply walking through. From Earth, she can travel to any point within Limbo, and from Limbo, she can travel to any point on the surface of the Earth, and in some cases to much, much further locations. Limbo’s stepping discs do not only allow travel between places, but also between times, although time travel is a chancy endeavour at best. Illyana’s control over the stepping discs is otherwise impeccable, and she is capable of opening multiple portals to different destinations at the same time, or opening portals of sufficient size to transport groups of people, or large objects, without difficulty. She can also make creative use of her portals as weapons, either by redirecting projectiles through them back to the shooter, or by the grisly expedient of closing a portal when an enemy is partway through. The only real limitation to Illyana’s command of the stepping discs is that she cannot teleport from place to place without passing through Limbo.

NOTE: Travelling beyond Earth, or any form of time travel, is restricted to approved plots only.


"Do you know why you are allowed to stay here? Because everyone remembers you as an impossibly innocent young girl whose life was cut short by a horrible disease. They're practically tripping over themselves to make it up to you. But you don't know anything about all that, do you?"
"Who *are* you?"
"I am The Darkchilde, the adopted daughter of Belasco. I have the body and mind of Illyana Rasputin, but I have lost her soul. I am one who should not be."
"Is *everyone* in Limbo so *descriptive*?"



Full Name: Illyana Nikolievna Rasputina
Code Name: Magik
Occupation: Queen of Limbo
Aliases: Darkchilde; White Devil
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: The X-Men
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Species Detail: Mutant; Demon
Age: Physically: Early 20s
Height: 5'5"
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Glacial Blue
OOC Information
Portrayed By: None
Theme Song:
Character Type: FC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: magik
Played Since: 08/08/2018

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