The youngest child of a line unknowingly descended from the Mad Monk, Illyana Rasputina was born in a farming community in Irkutsk Oblast, in Eastern Siberia, far enough from the city of Irkutsk itself that the word 'collective' was, apparently, still in use even by the time of her birth. Her brother was a mutant, and those who would use him as a weapon abducted her to use as a bargaining chip. Once rescued, it was decided she would be much safer in the care of the X-Men.

The X-Men are renowned for such poor decisions.

While a ward of the X-Men she was again abducted - this time by Belasco, a 13th century Italian alchemist and diabolist who through service to the Elder Gods had transformed himself to a demon and become the Hell-Lord of Limbo. This time, she was *not* rescued; she would spend nearly a decade in Hell, first taught by warped and time-lost versions of the X-Men and, following their deaths, apprenticed to Belasco. By the time she was fourteen, Illyana surpassed and vanquished him, and in so doing claimed Limbo for her own.

Bending time and space to her will, she returned to Earth only moments after she had left it and for a time made pretense of a mortal life, eventually joining one of the first classes of X-Men after the original graduates - the so-called 'New Mutants.'

In time, she fell. Spiritually, first, and then to oblivion. Manipulated by another, her hand tore the veil between worlds and left the sky burning and filled the streets with abominations; consumed entirely by her demonic nature, she assumed at last her role as Queen of Limbo and Priestess of the Elder Gods. Through the action of her friends, however, whatever guttering spark of nobility remained within her was made to flare long enough that she entirely erased herself from existence - she found, in the twisting time of Limbo, a version of herself not yet corrupted, and sacrificed herself so that the child could live instead.

The inferno would be extinguished. And, not long after, her sacrifice would prove to be of questionable value; the child died.

Unwilling to abandon his apprentice to death, Belasco - spurred on by misunderstood glimpses of another world entirely - clawed his way free from the blackness beneath even Limbo, and cast its then-ruler, burning, to Earth. Belasco drew upon the darkest and most foul of magics to parasitize the memory of every inhabitant of Limbo and of Earth alike, forcing Illyana into existence.

Sort of.

For while Belasco was able to reassemble the body, the mind, the memories of Illyana Rasputina, the soul was absent. What he had created was in truth the Darkchilde, and it repulsed him; he cast it from his sight. Refusing to accept his mistake, he drew a class of the X-Men's youngest students to Limbo and tortured them, demanding they divulge the 'true' Illyana's location (none of them, of course, had ever even *met* the girl).

A handful of said students were diverted, appearing instead before the Darkchilde. She tore loose a piece of the soul of one and made from it a weapon capable of wounding Belasco. She, and the students, defeated Belasco - and the Darkchilde, quite simply, murdered him. Intent at first on claiming the *rest* of the student's soul, the Darkchilde appeared shaken when confronted by the X-Men and her brother, casting them instead back to the Earth realm and declaring instead that she would reclaim her *own* soul.

It is difficult, given the realm's problematic relationship with time, to say how long the Darkchilde spent putting Limbo to the torch in pursuit of her goals. While successful in reclaiming the infamous Soulsword - and, in so doing, the part of her soul hardened into the fearsome a weapon - the Bloodstones eluded her, lost first to the daughter of Belasco and then, seemingly, to the Elder Gods themselves, despite the best efforts of the X-Men.

Invited to stay, she - well, she vanished, naturally.

Some months back, she re-appeared on the lawn of the X-Men's residential mansion, riddled with arrows, dripping blood, and remarking it was good that the students still hated and feared her. Returning from a future where the Elder Gods have at last been unleashed, she means to prevent it - if only to ensure that hers is the hand that kills them.

Recent Events


One of Illyana's teammates once described her as "prim, cold, (and) quietly manipulative." She was not wrong.

The people who remember Illyana, tend to remember her as dark, troubled, but essentially decent. They remember what is for all intents and purposes an entirely different person - and perhaps that Illyana may exist again one day, but so long as she does not possess a soul that Illyana will remain memory alone.

Her emotional responses, and her emotional range, are limited - at least as it relates to *positive* emotions. Love, joy, things of that nature are beyond her but wrath, wrath she can do very well. Very often she appears emotionally numb, essentially mimicking features associated with affectless schizoid personality disorder. When she displays 'normal' behavior, 'normal' emotions, it is because…

She is manipulative in the extreme; in one way or another, almost every interaction she has with someone involves manipulating them. She uses people to further her aims, aims which could have disastrous consequences for them.

She is also, unfortunately, profoundly cruel. To her enemies and, at times, even to her supposed friends.

And, more than anything else, Illyana is driven to the point of obsession with reclaiming her soul and with wreaking vengeance against the Elder Gods. She will move both heaven and earth to do so, even if it means that neither will survive.

RP Hooks


Character Sheet

DARKCHILDE: Once, Illyana could transform herself - and find herself transformed by particularly strong emotion - into a demonic form with augmented strength, speed, and durability. She still can; given the nature of her resurrection, however, a persuasive argument could be made that her *human* form is now the 'alternate.'

As the Darkchilde, Illyana can lift several tons, is immune to small arms fire and to all forms of heat and flame (natural and supernatural), and possesses a level of agility and dexterity, and reflexes, slightly above the human norm. In this form, Illyana's teeth and nails are sharp enough to cut flesh with distressing ease, she possesses enormous horns, sports a tail, and has digitigrade legs with cloven horns.

ELDRITCH ARMOR: 'Eldritch Armor' is the colorful name for the protective armor that materializes upon Illyana's body when she draws the Soulsword; while she is wearing the guise of a human, it will (generally) present itself only a sleeve and pauldron for her sword armor, the left. It *can*, however, grow to cover her entire body no matter the form.

As protection, the Eldritch Armor is second to none. It protects her from essentially all mundane and even most supernatural weapons; even the deadliest blade will slide off its surface, and most forms of energy dissipate when impacting it.

It is less effective at protecting Illyana from crushing blows - she has been knocked unconscious and suffered broken bones even while wearing it, and under most circumstances there are places of exposed skin where a skilled opponent can land a blow.

In terms of appearance, it varies wildly. But it is always clearly armor, and always a brilliantly shining, reflective metal reminiscent of the organic steel into which her brother transforms.

ENHANCED: Even while wearing the form of a human, Illyana is not *entirely* that. She possesses enhanced strength - able to lift several hundred pounds, beyond what a woman of her apparent strength and stature should be capable of - and greatly enhanced durability. She has been thrown through buildings, dropped several stories, riddled with arrows, been beaten and tortured, all with no lasting physical damage. In addition, she heals with remarkable speed - this is not "regeneration," but injuries that a normal would might need months to recover from often vanish within hours.

It is important to note that, although resistant, Illyana is *not* invulnerable. Things that damage her still hurt, and it is *entirely* possible to remove her from a fight with a sufficiently excessive application of violence; on at least one occasion, she has passed out from pain after being severely beaten and riddled with magical arrows.

In addition (be it because of just how very long she has spent in Limbo, her position as its ruler, her skill as a sorcerer or simply the nature of her resurrection and the fact she is no longer properly human) Illyana has ceased to age. She has spent uncountable years in Limbo, could not be artificially aged even by a norse god even before her resurrection, and in at least one alternate future was alive as late as 2099.

PSIONIC SHIELDING: For whatever reason - be it because she is not truly human, because she is a sorcerer of profound ability, because she has endured endlessly lifetimes of trauma and horror - Illyana's mind is protected by psionic shields of astonishing resiliency. The sort of casual, secret reading that most telepaths can employee against an average person is entirely impossible; only with her permission are the preponderance of telepaths able to enter the labyrinth of her mind. A truly powerful telepath, on the level of Charles Xavier, Heather Douglas, or J'onn J'onzz could gain access, but it would require great effort and could not be done with any measure of subtlety - a heavily-armed home invasion as opposed to a quiet burglary.

Because of how her abilities work, Karma has proven capable of seizing control of Illyana in the past; presumably, others with powers that operate by crude manipulation of the nervous system rather than manipulation of the more ethereal consciousness could do the same as well.

SORCERY: Illyana Rasputin is among the most powerful sorcerers ever born from human blood, possessed of a level of mastery so profound that in the event of the death or fall of the Earth dimension's sorcerer supreme, she would be a candidate for the role. As it stands, she *is* sorcerer supreme of Limbo, and within that realm her power is all but unequaled.

(At one time, her abilities were severely constrained while on Earth. But for whatever reason - be it the nature of her resurrection, a growth in skill and the maturation of age, or even some unknown change in the fabric of the universe - this is now dangerously far from being true.)

As a master sorcerer, Illyana can conjure, control, and shape force to bind, to attack; to mold the elements, to create and to shape and to puppet items; to bring forth, command, or banish spirits; to create shields and barriers; to create illusions, and more. Like all sorcerers, she can sense and detect the use of magic, and items and beings of a mystical nature.

Illyana's field of specialization, unsurprisingly, is the very blackest sort of magic.

(For obvious reasons, magic that would impact another character is contingent entirely upon that player's affirmative consent.)

SOULSWORD: When she was a child, one of Illyana's mentors tried to instruct her in a more benevolent form of magic and to guide her towards the shaping of a totemic tree linked to her lifeforce. Illyana, instead, created a weapon - one of the most devastating magical artifacts on record, the sum and total of her sorcerous might and a symbol of her rulership over limbo.

The blade is nothing less than anathema to illusions, and to all beings of a magical or ethereal nature - even the very mightiest of spells break against it as if glass, and used in Limbo, it could shatter even the bonds of the great Cyttorak to his avatar. Supernatural entities capable of surviving its most brutal application are rare indeed.

Against mundane matter, it is less effective - but it is still, after all, an on-fire magic sword. It has proven capable of cutting into the armor of a Sentinel, and of blocking high-powered projectile weapons. When used on living, non-magical beings it will under normal circumstances pass through them as they lacked physical form, triggering a wave of pain so intense that unconsciousness tends to follow.

(For obvious reasons, use of the Soulsword to incapacitate another character requires the player's affirmative consent. For even more obvious reasons relating to narrative and to the nature of cooperative environments and the cooperative experience, it *will not* be used to *kill* any player character or important NPC outside of a staff-sanctioned plot.)

TELEPORTATION: Limbo's relationship to both time and space are, to say the least, *odd* - it connects to all places and to all times, existing in all places and all times. A "natural" phenomenon of Limbo arising from this are so-called 'stepping discs,' discs of blinding light that connect to unpredictable locations across all of space and time.

Illyana's mutant ability is to control them.

By subconsciously scanning the entire dimension of Limbo, she summons discs that link to specific, determined places and times - to *any* place and *any* time.

One of the most powerful teleporters on record, Illyana can move herself - or anyone else - to essentially any location that she desires, irrespective of distance and with absolute accuracy, including even very large numbers of people across very large distances. She does not need to journey with someone she teleports and does not need to be present to teleport someone to her, or to an unrelated location entirely.

The discs are conjured at, for lack of better term, 'the speed of thought' and as such *are* of use in combat situations - removing projectiles from the field or re-directing them, evacuating civilians, or simply dumping a target into Limbo or several dozen feet into the air.

(Illyana *can* travel through time but doing so is restricted to approved plots.)


"Do you know why you are allowed to stay here? Because everyone remembers you as an impossibly innocent young girl whose life was cut short by a horrible disease. They're practically tripping over themselves to make it up to you. But you don't know anything about all that, do you?"
"Who *are* you?"
"I am The Darkchilde, the adopted daughter of Belasco. I have the body and mind of Illyana Rasputin, but I have lost her soul. I am one who should not be."
"Is *everyone* in Limbo so *descriptive*?"



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Full Name: Illyana Nikolievna Rasputina
Code Name: Magik
Occupation: Queen of Limbo
Aliases: Darkchilde; White Devil
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: The X-Men
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Species Detail: Mutant; Demon
Age: Physically: Early 20s
Height: 5'5"
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Glacial Blue
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Miss Mosh
Theme Song:
Character Type: FC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: magik
Played Since: 05/02/2018

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