Nico Minoru


Nico Minoru's childhood was pretty much high achieving tiger-mom-in-California
stuff without a lot of oddities otherwise, but the chain of the reification of
privilege was broken when it turned out that her parents' money wasn't from
business but rather from evil wizardry. The evil supergroup, "The Pride," was
broken up by a rebellion that Nico sort-of-i-guess masterminded… and it
eventually got several of her childhood friends killed, as far as she knows.
After some stumbling misadventures, Nico came East for a change of scenery and
perhaps to be close to one of the remaining Runaways, at least in principle.

Then she met the Teen Titans and got on the path of wizardry and witchcraft
with likeminded folks and also Red Robin. (''b) Good deal! (Terms and
conditions may apply.) If nothing else, nobody has died yet — though there
have been some close calls.

Recent Events


Nico is a good person because she feels she has to be due to the immense
amount of blood on her mother's hands, to say nothing of previous generations.
She is paying back a huge debt and is motivated by guilt, which is a major
thread in her personality. She is also quick to anger, like many wizards, and
has strong passionate attachments to people, to the point of seeking solace in
others on a regular basis, often at somewhat inappropriate times.

On a more casual level Nico is friendly and outgoing if cautiously so. She is
digesting a great deal of personal trauma even now, not helped by being
semi-permanently outside of the structures of conventional reality. This makes
it hard for her to reach out to people past a superficial level. She also has
a streak of bitterness in her, for she never sought out any of this stuff. It
was - literally - thrust upon her.

RP Hooks

  • The Minoru Clan: Might you have some awareness of a society of blood wizards that straddle the Pacific? Even if only in theory? Then you might know, or know of, Nico.
  • The Pride: A big fish in a moderate pond, the Pride dominated Southern California and much of the West Coast in terms of the superhuman underground.
  • Mistaken Identity: Nico Minoru has "evil witch" written all over her and her invocations of magic do not really change that. Perhaps you disapprove? Perhaps you would like to learn Satan's email address?
  • Hipsters Must Dye: Nico lives a pretty alternative lifestyle in a range of ways and could be found at the fixed-gear bicycle shop, consuming cruelty free lattes, shopping at thrift stores, and other such topics.
  • Etsy: Nico makes pocket money doing clothing commissions and selling weird outfits on Etsy. She does not use obviously connected aliases but perhaps you figure it out.


Character Sheet


Nico has a great deal of innate magical potential which has been barely developed due to being raised in an almost 100% crystal-ball-free household. While she leans heavily on the resources of the Staff of One, she has managed to stumble-bum her way into some limited gutter-magick - she can make divination kind of work (with cards or whatever), detect the uncanny, produce small images and lights, and similarly shrimpy effects. Anything larger than these minor miracles requires that the Staff of One come forth.




February 16, 2020. Distractions

The Titans discuss murder and mayhem, while Bart tries to avoid any uncomfortable questions.

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Full Name: Nicoletta Minoru
Code Name:
Occupation: Freelance Witch
Aliases: Sister Grimm (briefly)
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: Titans
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Species Detail:
Age: 19
Height: 5'4"
Build: Gothic
Hair Color: Black (highlights)
Eye Color: Brown
OOC Information
Portrayed By:
Theme Song:
Character Type: FC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: nico-minoru
Played Since: November 2018

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