Ombra was once Eleanor Hudson, a girl living with a loving family in
Watertown, New York. She was a diligent student, tolerating people she didn't
like much, friendly to those who treated her with kindness, well-adjusted,
with dozens of hopes and dreams that could not possibly have worked out in
total but she would have been okay with even one of them. She was eighteen
when her life became a terrifying mess.
For some mutants, it is a time of great stress that makes them react to
survive. For others, it just happens. For Eleanor, it happened during
graduation. She is not sure what caused it, but she knew the instant she had
changed. At first, it was the silence. just the silence. She heard nothing at
all. Sudden deafness was certainly something she had never known about, but
she tried to remain calm and communicate what happened via text with her
mother. But a look at the phone revealed a black screen. Held by a black hand.
On a black lap. That was worrisome. Then came the stares. No one else seemed
to understand either. She could see them shouting and backing away from her.
She opened her mouth to speak, but no one listened. Eleanor ran, panicked.
Eleanor hid, and quickly discovered that what she touched, changed as well.
She became aware rather quickly that she was no longer covered by a graduation
robe, bare foot, nothing? What happened to…? Eleanor had to stop and think.
Okay. You're a mutant now. Eleanor knew she could not remain hidden where she
had chosen forever. She had to go. She burst out of the door, rushing
fervently toward anything. Out of the school. Toward home. Home would be a
place of safety.
Home was not much safer. She managed to reach home without being noticed by
very many people, and those who did notice regarded her with fascinated
curiosity rather than fear. Not like her father, who didn't understand what he
saw, nor her mother who retrieved the gun they had locked up and opened fire.
Eleanor fell where she was shot, losing consciousness.
She woke up in a jail cell, baffled. Where she was shot, she felt pain but
not bleeding? She cried out but no one heard her. A cop came to check on her,
making some remark or other that she could not understand. Looked as though he
was asking questions and she could not answer. He looked annoyed. That's when
a rat brushed against her foot, and then Eleanor's world became so much more
It was a few hours as a rat, scurrying about and getting into and out of
places. Such as jail! Eleanor managed to reach the woods, and there she
relaxed, returning to her more familiar of forms, the one she had worn for her
entire life up until the rat touched her. She curled up and went to sleep,
desperately wanting the nightmare to end.
Eleanor ended up in Gotham, and has begun to try to live there. It's not
easy, but there are lots of shadows for her to run to if things get really bad

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Eleanor Hudson is a somewhat lonely young woman, shunned and accustomed to being turned away because of how she looks and the effect she has on things when they touch her, no matter how harmless the result is. She is terrified of the idea that she may one day be left utterly alone, shut away from the world and unwanted. She thus tries to befriend everyone, sometimes a little too enthusiastically. A significant challenge she faces is getting someone to trust her after they realize that her touch makes them (temporarily) deaf. Also people tend to impose a sensation regarding the darkness that spreads from her and that can easily creep them out.

RP Hooks

Ombra is easy to dupe into helping someone.
A shadow of an animal, may be worth investigating.


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Character Sheet

From any angle, Ombra appears as a featureless silhouette, no matter what form she takes. This can be disconcerting to observers. More disconcerting is that anything she comes in physical contact with experiences visual change to adopt the same silhouette appearance, up to the size of a small car. When physical contact is broken, the effect ends on what was touched.
Unless Ombra's surroundings are similarly pitch black or highly contrasted shadow, this does not help her go undetected in dim lighting without preparation on her part, such as if she remains utterly still. Ombra is still a solid object, with mass and physical presence consistent for a creature of whatever form she adopts. She simply has impossible to visually identify features apart from her outline.

Ombra is unable to produce sound of any kind, which is a detriment when it comes to communication but a boon when she needs to be unheard. She could beat a pair of cymbals against each other relentlessly and no one would hear a hint that something was happening. This effect extends to anything or anyone Ombra touches, up to the size of a small car. Her presence within that car would cause it to run completely silent. A side effect of this power is that Ombra (and anyone she comes in contact with) is deafened. Fortunately for those who are not she, the effect persists only as long as Ombra remains in contact.

Ombra can, once she has taken on an animal's form summon a shadow copy of that animal. She can only summon one such animal at a time, but as they are simply constructs given an animating spirit, destroying one does not prevent her from calling forth another. She communicates with the spirit that inhabits the shadow animal on a telepathic level without it being actual telepathy. The two can communicate desires and visual information. The shadow creatures are similarly silenced and darkened as Ombra herself, but they do not afflict what they touch with the same silence and darkening effects. The spirit being is a part of her, rather than a separate entity.
The power Ombra uses to animate shadows and direct them remotely is a part of herself that she will sometimes converse with. It can operate independently of her and act as a kind of remote drone, feeding her visual information when she is occupied with another task. As it cannot do anything she herself cannot do, the value is somewhat limited, but since the animated shadow pets do not afflict things they touch with the silence and darkness, they can more easily pass unnoticed in more crowded locations.

By touching her skin to a living animal, Ombra can become a shadow copy of that creature, taking on the form and physical traits of the animal while retaining her own mind. If she becomes a bird, she can fly. If she becomes a fish she can survive under water. Ombra is unable to copy human forms this way. She takes on the physical abilities, such as strength, typical for the animal, regardless of how strong or weak the animal she touches actually is. The change is all-or-nothing. Ombra cannot partially change her body.
Ombra can remain in an animal shape for up to four hours, after which her body reverts to her natural human shape and she must rest for just as long before she is able to change shape again. If Ombra refrains from changing shape again within the 4 hour time frame, the limit begins cooling down. In theory if she were to spend one minute in animal form, rest for a minute, and so on, she could in theory keep this up indefinitely. She would not enjoy the endless change and it would take a toll on her that she does not quite understand, but she could do it.
Ombra is able to take the shape of any non-insect and non-human animal she has ever come in contact with. The imprint is "stored" the moment she takes on the shape for the first time. As long as she can remember she took on a given shape, or is reminded in the event she forgets, she can take the specific shape again.
Shapes are "stored" according to breed and species. If Ombra comes in contact with a german shepherd, she would not automatically also be able to change her shape to become a chihuahua.

As a living shadow, Ombra does not experience overheating or chill. She has no need to maintain a range of body temperature to survive. She knows cold and heat, but she finds neither temperature uncomfortable. She has also stopped feeling hunger most of the time, though when she is denied consumption of objects for long enough, she does feel hunger again. It is difficult to actually harm Ombra permanently, as her body is not really organic, but pretends to be. She regrows lost limbs over a long period of time and injuries to her body heal relatively quickly compared to typical persons. A broken "bone" might fix itself in three days. Being impaled by a sword might clear up completely within two days. If she is rendered so grievously injured as to seem dead, she recovers from that state, and starts healing. If she is denied access to shadows, her healing power does not function. Thus if one wants to hold her in the apparent death state, one needs only shut her in a room with perpetual light.




January 07, 2020. Chaos in NYC with Ombra and Myrkr

Ombra gets attacked by a crowd, Myrkr protects her, and Andrea and Jay get sucked into the drama until Sam bails them out. Also, Alexis!

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January 07, 2020. Shadows Intertwined

Myrkr and Ombra encounter one another in The Bronx

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Darkling Shifter
Darkling Shifter
Full Name: Eleanor Hudson
Code Name: Ombra
Occupation: Homeless
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: X-Men
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Species Detail: Mutant
Age: 19
Height: 5'6"
Build: Lithe
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
OOC Information
Portrayed By: A shadow of someone
Theme Song: The Sound of Silence (I prefer the cover by Disturbed to the original)
Character Type: OC
Universe: Original Character
Wiki Tag: ombra
Played Since: Sept 2019

Last Posted Activity: 08 Jan 2020 23:36

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