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Earl Everett was born to enormous wealth in the early twentieth century, the son of a nuclear science researcher. While his father sought to help society, Earl grew up a dilettant with an uncanny knack for gambling and subsequently spending his winnings in creatively debaucherous ways.

During a trip with his father to Europe in 1940, while the elder Everett presented an experimental type of ammunition to the British forces, a double agent attempted to assassinate the scientist. Sensing imminent danger, Earl leapt in front of his father and was shot in the head.

By another stroke of luck, the bullet had entered the corpus callosum and thus did not kill Earl, although there was no way to retrieve the round. Earl found his 'uncanny' abilities amplified, gaining extraordinary sensory capacities (such as seeing situations at considerable distances and hearing the thoughts of others). The downside, however, was that the use of these abilities slowly drew the bullet closer and closer to a major artery in his brain.

From that point on, Earl volunteered his talents to aiding the US government at home and, once it entered the war, abroad, locating enemy bases and identifying agents. At the same time, he used his precognition to invest his family's wealth into a series of trusts.

During one fateful mission in April 1945, Earl was gassed and placed in suspended animation, where he remained until recently, when he was revived.

Using his investments, Earl founded EXC Enterprises which has, among its other holdings, a private investigation firm where Earl occasionally spends his time uncovering what mysteries he can - employing his abilities rarely so as not to hasten his demise.

Recent Events


Earl does not believe himself to be a complicated man, but he recognizes that he can be perceived as such, thanks to the strange abilities he possesses.

In his own mind, Earl is a man trying to make up for a youth of wasteful excess by employing his talents and resources for the benefit of others. Unfortunately, he is not easily able to explain how he does so to others, given the troublesome nature of precognition and telepathy. Some doubt him entirely; others distrust him for 'intruding' on private matters (whether intentional or not); still others seek to manipulate him for their own ends.

Further, Earl's work during WW2 for the US government cemented in him a sense of patriotic duty, and he wants both to fight crime and serve his country. These desires are made difficult to fulfill, thanks to the ubiquity of modern technologies, as their use and presence disrupt Earl's capabilities. He wants to help, but he struggles to do so in a way that does not leave him separated or isolated from the world around him.

Even so, Earl knows he is, in many ways, alone. His struggles are minor compared to the good he might accomplish - if only everyone else will let him.

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Want to solve a mystery?


{$page} Black Widow (Claire Voyant)
Another member of the dozen heroes captured and placed in suspended animation in 1945, the Black Widow has remained one of Earl's closest allies to the present day.
{$page} Le Bien Qui Fait Mort
Amelie, like Earl, is a relic of World War II. The two occasionally work together on cases that require her particular and unique skill set.

Character Sheet

Extraordinary Senses: Earl has the ability to make use of his senses over considerable distances (dozens of miles), although the clarity and specificity of that sensory information requires considerable concentration. Generally, this ability manifests itself as static images in Earl's mind, showing the location of some person or object, or illustrating a situation that has the potential to unfold (see 'Precognition'). [NOTE: This power is not meant to conflict with the game's policy on consent. It will not dictate others' actions or reactions, and Earl's attempted use of the power does not guarantee success.]

Intellect: Earl's psychic abilities are complemented by a genius-level intellect that has enabled him to employ the information his senses bombard him with in practical ways - not only to fight crime or invest wisely but to grasp the often-perplexing nature of new and developing events, both for short-term impact and larger-scale societal change.

Precognition: Earl's mental powers extend into precognition, allowing him the ability not only for remote viewing (see 'Extraordinary Senses') but also to glance into the potential future and act on that information. Further, this ability provides Earl with a kind of strange 'luck' that spurs him to act in particular ways - dodging an attack by moving in a certain direction, betting on a particular gambling outcome, or cryptically sharing information with others to persuade them toward specific ends. [NOTE: This power is not meant to conflict with the game's policy on consent. It will not dictate others' actions or reactions, and Earl's attempted use of the power does not guarantee success.]

Telepathy: Earl has telepathic capabilities that enable him to 'hear' others' thoughts. He cannot transmit his own thoughts into their minds, and he cannot control the actions of others. [NOTE: This power is not meant to conflict with the game's policy on consent. It will not dictate others' actions or reactions, and Earl's attempted use of the power does not guarantee success.]




Mastermind Excello
Powerful precognitive and master of mental wizardry
Powerful precognitive and master of mental wizardry
Full Name: Earl Everett
Code Name: Mastermind Excello
Occupation: Entrepreneur/Playboy
Aliases: Excello
Reg. Status: Registered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail:
Age: 109
Height: 6'0"
Build: Slightly overweight
Hair Color: Brown and gray (around temples)
Eye Color: Brown
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Michael Imperioli
Theme Song:
Character Type: FC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: mastermind-excello
Played Since: January 2019

Last Posted Activity: 15 Feb 2019 08:19

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