One night in a hospital in Kentucky, something so badly scared a nurse that she kidnapped a newborn girl and took her to her sister's orphanage. She never explained why.

That girl was taken in shortly thereafter, and raised as Lilith Clay. Small mining town, small life - dullsville. Everyone thought there was something weird about her, something intense and unspoken in her eyes, but thought no more of it.

Until the night of her 12th birthday when she, from nowhere, pinpointed the location of a lost boy. And then read her parents minds and found out she was adopted.

That night she fled the house and went directly to the orphanage she had come from, and the woman explained to her how she had come to be there the first time. She pleaded with Lilith to forget it, to go back home, to get on with her life. Lilith did… for a while.

By the time she turned 16, Lilith had become someone barely anyone would speak to. She was too weird, too intense, and she Knew things… and so she got her GED and she took off, hitting the road on the hunt for her mother. Following every lead, chasing every half-baked story, learning more about herself as a person if not her 'origin' as it were along the way.

Eventually she came to New York City, finding herself drawn to the offices of a billionaire philanthropist. A man of some small psychic talent himself, he offered her a job as his personal assistant and helped her to hone her growing powers.

One day, she felt compelled to take a job as a dancer at a club - it would put her in the right place to meet the right people. He gave her the leave to do it, and it didn't take long at all: A team of youngsters, powerful but directionless - she had seen something dark in their future. She called them out by their names, names she had no business knowing. They didn't listen, and she left them to their fate.

When the vision she had seen had come to pass, and the group was at a low point, Lilith arrived with her boss; together they would help this team find direction, and Lilith found new purpose in them. She even made friends. They would become the family she needed.

But her quest to find her birth mother would carry her away from them. Find her she did, but Lilith was sworn to secrecy - her mother is a unique and private individual. But in return for keeping her identity a secret, Lilith's mother revealed the identity of her birth father - the very man she had been drawn to so long ago, and unlocked further gifts Lilith had never dreamed of wielding. But these new powers came with a price, and shook her confidence in herself.

She returned to her friends, but in disguise - her powers now caused her to reflect thoughts back at people who saw her face, and so she kept it covered. She would eventually get that aspect under control, and thereafter reveal herself to her friends, but now there was trust to rebuild as well as confidence.

In time, Lilith would take consulting jobs with the government, helping other young psychics and orphans, helping others to find their purpose as she once did. She remains involved with her friends, whether they know that in advance or not, always ready to step in when the future takes a dark and drastic turn.

Recent Events


Lilith presents a friendly, warm facade because by and large that's really how she feels 99 percent of the time. She wants to live life, she WANTS to be among people, and she really really does care… but she also doesn't want to be drowned in their psyches or reveal anything but the bare minimum of acquaintance about herself for fear of revealing too much.

As a telepath of no small reputation and a secret-keeper of the highest order, it's oftentimes hard for others to relate to her in a real way. Many people already have a general dislike of that kind of power in general, and when you can accidentally reflect the face and voice of a long-dead loved one at someone it doesn't exactly broker endearment. But she *wants* people to know that she likes them and cares for them, even if they don't trust her.

An orphan who had no real emotional connection to her adopted parents or hometown, Lilith is constantly seeking out the connections between people and things and places, interested in history and sociology and philosophy and trying to tie everything together in a meaningful way.

For someone who values secrets and secrecy above almost any other currency, Lilith also values truth and forthrightness. She never lies or willfully misdirects, preferring instead to remain closed off, and makes it almost patently obvious by her manner of speaking when she knows more than she can safely say - and likewise when she has no earthly idea what's going on.

RP Hooks

Psychic/Magical? Lilith is a huge 'presence' and is easily noticed on the astral plane and to mystical senses. She's also well-attuned to those things and will likely come looking out of curiosity if nothing else during such an event.

Titan? Lilith's been around since almost the beginning

Government Agencies? Lilith's done work with several of them, mostly counseling and powers training.


Character Sheet


Not just in the hippy sense; Lilith's soul has been remarked on as being 'nearly as bright as the sun' - and though she's a powerful psionic that seems to not really be a part of the whole picture. It's more likely because of her parentage, but she's not telling. Through this aspect of herself, Lilith has inconsistent and limited access to various "magic" powers - levitation, flame-casting, channelling and summoning spirits, banishment of demons and appeasements to various gods. While it's possible she could train and hone them like anything else and work on expanding them, the real fact of the matter is that they mostly terrify her and she'd rather Just Not unless she absolutely has to.


Lilith literally remembers everything she's ever seen. She doesn't forget anything, unless there's magic or time travel or more powerful psychics involved. It *has* happened, but it's rare. If she saw where you put your keys, or where you last set down that one piece of paper you need to get to the authorities now to put the bad guy away… she knows where to steer you. It's not even something she has to struggle with or specifically try to do, the information is just there.


Lilith is, to put it mildly, able to SEE THE FUTURE. Most often this ability is expressed in dreams, but she does get 'flashes' during her waking hours as well. While her waking visions most often consist of at least one solid specific piece of information ('Be here at this time', 'Speak with this person', 'Don't order the Special') they are also mostly incomplete. Precognitive dreams offer a more complete picture, but are often layered in symbolism - requiring a considerable bit more decoding and interpretation. This power is completely out of her control; she cannot reliably prompt a vision of the future, nor stop one once its begun.

(Disclaimer: This ability is largely a function of plot and will not be used for character-altering divination outside of pre-approved storylines.)


Lilith is an extremely powerful telepath, instinctively weighted in the fields of long-distance communication, mind-reading, mental defense, projection of images and illusory sensations, even memory recovery, creation and editing. She can also cast her own vision psychically almost globally without traveling the astral plane and leaving herself completely defenseless - specifying explicitly in finding lost people, or compiling lists of people based on specific criteria.

Disclaimer: This ability is governed by the game's consent policy and cannot dictate another character's reaction or actions without explicit consent to do so. Attempted IC use of this ability does not guarantee success.


Lilith can teleport herself and several others with little to no fanfare - though the larger the group the more time it takes her to 'recharge' for another jump; when she's just translocating herself or taking others a relatively short distance there's no 'downtime', but if she takes a full team of heroes to the other side of the Earth she's gonna need a few hours at least to get everyone home again. Lilith does not have to have physically been to a place to teleport there, but needs time to properly visualize (either clairvoyantly or through someone's memories) if that's the case.

The exact nature of Lilith's teleportation is unknown, but visually resembles a rippling in space like the disturbed surface of water or mirage haze in a desert.




Diviner of Signs and Portents
Diviner of Signs and Portents
Full Name: Lilith Clay
Code Name: Omen
Occupation: Psychic Titan
Aliases: Omen
Reg. Status: Registered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: Titans, SHIELD
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Mystical Methahuman
Age: 26
Height: 5'6"
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Green
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Bonnie Wright
Theme Song: "The Psychic" - Crash Test Dummies
Character Type: FC
Universe: DC
Wiki Tag: omen
Played Since: 1/31/2019

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