Phoenix (Jean Grey)


At 10, Jean's best friend chased a ball into the street; seconds later, she felt the other girl die, plunging her into a sort of catatonia as the girl's last moments crashed down upon her psyche.

Weeks of visits to every specialist they could find left the Grey family desperate and helpless, so much so that when Professor Charles Xavier arrived, claiming to be able to make contact with - and perhaps even draw their daughter from the void - they didn't much mind that he'd need to bring her to his upstate manor for a while to do it.

After weeks of treatment, Jean was awake, functioning, and no longer in possesssion of her telepathic gift due to mental blocks installed by the Professor, but still capable of moving things with her mind. The Professor's Westchester estate wasn't so far from the Greys' home, so Jean continued meeting with him to learn how to control her telekinesis and take baby steps towards getting a hold of the rest of her powers. By the time she was twelve, however, it had become apparent to him that even regular tutoring sessions wouldn't be enough for her to truly get a handle on her potential, which led him to approach the family with an offer: he would take her in and teach her how to master her mutant gift, and in the process, he'd also ensure that she received an education on par with any prep school in the nation.

The family accepted, and Jean went off to live at Xavier's Mansion. True to his word, he helped her hone her telekinetic abilities until - when she was 15 - she was introduced to several new classmates, teenagers like her who were also born with special powers. The Professor began training them collectively, teaching them how to use their gifts in conjunction with one another for the common good.

Once he felt they were ready, he formally organized them into a team he called the 'X-Men', hoping that by using their powers in the service of humanity, they would be stand as positive examples of mutantkind to a populace that largely hated and feared them. Jean took to this shift quickly, eager to show her teacher and herself how far she'd come from being a scared child with voices in her head.

Jean and the X-Men fought for years to further their teacher's dream of a world in which humans and mutants could co-exist peacefully. Even when it was time to graduate, she committed to remaining a member of the team, studying psychology at ESU between battles against mutant supervillains, ancient demons, alien conquerors, and human conspiracies. As she grew into her powers, the blocks holding her telepathy in check were removed, allowing her to truly embrace the side of her powers she'd feared as a child. She became one of the team's most dedicated members— which ultimately led her to sacrifice herself during a mission in space in 2011. Just moments before(or after?) her death, a cosmic entity known as the Phoenix Force was drawn to the woman's final psychic outpouring of love for her friends and family. A force of creation, destruction, and raw passion, it saw in Jean a new home and a chance to experience existence from another angle.

Thus, Jean Grey returned to the X-Men, alive and better than ever as the phenomenally powerful Phoenix. Some months later, however, a tense encounter with one of the team's enemies led Phoenix to a massive breakdown, resulting in chaos and destruction across the galaxy and beyond until she finally sacrificed herself on Earth's moon to bring the carnage to an end.

Roughly seven years later, with the lionshare of her friends and family on the precipice of a great and terrible change as growing anti-mutant sentiment gave rise to compulsory registration, Jean woke up in a cocoon on the bottom of the Atlantic. Her memories of what happened between her first and second deaths were hazy, as if they were a movie she watched while falling asleep; the fire in her breast yearning to be free and burn that which doesn't work to ashes felt more familiar, if fundamentally alien. Freeing herself from the cocoon and returning to her loved ones was trivial… but settling back in amongst people who watched her succumb to dark and destructive impulses would prove far more challenging.

A month or so into her third life, she's still working on figuring out where she fits in with a group that's had nearly a decade to come to terms with her tragic end. Thanks to the heated debate surrounding mutant rights, she has found plenty of opportunities to distract herself from this discomfort by throwing herself back into the field with gusto— burning wings and all.

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Jean is a deeply determined and outwardly confident woman, having spent years adventuring alongside the X-Men while working to overcome the deeply seated fear that her powers would one day destroy her. She strives to use her natural-born gifts to protect not only her fellow mutants, but humanity as a whole— a drive which ultimately led to her death. While she has since recovered, she once again wrestles with her old fears of being overwhelmed by powers that she can't quite control, thanks to the enigmatic Phoenix Force having staked out a corner of her being as its own.

She tends to overwork and overcommit, especially when doing so allows her to make life easier for the people closest to her; better that than letting her teammates see her as a victim of some kind. The act of committing herself to the people around her also serves to ground her in the world, making it more difficult for the Phoenix entity to override her will— or so she hopes, as she throws herself into supporting her team.

Regardless of the Phoenix, she's an empathetic woman who wants the best for not only her friends and family, but the world at large, having spent years feeling the hurts and struggles of the people around her— and thanks to nearly eight years costumed adventuring, she's plenty willing to fight for it. As a true believer in Xavier's dream of peaceful co-existence, she strives to use her powers carefully, causing harm only when there's viable non-violent solution. Similarly, she tries to refrain from abusing her ability to read and manipulate minds, though she isn't above skimming useful skills from nearby minds if the situation calls for it.

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Character Sheet

A PSIONIC OF THE HIGHEST ORDER: Jean is an Omega-class psion with vast empathic, telepathic, elekinetic potential. Training and operating alongside the X-Men have allowed her to make great strides towards expertise, particularly where her psychokinetic abilities are concerned.

Due to this training, Jean's telekinetic trademark is extreme fine control: she can manipulate dozens, even hundreds of distinct objects at a time, whether big or small. She's able to do this with a degree of precision that approaches manual handling and after her brush with the Phoenix Force, she can experience a form of telekinetic sensitivity that allows her to actually feel objects she's 'touching' with her powers. She can also shield herself and others from harm, propel herself and others in flight, create 'constructs' of telekinetic force, and - of course - move large quantities of mass and strike targets with raw telekinetic force. At its highest levels, Jean's telekinesis can alter matter on a molecular level, allowing her to generate fire and restructure/transform objects with a thought. Exciting air molecules to combust is fairly manageable, and so is turning her clothing into a costume and vice versa; more specific/exotic uses of this particular ability are challenging enough that she tends to only attempt them in emergency situations or with things that she's extremely familiar with.

Jean has had less time to train her telepathic abilities due to locks placed on them by Charles Xavier when she was a child. Those locks were gradually softened as she aged so she could grow into the full breadth of her telepathy at a measured pace, until her first brush with the Phoenix shattered them. Currently, she operates with a high level of raw power tempered by a relatively brief(if extensive) period of training and subconscious fear of losing control. At its core, her telepathy lets her send and receive thoughts over vast distances, allowing her to communicate and share sensory experiences with other minds. She can also perform more skill and concentration-intensive feats like cloaking herself and others entirely from people's senses, creating illusions, shielding other minds from psychic activity, detecting other minds, assaulting minds with raw psionic energy, altering a person's memory or personality, and taking full control of a person's mind. She's also capable of projecting her consciousness into the astral realm and is a competent astral combatant. Close proximity - up to physical contact - helps significantly in manifesting and maintaining some of her more complicated telepathic feats.

Her empathic talents were technically the very first ones to trigger, but the trauma associated with feeling her best friend die, then feeling everyone in the vicinity witness it colors her usage of it. She tends to keep this branch of senses to herself as much as possible: she can't help but pick up on strongly felt emotions around her, but doesn't actively probe, project, or alter emotions unless she has permission or there's a need that can't be ignored or handled in any other way.

(Disclaimer: This ability is governed by the game's consent policy and cannot dictate another character's reaction or actions without explicit consent to do so. Attempted IC use of this ability does not guarantee success.)

FIRE AND LIFE INCARNATE: Jean shares a connection to a cosmic entity known as the Phoenix Force with her daughter, Rachel. They first came into contact when she sacrificed herself to save the rest of her team during a mission in space, and some years after her tragic second death, it has seen fit to bring her back once again.

The Phoenix is a natural wellspring of psionic energy, on top of being a space bird made of fire. Tapping the piece of it grafted to her soul allows Jean to project flames hot enough to melt vanadium steal and push her psychic abilities to cosmic levels, but there's a cost: the connection is not one way, and the Phoenix operates on a scale and morality that is not just alien, but ambivalent at best to mortals. It's a primal force of creation and destruction; the more its power is drawn upon, the more Jean risks having her mortal will overridden by its cosmic-level appetites. She avoids opening that door as much as she can, because her second death and the weeks leading up to it are still burned into her memory.

Further limiting the practical value of playing host to a cosmic entity is the shared custody arrangement: she can only access half of the Phoenix's power because Rachel possessess the other half. Also, while Phoenix the Force is a universal nexus of psionic energy, Phoenix the Woman only has a flimsy human body to contain it. Jean's innate potential does let her safely harness large amounts of psionic energy, but channeling even half of a cosmic force at any appreciable level is intensely tiring and liable to leave her exhausted.




February 23, 2020. Coexistence

Warren opens up to Jean, who knows better than most what he is dealing with.

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Full Name: Jean Elaine Grey
Code Name: Phoenix
Occupation: Molder of Minds
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: The X-Men
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Mutant
Age: 27
Height: 5'9"
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Fiery red
Eye Color: Green
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Aya Cash
Theme Song: Jean Grey: Run The Jewels - Thursday in the Danger Room, The Phoenix: Orianthi - Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
Character Type: FC
Universe: Marvel
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