Norah Walker


Norah Walker was born to a middle class family in Metropolis. Her mother and
father worked together running the family business Sweet Escape which was a
small but popular bakery located downtown. The family made enough to get by
but were not wealthy by any means they did however save enough to send their
only child, Norah to the best school and college they could afford. All
through that time Norah showed an apt mind, genuis really but her habits of
following rather than leading, her love of mischief, and her ambition tended
to put her in odd places. She was friendly, social and quite popular, but her
intellect and ruthlessness made her formidable when she wished to be as well.

Norah did a research paper in college detailing the properties of kryptonite
and its potential uses in modern science that led to her being contacted by
LexCorp. At first she was unsure as she had already set her sights on another
lab where she wanted to work. However the persuasive spin Lex Luthor could put
on things had her agreeing to work for him instead. She became a devoted
employee at LexCorp, working in one of the labs studying both kryptonite and
eventually Supergirl's pod. She made a great amount of money due to her
inovative ideas and was able to get herself a rather large bank account within
the next few years. She had access to LexCorp's labs for her research and was
able to meet quite a few other notable scientists and form contacts. She quick
progressed to being one of the more formidable minds in her particular lab.
She practically ran the show with her ruthless personality and drive to

However she had an accident when she was attempting to make a breakthrough on
her research by exposing the pod to kryponite. It was early, she was the only
one in the lab and when they found her she had definitely changed. The
experimental backlash led to Norah having minor Kryptonian-like abilities,
abilities that seems to have come from the pod and a few additions from the
kryptonite as well. Flight. Invisibility. Forcefields. The ability to fire a
kryptonite based energy blast. The failed experiment also led to a weakness,
if she wasn't exposed to kryptonite regularly she weakened drastically, her body
slowly shutting down until she gained exposure.

Recent Events

The accident was recent and she has only just returned from recovery and told
her boss Lex Luthor the complete results of her experimenting. What his full
reaction will be remains to be seen. Hopefully he won't make her wear some
gaudy costume and fly around being nice? Ew. And those weird codenames? Registering? Nope.
Not unless her boss demands it. Because you have to keep the boss happy. The
boss has the kryptonite.


While outwardly social, nice and even helpful at times there is always a motive behind Norah's actions. She is driven by ambition, a ruthless drive to succeed powering her. However despite her desire to rise to the top by any means needed she does have people she respects and is loyal to. Lex Luthor, her boss being the main source of her loyalties. While she is vain and sometimes thinks a bit too highly of herself and her ideas that does not mean she isn't a genius. In fact its her confidence paired with her sharp mind that makes her the most formidable. She is able to look at things from multiple angles and likes to do this before deciding, of course sometimes one must think on their feet and she is capable of this as well when needed.

RP Hooks

  • LexCorp: Do you need a scientist? Want to talk about the latest alien tech? Do you have something that might be of value to LexCorp Labs? All of these are good reasons to reach out to Norah!
  • Kryptonians: Norah had an accident involving Supergirls pod and Kryptonite. It left her with abilities similar to Kryptonians. However since Kryptonite is the basis and focus for these abilities she is likely to cause some kind of reaction should she ever meet one of these aliens. Just what reaction that would be is uncertain.
  • Mischief: Norah loves to cause mischief. Not the traditional villain Norah prefers subtle statements and playful or troublesome pranks to creating outright chaos. She doesn't consider herself evil either though she just likes to have fun.
  • Baking: Norah's parents taught her how to bake growing up. She still pays their shop regular visits when she needs something sweet. She has a very little known but wonderful talent for baking delicious cookies and cakes.


Character Sheet


While she has no real issue with them, except for thier weird costumes that is…Norah would be effective when fighting a Kryptonian because of the fact her abilities are related to and come from Kryptonite exposure.


Like a Kryptonian, Norah has the unrestrained ability to fly. She can fly just as fast and high as they can as long as she avoids actually going into space.


Norah can create forcefields of Kryptonite like energy. Either to protect herself like a shield or to contain something else. She can make a shield big enough to block a whole small two story building at most. However a field as big as even the smallest building begins to quickly drain her. She can only maintain such for about an hour straight. Shielding herself is effortless and causes no drain. As the field is Kryptonite based it harms any Kryptonians making it much harder for them to break. In order to break the field, Norah must be distracted from powering it. Either with a very strong stustained blast of energy or other methods that would cause her to lose her focus.


Norah is able to turn invisible for a period of time. This ability seems to be like a muscle, the more she stretches it the longer she can stay hidden next time. It does inflict a minor drain on her though if she tries to hold it beyond what she is currently able.


Norah is able to with some focus, shoot a blast of Kryptonite enrgy from her nails. It can either be a large single blast or a spray like attack depending on how she positions her hands. She can fire up to twenty five single blasts or five spray blasts before needing a rest.




Full Name: Norah Walker
Code Name:
Occupation: LexCorp Scientist
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Villain
Home Turf: Metropolis
Affiliations: LexCorp
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Kryptonite Enhanced Human
Age: 27
Height: 5'9'
Build: Curvy
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Gabriella Wilde
Theme Song:
Character Type: OC
Universe: Original Character
Wiki Tag: norah-walker
Played Since:

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