Poison Ivy


Pamela Isley was a promising post-doctoral student at the University of Washington who had the misfortune of being seduced by a professor who liked to show his 'love' through 'illegal phytotoxic experiments.' Whether through dumb luck, the nature of the formula, the intervention of God or latent metagenetic abilities, Pamela Isley died and Poison Ivy emerged. Moving east to avoid the horrid memories of where she had lived, Ivy embarked on a life of crime in order to sponsor the emergent eco-terroristic mindset that her weird perceptions kept communicating to her.

Since then Ivy has done a range of capers, heists, and horrifying operations, veering around with poor control between 'creepy harbinger of ecological apocalypse' and 'flirtatious femme fatale interested in nature-friendly luxury and ostentation.' If there is a pattern here, it is not obvious even to advanced detection.

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Poison Ivy's interactions with others are shaped by the corrosive memory of poor outcomes which lead her to seek control as well as the lingering frustrations of having been a quiet and withdrawn scholarly type on the up-and-up before the… incident, which even she would admit really helped her shed a lot of her hang ups and inhibitions.

Ivy wants to define herself as a harbinger of a wounded Mother Nature, the representation of justice for the environmental horror that even many green-hearted individuals casually ignore. From this perspective she can justify doing anything that she wants, because however many people she hurts, manipulates, kills, maims or poisons are as nothing, mere chaff in the wind, compared to what humanity has done to the biosphere.

Ivy usually fails to live up to this presentation to some extent. One failure point is her combination of manic phases and a loneliness that she seeks to address in a way that does not lead to her losing control, which is the root of a lot of her manipulative behavior. Another is a genuine soft feeling for the helpless, the innocent, those who are deeply oppressed - her violent passion for the environment roots there, rather than in any more abstract moral principle.

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Character Sheet

Ivy can communicate with plants by thought. Usually, plants do not provide much information beyond a sense of general ambient conditions and major stressors, although Ivy thinks that she gets a lot out of the connection.

She can also command plants to move, progress their life cycle, grow, and so forth… which is substantially more effective, allowing her to twist trees and make vines grow to florid abundance with enough force to catch unwary do-gooders. While Ivy can compel plants to draw on local water and minerals while doing this, for the most part they only suck carbon dioxide out of the air and gain the fluids and carbohydrates from… somewhere. Ivy credits "the green." These changes to the plants are permanent, although if the plant can't survive after Ivy's done with it (i.e. she rode an oak tree into the ocean) it will die unless heroic measures are taken.

Controlling plants can do a whole lot of physical things. The main limitation is that the plants are vulnerable to herbicide, can't handle high or low temperatures well (as in fire or ice blasts) and have a hard time generating ranged attacks.

POISON TO THE CORE: Ivy's altered metabolism and biology secretes a wide range of chemicals that have toxic effects on animal life. (Hence the name.) She is able to control what she produces, and is able to parallel essentially any poison compound present in plants, as well as novel improvisations along these themes. She secretes these compounds through skin oils, sweat, saliva, breath, and so forth.

In addition to poisoning people in various nasty ways, Ivy can also broadcast pheromone analogues that activate the fun buttons in her possible marks, making her seem more trustworthy, less intimidating (or more), more appealing, et cetera. These are low intensity points of pressure, but they can accumulate, especially when dealing with the unwary.

Ivy can produce some other useful effects. In addition to simulating drugs found in plant-sourced products, Ivy can produce compounds that induce the relaxing effect commonly known as "truth serum," as well as being able to induce artificial love in targets. These can be resisted with difficulty (and OOCly will be treated as consent issues) and typically require physical contact to take effect. Ivy is fond of doing it with a kiss.

TOXIC BIOLOGY: Ivy's mutated physiology has a number of exciting fringe benefits.

  • She is immune to most toxins and diseases; a good rule of thumb is that something has to be bad for both humans AND plants to affect her at all.
  • She does not need to breathe or eat very often, bordering on "ever" if she has regular periods of sunlight.
  • She is in solid physical shape despite doing absolutely nothing about it because life is unfair
  • She is physiologically resistant to a lot of minor problems like blood loss, shock, G-forces and so on, and heals well when injured
  • If actually straight up killed and left to moulder, she will be reborn horrifically from ambient plant life some time later. (She has no idea about this one.)

(Disclaimer: This ability is governed by the game?s consent policy and cannot dictate another character?s reaction or actions without explicit consent to do so. Attempted IC use of this ability does not guarantee success.)


Warren Worthington says, "pot is global."


more to come…



Poison Ivy
The May Queen
The May Queen
Full Name: Pamela Lilian Isley, Ph. D
Code Name: Poison Ivy
Occupation: Poison Ivy
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Villain
Home Turf: Gotham
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Plant-human hybrid(?)
Age: 30
Height: 5'10"
Build: Pose-friendly
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color:
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Diora Baird
Theme Song:
Character Type: VFC
Universe: DC
Wiki Tag: poison-ivy
Played Since: Dec 30 2018

Last Posted Activity: 27 Dec 2019 07:45

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