Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe, is not really Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe. Charlie's
true name is lost to her as she was born on Gemworld. She was a Princess of
the Ruby House but when the wars happened and Black Opal razed the Ruby
kingdom her family was killed. She was sent to earth, her memory paved over
and replaced. She retained her power to teleport and her phenomenal fighting
skills, though. On earth she lived with an adopted family, her mother and her
newborn sibling in an apartment in Metropolis's worst slum. She never met her
father or for that matter her little sister's father either. Her mom did her
best to make ends meet, working a job as a waitress at national diner next to
a a twelve screen cineplex.

Charlie knew she had superpowers from a young age, a whole slew of powers
really if you stopped to take inventory of all of them. She rarely used them
though because they made her mother really uncomfortable. Whether it was
because of her father or just fear for Charlotte it is hard to say.

Despite the lack of size in their crappy apartment she did have her own small
room, which she got to decorate best she could. Anyone who could have seen the
room would have known she was a big fan of Barbara Gordon's Batgirl. The
original kick-ass Batgirl.

Things went downhill though rather abruptly about six months ago. The landlord
of the apartment building had bribed the safety inspectors that did the
already infrequent inspections of the local buildings. The fire escape had
been removed and the buildings smoke detectors were either without power or
outright broken. When a really bad fire broke out, Charlie and her family were
trapped in the apartment. Charlie and her mom knew from some of Charlie's
experiments with her powers that living things didn't survive 'bouncing' with
Charlie when she teleported. Charlie couldn't save her family. She also
refused to leave until her mother made her, screaming at her to teleport out.
Seventeen people died in that fire. Despite the fact the Landlord was a
horrible Slumlord and criminally responsible his sentence was six months, time

The injustice of her families deaths. The lack of criminal court system
working. All of that was just not fair. Not right. She could have ended up
going into a life of crime so easily with her capabilities. Still the part of
her that idolized Bat Girl was the part of her that won out in the end.

Six months after the fire that took her family, Charlie, homeless, has
surfaced as a crime-fighter in Gotham City, wearing a homemade Batgirl
costume. It wasn't very good. It involved some bat-a-rangs (probably fakes)
she bought off the internet. Frankly it was embarrassing.

Still if nothing else she was an orphan with some exceptional skills trying to
do what was right. In Gotham. With nothing else to do and no where to do. That
is basically catnip to the bat-family and while they took her in and gave her
more training and gear, she is still pretty much a Misfit.

Oh yeah. Her codename is Misfit, she picked it because Batgirl was taken of
course. At least now she is super official.

It wasn't too very much long after that when she crashed the Titans party.
Admittedly it was a bit stalkery. I mean Tim had a whole other team and they
got to fight crime anywhere not just Gotham. This sounded great. Also kids her
age and not the Old Man just judging everything all the time. It was pretty
much a self-adoption onto the team but Charlie isn't about to complain.

Things were going pretty swimmingly. Titans were great. Batfamily was great. There was a few instances of odd gem incursions that seemd to be targeting her for some reason. Oh also Sentinels. Still life was great.

Until it wasn't.

Charlie went missing and is just now coming back after nearly half a year of being a prisoner and then on the run in Gemworld.

Recent Events

The whole demon invasion left a mark on Charlie though. Did you know time
passes differently in other dimensions. Ask Charlie about it sometime. That
place was absolutely awful. Fifty shades of awful.


Hyperactive - She is the energizer bunny when it comes to energy and standing

Immature - She hasn't had the best childhood and that coupled with her deeply
personal trauma has caused a lot of problems for her. She easily acts younger
than an eighteen highschool drop out should.

Sweet - She really is a good person and a good girl. She has a really big
heart and genuinely wants to help people and for people to like and accept
her. She wants friends, she wants love, and she wants acceptance.

Cocky - It may be that she is covering up for deep seated feelings of loss.
Loss of her family. Loss of control of her life. No matter what the cause is
though she acts very cocky and overconfident.

Rebellious - She is a teenager.

RP Hooks

Charlie can be anywhere in the blink of an eye. Combined with cocky enthusiasm to stop crime we can make any scene work with a bit of thought.

Titan business is a great hook.

Bat Business or Gotham crimes also great.


{$page} Cyborg
Not one of the team Charlie knows well enough yet. Need to fix it.
{$page} Nico Minoru
Absolute awesome. Stylish. Uses magic. Charlie should ask for lessons.
{$page} Raven
Saved Charlies bacon after the demon incident. She owes Raven. Also maybe ask her for lessons on this whole magic thing.
{$page} Red Robin
Tim may not have started this team but he definitely is the reason Charlie crashed it. She looks up to him a lot. He has his stuff together in all the ways she doesn't yet.
{$page} Spider-Man
Witty one liners. Big mood. Big mood..
{$page} Starfire
She is always so positive and carelessly cool.
{$page} Superboy
Also a life saver of a friend.
{$page} Zatanna Zatara
Charlie really wonders if lessons from Zatanna would require backwards talking spells. The book seems to be forward talking.
{$page} Impulse
Probably her favorite teammate. He seems the most laid back and relatable.

Character Sheet


Charlotte also has good degree of accelerated healing directly connected with her 'bouncing' ability. For example if she were to be shot in the belly with a bullet, she would heal completely by bouncing to another location. Grievous wounds from things such as fire or acid, multiple gunshot wounds, or those from energy weapons will become non-critical after one bounce and healed after several, but will leave her drained and sluggish. Loss of limbs or entire organs are currently beyond her ability to heal with a 'bounce'. If she is rendered unconscious she will not be able to heal until she is conscious and able to 'bounce'.


Charlotte has the ability to teleport (or, as she calls it, "bounce") vast distances without error, or even needing to know the layout of her destination, she does so by appearing and disappearing in a burst of pink-purple smoke. She is only able to teleport herself because no other living objects could survive bouncing.


She has peak human physical characteristics. This may be due to her homo-magi genetics or a quirk of her other abilities. Nothing ridiculous or superman-esque but she can take out street level villains with one punch and go toe to toe with more seasoned ones.


This ability can bypass advanced security systems. This may be connected either to her 'bouncing' or to her magical nature interfering with technology, hard to pin down specifically. She can 'bounce' into locations that have systems geared to detect almost all mundane forms of entry. More advanced systems, explicitly designed to detect teleporters or dimensional travel will detect her 'bouncing.' Systems that detect her include situations such as landing right in the middle of an active laser grid, computer facial recognition (or AI) systems, active IR systems, landing on an active pressure floor, or those that measure sudden displacement of air.


Charlotte is a Homo Magi and she is currently barely trained in her studies of the occult. Lots of potential but currently all of it is expressed through instinctual use of powers like her 'Bounce' at this point. She did acquire a demonic tome of magic that is bound to her from Demonic invasion that has much potential, but at what cost. Finally she also has picked up some new spells during her time away on the run in Gemworld while she was missing.




February 27, 2020. American Food Rampage

Misfit debriefs Bart and Raven about her dangerous adventures.

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February 14, 2020. Crystalline Dust

Six-and-a-half months later, Misfit returns to the Titans' Headquarters, worse for wear and with unwanted company.

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Full Name: Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe
Code Name: Misfit
Occupation: Hero
Aliases: Charlie
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: Gotham
Affiliations: Bat Family, Titans
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Species Detail: Homo Magi Gemworlder
Age: 18
Height: 5'3"
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Blue
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Molly C. Quinn
Theme Song: Crazy by Gnarls Barkley
Character Type: FC
Universe: DC
Wiki Tag: Misfit
Played Since: 1/8/2019

Last Posted Activity: 28 Feb 2020 09:06

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