Danielle Moonstar lived in Boulder, Colorado, upon a reservation that held much of the Cheyenne Nation. It was during her teenage years that Danielle's life would take a turn for the worse. Her parents disappeared during a camping trip and never returned, and while everyone thought they were lost, Dani wasn't one to believe them. Not without proof. Still, as a young girl, she wasn't allowed to be left to her own devices and a friend of the family took her in. It was during this stressful time that Dani's mutant powers awoke. And it would be that awakening that sent her away to her grandfather, Black Eagle.

While he didn't exactly know how to handle a grief stricken mutant, he did know how to handle a grief stricken granddaughter and slowly, he began to help her.

Even with her grandfather's help, Dani still fought for control over her powers. There were many nights that she'd pull her grandfather's greatest fear from his mind completely unknowingly. And it was also during this time that the nightmares about her parents began to plague her. Weeks and months passed, sometimes good, sometimes bad, but mostly the bad outweighed the good. It was because of this that Black Eagle finally called upon a friend at Xavier' Academy for Gift Students. While Dani fought /bitterly/ to the end about going to this special school /off/ of the res, eventually she did go. Seeing (at least some part) of the wisdom her Grandfather spoke of. Even knowing this was for the best, it wasn't without tears on both of their ends, when Dani finally agreed to leave.

While being away from her family and friends was hard, and she had a chip on her shoulder the size of Boulder, Colorado, eventually Dani did adapt. At the school she began to finally start to control her powers and even begin to pull specific fears and desires from people's minds. She also made friends there, as well, even if sometimes she was a little too blunt and aggressive at times. It was during her time at Xavier's that she really began to get hints that something was after her. A demon bear was hunting her. This demonic entity had taken her parents away from her and was now looking to finish her off. And while she didn't know what /exactly/ was after her, the nightmares about her parents and a bear kept coming to her over and over again, each night. It got so bad, that Dani began to ignore sleep and practice fighting, as she waited for this attack she felt sure was coming. And come, eventually it did.

It was during a night that Dani couldn't sleep. She felt like something was about to happen and Dani, being Dani, decided to face it head on instead of cowering beneath her blankets. Taking bow and arrow, and applying paint to her face, Dani stepped outside of Xavier's comfortable mansion and went into the woods. There she shouted a challenge to the air. That challenge was answered, though with results neither Demon Bear or Dani would have anticipated. The bear, reached out from its world and into her world and within the rendering of planes, the unexpected happened. Instead of Dani being attacked by the bear, she was thrown through the various realms and when she awoke she found herself in a far away land, by the name of Asgard.

Here is where Danielle would find a winged horse, under attack. Here she would save that horse and become its rider and here she would be named Valkyrie.

While normally the Valkyrie of Asgard stay within Asgard, because of the unusual circumstances that found Danielle within this realm, it was deemed she could return back to Midgard (Earth) with both her standing as a Valkyrie, as well as her steed which she named Brightwind.

When she returned to her regular life she came back to the Xavier's Institute, offering to teach. Teaching, however, wasn't for her. Eventually Dani struck decided to get into something more and stretched her wings out for SHIELD. And so now, as a new agent, we find the woman juggling her responsibilities with SHIELD and the Institute and striving for a balance in her life.

Danielle is now settled nicely into being a SHIELD agent, even as she keeps ties with the X-Men and the School. Between SHIELD and the X-School, Danielle faced the Demon Bear and finally confirmed that her parents are truly dead. In fact she was able to walk their souls to the afterlife, after the Demon Bear was defeated and banished. She still has marks upon her soul from being a Herald of the Bear, but slowly they are healing. She likewise found good friends from the saga of the Demon Bear. The other ex-heralds of the Bear; Bucky Barnes and Jane Foster. She likewise found friends within SHIELD and outside it as well, some a bit crazier (OWEN) than others.

Along with that Hell's Kitchen went boom, and Dani found herself helping them as much as she could.

And even as her world settled again, things happened once more with mutant rights, registration and various invasions to the city.

Her life as Agent of SHIELD and Mutant is never ever dull.

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Dani is many things, friend, daughter, granddaughter and woman. She's strong, loyal, friendly. She can be sarcastic, broody and serious. She's the type of person that will be there no matter what. If she gives you a promise that promise will be kept; even if it kills her. On the flip side, if someone breaks a promise to her that could ultimately be a deal breaker for her. Honor is big in Dani's world and not something she treats lightly. She feels a responsibility for people she sees as her friends, her family, or those that are under her guardianship, or leadership. She will /never/ leave anyone behind and she'll never send someone on a mission she'd not do herself. Along with all these traits is a streak of anger that can flare brightly when Dani is riled-up; something that will make her impulsive, stupid at times, but fierce. And last, but not least, never-ever-ever tell Dani not to do something. That will make her do an about face and go against the grain; it's just part of who she is.

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Character Sheet

Part of Dani's psionic abilities is the ability to communicate empathically with animals. This ability allows her to sense their emotions and in some cases images from the animals. This ability is typically only useful with the higher-minded animals like wolves, cats, dogs, bears, etc. Animals that she can't typically commune with are insects, arachnids and those like-minded animals. Lastly, should a mutant have an animal based power this could allow Dani to communicate with them if their mind and brain is sufficiently animal-based.

Dani is a Valkyrie of Asgard, as such she has the ability to sense and see when a person is about to die. This death shroud will appear around a person in the image of how or what they see as death; whether angel, demon, or alien father. Along with sense the impending death Dani can also fight for a person's soul and save them from their intended fate. The only caveat to this is should she lose Dani likewise dies, but if she wins then both souls are saved.

Moonstar still has a connection to the demon bear, even with it being banished to another realm. Even still that connection affords Dani (under powerful emotions) the ability to draw upon some minor Bear manifestations. When she can access these powers the air around her grows cold, her psychic weaponry holds the bite of cold to it, and occasionally a bear cloak appears around her form and covers her head/face.

Along with her psychic illusions, Dani has the ability to manifest her psychic powers in the form of weaponry. She can shape the psychic energy into just about anything she can think of. Spear, bow, arrows, sword, daggers, axe, etc. Typically, Dani will manifest her powers into the form of a psychic bow and arrows. Or, if she already has her bow on hand, just psychic arrows. When struck with these arrows the victim fall unconscious as they relieve their most primal fear within their mind. Depending on the fortitude of a person and their own mental/psychic strength this loop of fear could last for seconds, minutes, or hours. Several dozen of arrows fired in a short period of time will typically have Dani start feeling exhausted and with each volley the arrows would become weaker and weaker, before they were simply a small shock to a person's system.

Moonstar's mutant ability is to create psionic illusions for one target or multiple. The illusions can either be a person's greatest fear, or their greatest desire. For the person affected by these illusions they seem completely real, whereas to others it appears more like a hazy hologram. Unless otherwise boosted by a fellow psychic, Dani's powers are line of sight specific. Also of note is the fact that her powers typically only work on high-minded animals or humanoids. Aliens, demons, non-organic brains would be a crap shoot on whether she can touch them with her power - most likely it'd be a no. Currently, Dani can handle small groups of people with ease when creating illusions. Large groups, a dozen or more, would begin to tax her physically and mentally. Those who fight her illusions or are powerful in their own right would also cause the woman some stress. With anything, there are those who can and do resist, or completely shield themselves against her psychic abilities.

(Disclaimer: This ability is governed by the game's consent policy and cannot dictate another character's reaction or actions without explicit consent to do so. Attempted IC use of this ability does not guarantee success.)

With her psychic based powers Dani has the ability to shield her mind from other psionic abilities. This protection allows her to withstand general mind probes and readings from those lesser in strength than her.




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Former Xavier Student current Agent of SHIELD.
Former Xavier Student current Agent of SHIELD.
Full Name: Danielle Moonstar
Code Name: Moonstar
Occupation: Agent of SHIELD; mutant supporter
Aliases: Moonie Moonstar Dani
Reg. Status: Registered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: SHIELD, Xavier's School
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Mutant and Part-Time Asgardian
Age: 24
Height: 5'8"
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
OOC Information
Portrayed By:
Theme Song:
Character Type: FC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: Moonstar
Played Since: 11/19/2018

Last Posted Activity: 11 May 2020 19:42

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