An explosion can be heard as the trailer music kicks in. The scene of chaos and destruction fading as debris falls from the sky.

"There was an idea. To bring together a group of remarkable people to see if they could become something more. To see if they could work together when I needed them to, to create something, someone, to fight the battles that the world's heroes no longer could."

Crumbling and tumbling, the debris seems to almost be gray letters, with a purple outline. They swirl around, pulled together by a crackling, mystical, rune-filled green energy that illuminates the now black background. The letters start to form into a word…

"There can be only one."


The letters fade from the broken debris to a modified comic bookian font that overtakes the bulk of the screen.

"Your Hero's Hero."

Coming Soon.

And now for our Feature Presentation…

Quinten Beck never actually received the attention he deserved. At least, the attention he believed he deserved. Born to parents that need not be named due to their lack of doing anything meaningful, Quentin retreated into the world of movies and television at a young age. He fell in love with the cinema, theatrics, and drama and became almost obsessed with the entire process. His uncle encouraged Quentin's passion, even going so far as buying him his first video camera through which to make his own movies.

Beck, of course, was not popular in school nor did he actually seem to care. He focused on being part of whatever A/V style club that was possible and his genius and technically gifted mind often put him at odds with anyone that was remotely popular. He was a nerd and a geek and even though labels of that nature were "in", Beck still found a way to stand apart. He had a bit of an unstable temper that would often get him pushed to the side as an outsider and a nobody. Something that he could carry with him into adulthood.

Quentin's intellectual aptitude got him into MIT without a second thought. There he broadened his technological prowess into science and engineering, specializing in everything scientific that he could get his hands on. While attending MIT, Beck also worked as a bit of a low-rent actor, mostly to keep his passion for cinema and acting alive. Beck excelled at the science and technology but seemed to always fall short when it came to his acting potential. Something he chalked up to his lack of focus on his art and craft during his days at MIT.

After graduation, Beck took his scientific expertise to a job at Stark Industries. There he worked alongside other brilliant engineers and scientists on a variety of innovative technology that had the potential for invaluable use in the public sector. Among many things, Quentin Beck spent years developing and creating holographic technology that could be used worldwide for a host of applications. Instead, though, his incredible life's work was taken by his boss, Tony Stark and redesigned for therapeutic pursuits. Self-Therapy! Tony Stark took Quentin Beck's technology and used it for self-therapy. And the worst part of all? He named it Binarily Augmented Retro-Framing. B.A.R.F. He named Beck's greatest achievement B.A.R.F. and when Beck called him out on it? Tony Stark fired him, claiming Beck was mentally unstable and a danger to his company and employees to protect himself from any possible litigation. Jerk.

Shunned and disgraced in the corporate sector, Quentin Beck followed his passion all the way back to California. He made new roots in Hollywood, using his scientific genius to elevate his status into the world of movie-making magic as a visual effects wizard… no, a special effects god. Quinten Beck was a name that a very select group of behind-the-scenes individuals knew and sought out to make their movie magic a reality. Poor Beck, though, still needed more. He wanted to be in front of the camera as well. So he would often cut deals with production companies to give him opportunities for such things as well. These deals often resulted in small roles in the films or gratuitous stunt work.

The continued lack of recognition for his work from the public caused Beck to become even more disgruntled. He gained a reputation for having a volatile temper, being difficult to work with and insufferably egotistical among other things. Even a superficial world like Hollywood turned their back on him and Beck soon found himself closed off from the only world he believed he could fit into. He had lost the last opportunity at becoming something great and being recognized for it. Or so he thought.

With the world's exposure to inter-dimensional, intergalactic, alien, mutant and divine beings from anywhere and everywhere, Quentin Beck has come up with one final plan to earn himself the recognition that he rightly deserves…

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The reviews are in…

"… a real nutjob. Why do you think I fired him? He's completely out of his mind. Hey, did someone order my cheeseburgers?"
Tony Stark, Former Employer

"To be honest, I never liked guy. Something always rubbed me the wrong way about him, y'know? Like he's hiding something. Or up to something. I dunno He was just weird."
Will Burr, Comedian

The Academy

"Quentin Beck suffers from delusions of grandeur and an inferiority complex that threatens his emotional stability due to the narcissist tendencies that are exhibited in attention-seeking behavior. Beck's fragile ego seems to be the crux of his issues and his need to be recognized for his accomplishments, while merited, can be a vital key to unlocking his truest potential."
Dr. Ludwig Rinehart, Psychologist

"Should've been better."
Rotten Tomatoes

"I think he's an absolute dreamboat. He's charming, funny and completely out of my league. And I'm a supermodel. He did insist we go Dutch on our one date. That was interesting…"
Millie Collins, The Model

"2 out of 5 stars!"
L.A. Times

"Decent guy. Works hard. He deserves better. A lot of us do, y'know? One day, he'll get his shot at the big time and I hope I'm around to see it when he does."
Adrian Toomes, New York Resident

"It's a dirty world but somebody has to save it."

RP Hooks


Character Sheet

THE ILLUSIONIST: Quentin Beck is Mysterio is The Master of Illusion. Through the use of various elements, ranging from holographic projection to hypnosis to mind-altering gas to Hollywood practical effects and movie magic, Mysterio creates a masterwork of illusions through which to gain the recognition and power that he deserves. Through the combination of science and technology, Mysterio is empowered to present the world with whatever he deems necessary to show the world. Everyone will see what he wants them to see.




Master of Illusion
Master of Illusion
Full Name: Quentin Beck
Code Name: Mysterio
Occupation: Filmmaker, Actor, Stuntman, Inventor, Special Effects Wizard, Artist… a veritable savant of entertainment!
Aliases: Cage McKnight, Dr. Ludwig Rinehart, Nicholas Macabes, Rudolph Hines
Reg. Status: Human
Alignment: Neutral
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: Smoke & Mirrors Entertainment
Stark Industries (formerly)
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Species Detail:
Age: 35
Height: 5'11"
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Blue
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Jake Gyllenhaal
Theme Song:
Character Type: VFC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: mysterio
Played Since: February 7, 2020
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