Raven might possibly be one of the oldest mutants still around, though her true age will likely never be known. She has been all across the world manipulating her way up so many social ladders and into so many highly secured locations that she herself has become a powerful weapon merely in the knowledge which she has come to possess. Being able to be anyone, anywhere, for any reason has given her some incredible freedom, but with some incredible risks.

Over the last two decades she had been flitting about in the North American continent with the majority of this time spent in the United States. Between various criminal acts she had been seeking out others of her kind to support, use for her own gain, and in some rare cases to protect for a time. Through this she had met the Brotherhood back when it was first being formed by Magneto. While she may not have always seen eye to eye with how he had chosen to conduct business, her own views aligned with his well enough to form an alliance. After his disappearance she had left as well, though not before assisting Quicksilver in finding and rescuing his twin sister, the Scarlet Witch.

Since their disappearance in 2015 she had been trying to figure out what happened to both Magneto and Charles Xavier. After failing to turn up anything at all she returns empty-handed to the Brotherhood, now under the leadership of the Twins, to pick up where she had left off. There are many other ways in which she can benefit her species, whether they realize she's being involved or not.

Recent Events

Secretly played a part in the fall of the Triskelion.

Also secretly broke Poison Ivy out of the Raft.


Raven is a difficult one to pin down as her personality morphs as fluidly as her physical self. At her core she believes that all mutants deserve to be free of captivity and persecution, that they should all be able to reach their full potential. She genuinely cares for her own kind and has fallen into the role of being something of a motherly figure to the entire species. That's not to say she isn't a complete backstabbing traitor to other mutants now and then as might be required. It's all for the greater good, darlings. You can thank her later.

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Character Sheet

LONGEVITY: Because of the morphic nature of her power she can effectively keep herself living forever simply by 'refreshing' her physical self. Any damage can be repaired. Any toxins, poisons, or foreign agents can be wiped clear. Any aging can simply be erased with a mere thought. She can also regenerate lost limbs, though this takes a lot more out of her. The catch is that she cannot quickly recover from a significant loss of blood.

METAMORPH: In the span of about one second Mystique can completely change herself to mimic any person or creature which she chooses, or create a brand new identity. Such a morphing process can include clothing, held objects, basic weaponry, coloration, vocal patterns, fingerprints, blood type, and retinal signatures to match any target she wishes to replace. With a DNA sample she can perfectly copy any creature's very genetic code without ever seeing said creature in person. She can even morph into seemingly inanimate objects so long as there remains enough physical space for internal organs, even if at a diminished size. This ability does come with several limitations.

NATURAL MENTAL BARRIER: Perhaps a side effect of her metamorphic ability, Raven's mind is extremely difficult for any psychic to read. Xavier himself would struggle to make any sense out of the chaos if he could get far enough for such an attempt. Any form of psychic intrusion is likely to be noticed by Raven if not just because she can see the pained expression upon the psychic's face at the time.

PHYSICAL BOOSTS: As with a lot of mutants Raven is faster and stronger than a normal person. She can further increase her strength for a time by morphing denser muscles, though it does come at an increased cost of endurance. Her physical senses are normally at average levels but these can also be further honed for a while.


All humans are created equal. Equally useless.



Anyone, anywhere.
Anyone, anywhere.
Full Name: Raven Darkholme
Code Name: Mystique
Occupation: Mutant Freedom Fighter
Aliases: Raven
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Villain
Home Turf: Other
Affiliations: The Brotherhood
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Mutant
Age: Unknown
Height: 5'10"
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Blood Red
Eye Color: Solid Yellow
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Rebecca Romijn
Theme Song:
Character Type: VFC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: mystique
Played Since: 2019/03/04

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