Alric was an orphan, dropped off at a door with a wax sealed book, said not to
open until he felt himself ready. He was dropped off in the suburbs outside of
Gotham to a couple of two who were struggled to have a child. They took him as
a blessing, raising him as their own. He spent much of his childhood like any
other, except that he really didn't fit in with the other kids…he was always
kind of awkward, even bullied for it. His newfound father taught him that the
best way to stop bullying is to fight back. It worked, but he was also got him
kicked from school. He spent the rest of his school time homeschooled by his
upset mother and his chagrined father.

When he was 16, he got a chance to do some out of state study at New york. He
wasn't super genius smart, but he was pretty crafty, and early scholarships
seemed the way to go. He spent his new time checking out the city while
studying there, it was much different then Gotham…yet just as crime strung.
He still didn't really fit it, but what did that matter? He worked out, he got
good grades. Heck, he was on his way to becoming a successful computer person,
what more could he want? He did find interest though in the Pesdo-science
classes. Sure, alot of people think magic isn't real…but what if it was!
There are so many people with "magic" super powers, why couldn't they combine
magic with science? That's what he thought at least, never really get much out
of it. Like, what did he know of magic? Pffft, nothing besides for wizards
were in the news blasting villians.

Then disaster struck. He was on his way home when he got into a car crash, he
was rushed to the hospital where he was in a coma for a week. When he awoke,
he found himself at his town's local hospital…but where was his parents?
After getting out and many unsuccessful calls home, when he could finally walk
and drive. He made it back to find a burned down house…his parents dead,
officers waiting to greet him. The only thing left, his book. Life faded in
and out for him for a bit, not only were his parents dead, but the crash had
also left its marks. He lost much of his strength, weak as a kitten he was.
Now he was homeless as well? What was he to do besides for go back to study,
his only friend he ever had.

At his 18 birthday, he finally couldn't take it anymore. He improved much over
these two years, he almost has his bacholers degree, he improved what he
could. He still was weak, but damn could he run, can't through a punch but it
dosn't matter if you can outwind and last longer then the guy right? He sat
looking over the book, like he did every day for the past 2 years…but now,
now was the day, no more of gnawing of when or how. What had he to loss? He
already lost it all? What was one more loss, one more bit of pain. He tore the
wax seal off to find a bunch of arcane symbols…that he understood? He read
the book thoroughly, each sentence a new horror as he finally put it down with
shaky, sweaty hands. Today marked the end of being human, he was simply
pretending, today marked what he knew all along. Why he didn't get along, why
he never really fit in. He was a monster, from a shadow realm, and tonight, it
was his destiny.

He is a night beast, or at least partially, a mix between human and some
monster, according to the book, on his 18th birthday, he will be bound with a
creature from some plan of darkness…the price already payed. His father was
apparently a cultist of some kind, and payed a price to bind some creature to
his son. He was supposed to be a creature of darkness, some bound servant to
some mad man. He panicked, what could he do! He continued looking through the
book for a way out, anything, anything to help him against his plight. On the
last page he found it, a small note form his biological mother. She was his
father's price, she wrote that his price would be devestating, but that he
also had free choice, he could choose what would be bounded to him. Not who
ever choose the ritual. He found hope in this secret message. Just in time to
as the clock struck noon he found himself in a strange dark place. He didn't
know what to do? He had a choice? Well, then lets choose the opposite of that,
something tough, something that he had no chance of being anymore. Something
to be strong, to hunt evil, to find the person who did this to him, to find
people that may want to do this to others. To be a savior of people when he
didn't have one. Where ever he was read his mind and he found himself
changing, becoming something, his bones cracked, muscles warped. He changed
into this version of his desires and mockery of himself, it fought for his
mind. He was stronger, he won and found himself back on his bed, normal
again…but he felt the change. He was no longer a simply man, but the
creature named Myrkr, we are Myrkr.

Recent Events

Since coming into his powers, he's starting to discover the world of super heroics slowly and surely. He's also been opened to an evil cult that plans to use him for evil once they track down the spell to summon him.

Events in order
1. Ran into Harley Quinn, tried to capture her and failed. His first failure and greatest lesson as a hero after the punchline bombing.
2. Helped Sam Gutherie after getting lost in New York with some bad dudes.
3. Got some help from Impulse after losing himself to instincts and attacking a food truck. Also a brief introduction to mutants, supergroups, and even a friend.


Shy, Silent, Brave, Kind, Stubborn, Feral (when in shadow form), Goofy

RP Hooks

-Patrolling the streets at night? You might find something spooky lurking about
-Magiclly intuned? You might find him
-Like to eat? Might run into his human form…or him raiding a snack stand as a shadow beast
-Have alot of guilt? Fear? He might find you


{$page} impulse (as he knows)
Cool D-dude thus far…hopefully he's a good guy?
{$page} Ombra
A nice person…but reminds me of my own pain…not sure if thats a good thing or not yet
{$page} Sam (dosn't know much else)
Seems like a nice dude, pretty sure I can trust him…I hope

Character Sheet


Has increased constitution, allowing him to run for hours at top speed (top speed being 55 mph NOTE: This only applies to running, he dosn't have super speed) if needed. This also gives him resistance to non-magical aliments and increased healing from wounds (not regeneration, simply increased healing, and access to the realm of shadow. A dark dimension home to creatures of shadow and darkness (he's at home there, not at all in charge of the realm), this also includes lost souls and undead.


Has instinctual knowledge of how to read some magical markings, the ability to sense magic (particularly those that have moral alignment), where darkness or shadow is likly to be (and most likly to enter), a sense of undeath, a sense of those who have high guilt, fear, or sin. And the ability to speak to some undead (ghosts and ghost-like spirits) and those from the plane of shadow or like it.


Merges with a hound of shadow, becoming a mix between some shadow animal and a human. Impervious to non-magical/non-enchanted metals, resistant to some magical/enchanted metals. Resistant to poison, disease, strong enough to lift a small car, supernatural reflexes, enhanced speed, ability to see without any light (dark sight). Claws that can slice through 4-in worth of non-enchanted steel, can be used to parry/block. Animal like smell and senses.


Causes weak lighting to falter, medium lighting to flicker, and big lightening to dim. This degrades the lights, going in stages unto breaking, this begins to happen within 500 ft of Myrkr. Can travel between shadow to shadow with-in a 500 ft distance, but accuracy goes down farther out he attempts to travel.



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January 24, 2020. Hungry Shadows

Myrkr appears upon the grounds of the Mansion and are found by Warren and Dani

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January 19, 2020. Nightmare in Prospect Park

Ryan has a nightmare

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January 09, 2020. Present Company Excepted

Continuation from Tumble in the Dark: Starfire has called Raven, expert on all things creepy, to examine Myrkr and help him deal with his powers.

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January 09, 2020. Tumble in the Dark

Myrkr brawls with Starfire and Colin, Starfire offers Myrkr help

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January 07, 2020. Chaos in NYC with Ombra and Myrkr

Ombra gets attacked by a crowd, Myrkr protects her, and Andrea and Jay get sucked into the drama until Sam bails them out. Also, Alexis!

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January 07, 2020. Shadows Intertwined

Myrkr and Ombra encounter one another in The Bronx

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January 05, 2020. Harley Quinn's Christmachanukah Hullaballoo XII

Harley Quinn does A-OK for the 12th Day of Christmas. Because her Puddin' gives her the BEST PRESENTS. Of course, the Bat and a shadow try to intervene. And she accidentally bombs Deadpool. OOPS.

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January 04, 2020. Invitation of Fish

Cannonball bribed Myrkr with fish

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January 03, 2020. Mutant Town Heated Talks

Steve Rogers and DPS Spokesman visit a community center in Mutant Town

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January 02, 2020. Angry Therapist

The Juggernaut gives Myrkr advice on how to deal with things

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The thing in the dark, The Hound, Monster
The thing in the dark, The Hound, Monster
Full Name: Alric Ultier
Code Name:
Occupation: Free-Lance Computer Programmer/Hacker
Aliases: N/A
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Neutral
Home Turf: Gotham
Affiliations: None this far
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Human/Shadow being hybrid
Age: 18
Height: 5'5 (6'9 in hybrid form)
Build: wasted, scrawny, thin
Myrkr form: perfect physique
Hair Color: dirty Blonde (black in Myrkr)
Eye Color: Blue/gray
OOC Information
Portrayed By: None
Theme Song: Gotta find one
Character Type: OC
Universe: Original Character
Wiki Tag: Myrkr
Played Since: December 28, 2019

Last Posted Activity: 25 Jan 2020 15:50

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