Sloane was born an only child in Boston, Massechusets, growing up with
influence from both sides: Her father put upon her to learn and make the most
of herself, while her mother pushed for free expression and creativity. She
took piano lessons and played the guitar, attending just as many local rock
shows with friends as she did the opera with her parents. Art, volleyball,
piano lessons, a social life, even the attempted garage band (though without a
garage, in the city!)? somehow, she managed keep it all balanced without going
completely insane.

With sufficent grades and a scholarship, Sloane started attending Columbia
University in New York with the intent to take her education and become a
professional musician. Quickly, she became a fixture in arts and expression,
her well-rounded upbringing and parentage giving her the means to flourish in
the college setting. Though her parents would rather her become a concert
pianist, she had her eyes on being a singer and guitarist, belting out her own
work on-stage.

It all went awry a little over a year and a half ago: While attending a
musicial symposium with a professor and a few friends, a weaponized terrigen
grenade was thrown into a concert hall, sending people into a panic; the blast
killing some, wounding others, but having a much different effect on Sloane:
She was engulfed in a cocoon, with latent Inhuman genes activating in

Terrigenesis is a genetic roll of the dice. Some emerge from the cocoon within
minutes, hours, or days — and the longer one stays within, the more dangerous
it is for the person within.

Sloane was in for over a month.

Radically changed (mentally and very much physically) by the experience, the
musician's life came to a violently crashing halt: She had powers with no
ability to control them. She withdrew from school; some friends turned away,
and her family rebuffed her. SHIELD was there for her in this time, offering
her psychological aid, a place to (temporarily) stay, and helping her get her
powers under control with training — as well as a healthy round of
self-defense courses.

As time marched ever-forward and Sloane started to find herself again, she
also found herself using her abilities to aid others in the public eye;
willing to dive into danger at a moment's notice. SHIELD of course kept an eye
on her activities, approaching her with options on her future: Leave, with an
open ticket, or … stay, and help protect others and the world.

Through the best and worst, Sloane spent the last two years as a trainee and,
eventually, becoming a full Agent. Despite some expressing misgivings of an
out, obvious meta in a government position of any kind, Sloane has presented
herself as a friendly face and an outstretched hand to metas worried about
being exposed or otherwise public with who they are.

Recent Events

Though registered through her affiliation with SHIELD, Sloane is a vocal opponent of the Metahuman Registration Act and has spoken out against it in the past. After being shown as part of a clip package during an interview with Carol Danvers, she was assaulted by the Brotherhood and her relations with SHIELD have since become fractured.

Taking refuge at the Xavier Institute, Sloane attempted to resign from SHIELD — and it was refused — but timely intervention from Agent Coulson has placed her at the Institute in an official capacity as a "long term assignment," sent to "observe and document" the school. Her clearance, training, and access to resources likewise make her a valuable asset to the X-Men whom she now calls friends.

Currently, she's standing in a precarious balance between factions and loyalties, trying to do right by both sides — though inevitably she will have to choose one side or another.


Sloane is passionate, artistic, driven, honest, creative, arrogant, scared,
and on top of all that, young. While she truly believes she may be doing the
best thing she can, there's still a lot about a lot she's learning at a
break-neck pace in the two years since her transformation. It is not unusual
for her to separate herself from others to clear her head, whether that means
retreating to home with headphones and music, or sitting at the bottom of a
pool for the better part of an hour trying to tune out the rest of the world.

Whether or not she admired heroes in the world, Sloane was one of those rare
people content to not have power. While not the most disciplined person in the
world, she knew exactly what she had planned for a day, or a week. She was
strong and confident. Now, she has to deal with the hand fate has dealt her:
With her life, her family, and her place in the world. She struggles to
balance dangerous work with creativity and also self-doubt, fear of what her
power could do if it were to run unchecked, and becoming the very kind of
problem people talk about when they speak in hushed tones of the dangers of

RP Hooks

  • Sloane is big into metahuman outreach and support. It doesn't matter if you're a mutant, inhuman, alien, or mystical creature, she'll try to help if asked.
  • Despite having a government job and being 'on the books,' it is an open secret that Merrow is campaigning from within SHIELD against metahuman registration laws.
  • Merrow was highly active during the demonic invasion, throwing herself into problem after problem and essentially giving free potable water to those hiding in shelters while things were at their most chaotic. Did you see her face?
  • Music fan? On one popular cloud site, Sloane regularly uploads original music under the handle 'dragonflood' — primarily rock and hard rock tunes.
  • Student or member of the X-Men? Merrow's likely hanging out at least somewhere at the meta-friendly college, and likewise has access to the "special" training facilities.


Character Sheet

Awakening to her unusual lineage has given Sloane a few advantages over other people— advantages that also help her in the field: Her eyes are adapted to deal with dim to near-dark conditions — incredibly useful underwater— with an increase in both muscle mass and bone density to aid with swimming and resisting the effects of deep water. Not only is her lung capacity much greater than a normal human's, but her cardiopulmonary system is much more efficent, allowing Sloane to stay underwater (and active) for over forty minutes before needing to come up for air.

Undoubtedly the most obvious and visible change to her body, Sloane is covered in swaths of blue scale. Smooth and cool to the touch, each scale is tough enough that it can double as a form of light armor, durable enough to deflect sharp edges and thrusts across their surface or even a glancing blow from a gunshot at range. For as strong as they are, Merrow's scales cannot handle more exotic metals such as adamantium of vibranium. Should her scales be damaged, plucked, or otherwise shed, she'll regrow them within a week.

After her change, Sloane quickly found herself with the ability to shape, manipulate, and create water. The versatility of this gift seems bound only by imagination: Agent Merrow can use this power to generate geyser-like sprays of water or focused high-pressure jets strong enough to cut common materials, break bone or create churning walls of water that can rob conventional ballistics of their momentum or otherwise redirect them to a more safe trajectory.

Sloane can likewise use this control to propel herself underwater at speeds in excess of sixty miles per hour, or create enough of a jet or upswell effect to blunt or otherwise save herself— and others— from falls of sufficently dangerous heights.




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February 26, 2019. The Hungry Bassline

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February 23, 2019. Somewhere Safe to Go

"I'm going home. I'll decide if I'm coming back later." Spoken as she stormed out of the Triskelion, Agent Merrow did not in fact go home, returning to a safehouse she used with Rachel Grey-Summers during the hell invasion — a safehouse that was in fact owned by Tony Stark. At wit's end, Sloane finally reaches out for help…

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February 18, 2019. Unofficial Visit

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Full Name: Sloane L. Albright
Code Name: Merrow
Occupation: SHIELD Agent; X-Friend
Aliases: Sloane Brightscale; Scales; Spyfish; Child of Wehrsweir
Reg. Status: Registered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: SHIELD; X-Men
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Inhuman
Age: 22
Height: 5'5"
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Orange
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Marisha Ray (voice)
Theme Song:
Character Type: OC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: merrow
Played Since: 12/12/18

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