In 1994, Erik Lehnsherr met a young human woman by the name of Suzanna. A pensive traveler who had not yet adopted the moniker Magneto, but who already bore the seeds of his future obsessions, he was on a journey of discovery about the mutant race to which he knew he belonged, and Suzanna — the wife of a pilot — was at the time a postdoctoral researcher in human genetics.

Their conversations turned to a brief attraction, and Suzanna wound up having an affair with Erik. Their one evening together seemed to confirm something for him, however, and the next week Suzanna found that he was gone. She would never see him again, but he left something behind. Months later she had a child, Lorna.

In time, Suzanna's husband, Arnold, began to suspect Lorna wasn't his. He confronted his wife while all three were aboard a plane, and the ensuing fight upset Lorna so much that her magnetic powers manifested unusually early, turning her hair permanently green and emitting an EM pulse which took down the plane. She was three years old.

Lorna was the only survivor of the crash. Her father, attracted by the intense magnetic pulse, arrived on the scene. He had no interest in rearing a young child, however, so he had her memories suppressed and her powers blocked, and left her again.

Subsequent to her parents' death, she was taken in by Arnold's sister and her husband. Suspecting the truth of her nature, they cut her green hair short and covered it with a black wig, which Lorna would continue to do for many years.

Lorna grew up in the shadow of the first clashes between the X-Men and the Brotherhood. In many ways, her unknown father's terrorist activity made her own life hell, as public fear concerning violent mutants began to mount. An incident at school when she was sixteen, during which a bully inadvertently exposed her natural hair color, made her a prime target for bigotry. School became a living hell, but her adoptive parents would not let her transfer away as they preferred to avoid doing anything that might be an admission they had something to hide.

Lorna's resentment over her treatment grew, as the years passed, and the block — of which she was unaware — continued to prevent the manifestation of her powers. She wasn't a mutant. Why did everyone, her aunt and uncle included, act as if she was?

Things eased once she finished high school and went to college. Her life hit an uneventful period… up until 2015, when the Chitauri Invasion turned NYC into a battleground. The stress and chaos caused Lorna to suddenly break the block on her powers: having never used them before, she was wildly uncontrolled, and did a considerable amount of damage before she was able to calm down enough to try to go home. Her adoptive parents did not receive her and her now-active powers well. Rejected and angry and frightened, she ran away.

For the next few years she lived on her own, learning to fend for herself. Aware now of her mutant nature, she stopped hiding her hair and took up residence in Mutant Town, and dedicated herself to learning about mutant issues and the control of her powers. She was aware of the Brotherhood and the X-Men, but had little interest to seek out either. Their public struggles had shaped the average human's sentiments about mutants for most of her life, and in her view, always in a way that had a negative effect on the average mutant just trying to get by in life. She'd experienced that firsthand herself.

Besides, she just — didn't want to get close to the Brotherhood. She found out in her teenage years that Arnold Dane wasn't her biological father, and what with her particular set of powers, and the fact that she had received an odd etched metal disk on her sixteenth birthday from an unknown source…

Recent Events

The rising tide of registration in late 2018 was of significant concern to her, and she was present at an anti-registration rally which turned violent. Furious, she caused six of the anti-mutant protestors to "accidentally" fall from an overpass, ostensibly to defend herself and others. One was killed and the rest were badly injured. She was arrested by the Department of Public Safety for this incident, forcibly registered, and would have had to do time if not for the intervention of SHIELD. Stepping in, SHIELD took her off the DPS's hands and prevented her incarceration — on the condition she complete a work-release program of sorts with them, along with a bunch of other misfits who had been collected under the monitoring eye of SHIELD.

At least, that was how it was framed out loud. The real reason was that Lorna wasn't the only one suspicious about her possible lineage. Even if she didn't wind up bearing any relation to Magneto, she had a powerset just like his, which was useful to the spy agency on multiple levels.

Not having many alternatives, she grudgingly accepted, though she was and continued to be vocal about her utter disdain for registration, and SHIELD's apparent complacency to let it happen.


The circumstances of her early life have made Lorna Dane into a fortress of a young woman. Guarded, cynical, and abrasive, she lives life on the defensive after a youth spent being bullied and treated like an other, and has built many walls against being hurt or taken advantage of. Volatile as hell, her moods can swing in an instant, and can range from the lofty highs of mania down to sodden, alcoholic depression. An independent person, she nonetheless will become very loyal to the few who get past her many barriers, and will always stand up if she sees someone being picked on.

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Character Sheet

ELECTROMAGNETIC CONTROL: Polaris's primary power is the ability to control the electromagnetic force. The most potent and obvious manifestation of this power is control over ferromagnetic material, though the strength of the magnetic fields she can apply means that she can influence paramagnetic and diamagnetic material as well. In practice, however, only paramagnetic objects are prone to show any response given the extreme weakness of the diamagnetic force. Her powers have applications both in raw force (on the order of several tons of ferromagnetic material) and in fine control; she can disassemble and reassemble metal objects quite easily, or simply melt them down entire and forge them into a different shape entirely with thought alone. She also has the ability to manipulate electric fields, and can use magnetic fields to generate electricity or vice versa, though her proficiency in the more advanced physics-based applications of her powers is still a work in progress, and it is usually much easier for her to just control the nearest ferromagnetic material on hand. She is also capable of using her magnetic powers to levitate herself or others, and gliding along the Earth's magnetic field at a maximum speed of about 400 mph, or roughly half the speed of sound.

ELECTROMAGNETIC FORCEFIELDS: Polaris is capable of generating powerful forcefields to protect herself from harm, primarily in the forms of energy and radiation. If it is on the electromagnetic spectrum, she can defend against it. Her forcefields are strongest when used solely to protect herself, but she can extend them to protect an area around her about a block in radius, with a proportionate decrease in potency as her field widens. Her magnetic fields can also easily deflect physical objects affected by her magnetic control, but will not be effective against material she cannot readily affect, such as wood or plastic.

ELECTROMAGNETIC PULSE: Polaris can produce short, powerful bursts of electromagnetic energy. These EMP blasts can short-circuit and damage electrical systems that are not appropriately shielded. The maximum radius of effect of this pulse is about half a mile.

ELECTROMAGNETIC SIGHT: With concentration, Polaris can see the world as patterns of electromagnetic energy. In this way, she is able to detect things that may not be conventionally visible by perceiving the magnetic auras surrounding them.

ENERGY ABSORPTION: Polaris is able to absorb electrical or magnetic energy directed at her person through her magnetic forcefields, in order to boost her own strength. She is also capable of absorbing certain categories of electromagnetic radiation directed at her person, as her control over the electromagnetic force extends to the waves of the electromagnetic field (radio waves, microwaves, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet, X-rays, and gamma rays). The low frequency EMR (radio, microwaves, infrared, and visible light) do not generally carry enough energy to be useful to her, but she can easily absorb energy from high frequency EMR (extreme ultraviolet, X-rays, and gamma rays) to convert. This is currently limited to absorption, as she does not presently have the training or experience to apply her powers in such a way as to actively generate or control all the manifestations of the electromagnetic spectrum.

ORGANIC IRON MANIPULATION: Polaris can manipulate the trace iron in the blood of a living creature. Most commonly this is used to induce unconsciousness, by temporarily reducing blood flow to the brain.




The Mistress of Magnetism
The Mistress of Magnetism
Full Name: Lorna Sally Dane
Code Name: Polaris
Aliases: Polaris
Reg. Status: Registered
Alignment: Neutral
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: Guardians of the Galaxy, SHIELD
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Mutant
Age: 25
Height: 5'7"
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Green
Eye Color: Green
OOC Information
Portrayed By:
Theme Song:
Character Type: FC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: polaris
Played Since: Open for Application

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