Magni Thorson was born to Thor Odinson and Amora (AKA the Enchantress) roughly several hundred years ago. However, Magni's world was much different than the world that many would come to know as the present. In Magni's world, he was born about twenty years after Thor had taken over the world in Asgardian conquest and killed most of the world's heroes (including his own brother Balder) when they resisted his inevitable rule.

After such a dark time, Magni grew up much like his father did. He was the Beloved Crown Prince. People loved him and he loved them in return. He went on a great many adventurers throughout the Nine Realms, filled with his own trials and tribulations. There were times when he joined Asgardians in their many battles and he even wrestled with the World Serpent, a battle that he didn't quite win but didn't really lose, either.

He became upset when he realized that Loki was treating the humans harshly, despite them giving full fealty to Asgard and agreeing with its overbearing terms, but followed the command of All-Father Thor in the matter out of loyalty.

However, everything would change.

Magni realized that the Asgardians were not just treating the humans harshly, but outright merciless in their brutality. They inflicted unspeakable horrors upon them in the form of constant abuse, physical and mental, and this was reflected in the extreme hostility and resentment of Asgard and all who dwell in it.

Moved by the humans, Magni began to secretly help them, whisking many of them away to secret locations on earth, away from the eyes of Asgard with the help of earth's surviving sorcerers. It was seeing their plight of relief, their mourning of those they could not save that Magni was moved to directly face his father.

But how?

Magni was led to the place where Thor became unworthy of Mjolnir during his conquering of earth, and there the Hammer still rested. Compelled to try his hand at the hammer, Mjolnir obeyed Magni's call and he used the great weapon to challenge his father directly.

Magni was a fool to believeh e could defeat his father with his own weapon! Even though Thor was unable to lift Mjolnir or command its powers, he had compensated the lack of Mjolnir with the Thorforce and thus defeated Magni in a close battle, his experience winning him the day.

Whisked away by his mother at the last possible second, Magni made a long journey to Nidevellir and decreed (with a successfully forged signature of King Thor) for the Dwarves to craft a weapon that is equal to Mjolnir, if not greater. While greater was practically impossible, the dwarves agreed to this task.

They named the weapon Stormbreaker.

WIth this new power, Magni confronted King Thor in a final battle, but they were interrupted by the being known as The Designator after the God of Mischief Loki activated the Destroyer. The battle for the throne became a battle for survival as the Designator was bent on destroying all Gods everywhere, Asgard included.

Magni was about to land the finishing blow before The Designator struck him with such cosmic energy that to all on that Asgard, Magni was destroyed.

But that is not how the story goes.

Magni awoke, unconscious on an earth that was not the earth of his world. It was teeming with life, of civilians free from Asgardian rule…for itn ever happened. Odin was still King of Asgard, his father never turned evil or became unworthy. There was hope for a brighter tomorrow. But Magni discovered that he couldn't return home. He couldn't go back and finish his task. Lamenting for a few days, Magni lifts mighty Stormbreaker once again, for he must both discover more about this new world and fight against the lurking darkness that dares to eventually rear its ugly head.

For Asgard. For Midgard.

Recent Events

Most recently, Magni has just arrived on this earth and has no idea the what or how. This should be exciting.


Magni is very much like his father in many ways. He's larger-than-life, brave to the point of rash actions and foolish thought, and a protector of all things that are deemed good. He's a very direct individual, straightforward with his words and actions.

Unlike his father, however, Magni is a humble individual. He's not one who claims glory where glory is deemed to be guaranteed nor does he glamorize himself. He is like that of a disciplined warrior, but he is not above sending an intelligent quip or a backhanded remark. In this way, he knows he is superior to others, but just refuses to outright say it.

Self-righteous in his pursuits, Magni is always someone who is willing to challenge another person's thoughts, especially over what is right or what is wrong. For example, in his world, Thor was no longer worthy of Mjolnir and Magni taunted him by daring him to try and lift it.

Regardless, Magni is a worthy warrior. Though his lack of knowledge of current earth technologies and customs lead to comical situations that he could avoid.

His worst trait is that he's hedonistic. He likes to have fun, whether it be through drink, through the fairer sex, or through thrills and adventures.

RP Hooks


Character Sheet

ALLSPEAK: Also called the All-Tongue, Magni possesses the Allspeak. He can communicate in all the languages of the Nine Realms, including all of earth's dialects and some alien languages.

ENHANCED SPEED: While Magni is not a speedster, the muscles in his legs allow him to move extremely fast. Currently, he can move up to 275mph on foot.

GODLIKE STAMINA: Due to being the Asgardian God of Strength (of his world), Magni's stamina is truly something to behold. His body produces little-to-no toxins that would produce fatigue in his system. In short, under normal circumstances, Magni can be active near indefinitely.

GOD OF STRENGTH: In Magni's world, he is the God of Strength. Having inherited his mighty power from his father, Magni is a powerhouse of an Asgardian. Currently, he is in the 100+ ton class with no actual known limit, though he is equalled by his father in terms of strength and potential. His greatest feat of strength was wrestling his reality's version of the world serpent, Jormungandr.

INVULNERABILITY: Just like the same might that grants Magni his incredible strength, so to is such strength directly affecting his durability. Rendered extremely difficult to wound due to highly dense bones and muscle tissue, most Midgardian weapons have no hope of giving him any kind of serious or permanent injury. He's bulletproof to all but the highest caliber of weaponry, immune to the freezing cold of Jotunheim and the burning heat of Musphelheim, and immunity to non-magical diseases.

SON OF THUNDER: Magni has the ability to, much like his father, assume full control of the skies. However, Magni is young (in terms of Asgardian view) and thus has little to no actual control of such abilities. He currently requires Stormbreaker to use anything in regards to weather manipulation or electrokinesis powers.

SUPER REFLEXES: While not a speedster in any sense of the word, his reflexes are enhanced to such an extent that he can time or react to beings who are far faster than he is. Though he generally needs a trend or pattern to follow in order to accomplish this.

WILLPOWER: Magni's strength of will and courage is otherworldly. It is because of this that he has always managed to push through, even in the face of unspeakable horrors and unimaginable odds. Magni is one who rarely ever backs down from any kind of challenge and possesses a hearty resistance to all but the most powerful of telepathic assaults or mental dominations.


"I had… I had no idea…they hated us so."



Son of Thunder
Son of Thunder
Full Name: Magni Thorson
Code Name: Magni
Occupation: Adventurer, God of Strength
Aliases: Prince Magni (in his world)
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Species: Alien
Species Detail: Asgardian
Age: 750
Height: 6'8"
Build: Godly
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Blue
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Kellan Lutz
Theme Song:
Character Type: FC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: magni
Played Since: 10/17/19

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