Power Woman


Kara Zor-L was born to the Kryptonian scientists Zor-L and Allura In-Z. Like Zor-L's brother, Jor-L, Kara's parents believed in 'blasphemous' research that showed Krypton would soon suffer a vast geological crisis and explode. With little time and resources, Zor-L and Allura placed their daughter into an experimental spaceship that would raise her in an artificial reality while it slowly traveled toward a distant planet where she would have acceptable chances of survival.

Kara spent her childhood and adolescence believing herself on Krypton, raised by her parents in the normal Kryptonian way — though she would only suspect later that this simulation was tinged with a desperation to raise a woman who would not make Krypton's dying mistakes. When Kara's ship landed on Earth, she was quickly found by her cousin Kal-L, whose ship had spirited him here when he was still a baby.

Kal-L — or Clark Kent — took Kara into his home, where he and his wife, Lois Lane-Kent, helped her acclimate to Earth's ways. She adopted the persona of their niece, Karen Starr, though the age difference between them, along with their lack of children and Kara's lack of parents, made their relationship more akin to parent and child. In no time at all, Kara felt ready to join Clark in what she considered the new family business: being a superhero. She may have snuck out to save people a few times using superspeed as plausible deniability before Clark agreed.

As Supergirl, Kara had a tumultuous but exciting career, serving as a junior quasi-member of the Justice Society until that wasn't enough and she helped form a group of younger heroes called Infinity, Inc. Supergirl continued to push herself through triumphs and defeats, reunions and deaths, only for her home to once more be destroyed — this time in a dimensional anomaly that removed her entire universe. For all her talents, Kara can only credit dumb luck with her survival.

As far as dimensional immigrants go, Kara had the advantage of experience with the unusual. This Earth was close enough to the Earth she knew that she fixed most of her problems by proactively contacting the local counterparts of people she knew could help her. Though she once more took up the secret identity of Karen Starr, she felt the need to put herself somewhat aside from the House of El. Karen put aside both Kara and Supergirl and reintroduced herself to the world as Power Girl.

In her early twenties, Power Girl was not quite a veteran but no longer a rookie. Taking to heroics distracted her from the sorrows of her past, though the sometimes-too-emotional eagerness of her efforts earned her a brash reputation. Now in her early thirties, having rebranded herself Power Woman at the end of her twenties, Karen has experience enough to be considered a well-established hero in her own right. Power Woman enjoys respect and camaraderie, and Karen Starr has risen from a humble software engineer at the Ultimate Computer Corporation (seriously) to the CEO of Starrware Industries. She's helping the world in every way she knows how.

It won't bring back everything she's lost, but if there's one thing her parents taught her — Zor-L, Allura, Clark, and Lois — it's how to mourn what's gone by saving what's here.

Recent Events

Following the Chitauri invasion, Power Girl changed her name to Power Woman and became a founding member of the Justice League. She's gone publically on record as supporting the idea that superheroes should be beholden to the communities they operate in, rather than being pressured to work with the government and the military. This is not a hard no to the idea of some kind of registration, but she does not agree with the current attempts to implement such laws. She remains unregistered despite sometimes operating in New York state.

Karen Starr is a few years in to being a darling of the tech industry. Starrware Industries, especially its Starrware Labs subsidiary, continues to receive positive press and applicant interest due to using fantastical technology to tackle environmental issues. More than a few cynics are waiting for Karen Starr to inevitably be exposed as evil because sometimes she seems too good to be true.


Karen Starr has gone through a lot so far, and she's pretty sure she's going to go through a lot more. From the weirdly belated destruction of her first home, which she didn't realize was destroyed until the artificial reality turned off and dumped her out of the escape ship, to the apparently complete obliteration of her home universe, she has many reasons to feel alone. She tries not to indulge in them.

Instead, Karen has forged herself into a fiercely independent and proactive idealist who never hesitates to go be the change she wants to see in the world. Karen is committed to honoring the memories of all her dead (erased?!) friends and family by trying every day to be the kind of woman and hero they would be proud of. Or, at very least, she tries to make a world that they would have been okay with living in. Not everyone was her fan, of course.

That isn't to say everything is fine in Karen land. While she may be doing an admirable job at growing past her tragedies, she's developed a kind of defensive cynicism to shield her from getting her heart torn out again by all the little things. Combined with her habit of doing things NOW rather than later because you can never really be sure when the world is going to end, she often gives off the impression of someone who can rapidly shift between diplomatic and hopeful to brash and abrasive.

Karen doesn't argue with this characterization. Instead, she's leaned into this facet of her personality because it's kind of true. She's not going to stop being the hero she's wanted to be since she was a girl, but she's not going to pretend like life doesn't majorly suck a lot of the time. Besides, she's been caping long enough that it's hard not to roll your eyes just a little bit when you see that some guy's new mad scheme is the same mad scheme every newbie villain comes up with.

Karen channels her feelings of impermanence and alienation into helping improve the lives of the people around her. It turns out that she has a never-ending supply of impermanence and alienation, so she ends up doing a lot of helping. People who only know one side of her identity would never make her out as a career woman because she seems to disappear so often, but most of the time that Karen Starr doesn't spend keeping Starrware Industries afloat or pushing her charities is time that Power Woman spends flying around stopping crimes and rescuing people.

It may be that Karen is somewhat complicit in her own isolation from others, but it's the only way she knows how to function. She tries to make time for her newest set of friends and family, but it's hard when everyone you know is either a coworker, a business associate, or a superhero with struggles of their own.

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FLIGHT: Power Woman's bio-electric aura is able to interact with gravitons — look, don't worry about it. She can fly. She can by thinking about it, which means that theoretically she can move in any direction in any posture, but classically it feels best to Superman pose. It's called Superman posing, you gotta.

BREATH: Power Woman is capable of taking in and expelling air in both great volume and force. The airspeed can be violent enough to cause physical damage, and she can hold far more air than one would expect. Yes, she's already heard all possible jokes about lung capacity. Additionally, she can superchill the air she breathes, deep-freezing things almost instantly.

HEAT VISION: Unsurprisingly, the people powered by the sun can shoot sun lasers from their eyes. Power Woman can generate heat 'lasers' from her eyes in a variety of ways, either as wide dispersal or with pinpoint accuracy. She can also control the intensity of the beams from a chastising sting to 'wow I didn't know that kind of metal could just vaporize like that.'


CHARGED: Powered by solar radiation from a yellow or blue sun, Power Woman's physical attributes are enhanced to ridiculous degrees. This boost is somewhat contingent on the amount of energy stored — less energy will make her weaker, while more energy will make her stronger. However, she very quickly hits a standard level when charged, and it takes increasingly more energy to boost her above that. This means she has a typical operating level.

DURABILITY: When metahuman scholars think of invulnerability, they usually think of a Kryptonian first. Power Woman's physiology is protected by both inhuman density and a bio-electric aura, making her almost impossible to hurt when she's at the top of her game. Knock her around, stun her, sure, but invulnerable almost really means invulnerable. Because her powers are fueled partially by active willpower, it's wiser to try felling her with a cheap shot than it is facing her head-on where she can psych herself up.

STAMINA: Fueled by solar power, Power Woman can go ridiculous amounts of time without feeling the effects of fatigue. She can theoretically exert herself forever as long as she takes in the proper amount of energy. Well, she could, if she didn't still need to eat, drink, and sleep. Who knew the sun wasn't hydrating? Additionally, Karen enjoys vastly increased resilience to disease, poison, and other kinds of maladies. Her healing is accelerated as long as she's fueled, though not to any point where it could be called regeneration. It does vastly defeat the aging process, which is nice.

STRENGTH: So all that stuff about Kryptonians being synonymous with invulnerability kinda goes for strength also. The real trick is that the strengthened bio-electric field present in Kryptonian physiology allows them to consciously exert enormous force on objects through touch, which some call TACTILE TELEKINESIS. When sufficiently energized, Power Woman can hurl buildings and punch mountains apart and all sorts of other ridiculous things. At full exertion, her strength is cosmic level — and the energy field factor allows her to do surprising things like punch lasers.

SPEED: Also she goes fast. Sorry, it's unfair. Power Woman can move faster than human sight can follow, able to cross tremendous distances with both tremendous speed and precision. What's more is that she's able to operate mentally at these speeds also, allowing her to think as fast as she moves.


While people acquainted with Power Woman may know her to be more the headstrong type than a grand strategist, she's far smarter than people give her credit for. Like all Kryptonians, Kara Zor-L was a designer baby born to excel within a certain profession-guild — look, it's not a great backstory, but it happened. At least doing ridiculously complicated math in her head makes coding go faster.

Karen finds it easy to pick up new information and skills (as well as remember them, which is the important part), and is primarily stunted in this area by her lack of enthusiasm for going harder into the sciences. She prefers to use her talents to remember different ways of punching people, which she can admittedly call professional development considering her line of work.


HEARING: Power Woman is able to hear things at such a distance that it's a wonder she stays sane. Fortunately, her ability to perceive noises from miles and miles away (and beyond human ranges of hearing) is paired with the ability (and training) to filter out anything she doesn't want to listen for. It's like a more useful tinnitus. Thanks, bio-electric aura!

VISION: The Kryptonian eye is integrated with their unique bio-electric aura, allowing them to see in very unusual ways. Power Woman can consciously alter her range of vision as if looking through a powerful telescope or microscope. She can see through most materials, focusing to pierce as many 'layers' as desired, although certain materials (LEAD!) stop her. She can also focus to see different wavelengths on the electromagnetic spectrum, which probably would have been much handier before humanity put cell towers everywhere.


"Do I worry about what others think? Sometimes. Am I going to hold back? Hell no. My advice is simple: always show 'em what you got."



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Power Woman
Full Name: Kara Zor-L AKA Karen Starr
Code Name: Power Woman
Occupation: Chairwoman and CEO of Starrware Industries
Aliases: PG
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: Metropolis
Affiliations: Justice League
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Alien
Species Detail: Kryptonian
Age: 30
Height: 6'1"
Build: Power Woman-esque
Hair Color: Sun metaphor blonde
Eye Color: Sky metaphor blue
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Herself
Theme Song:
Character Type: FC
Universe: DC
Wiki Tag: power-woman
Played Since: 1 December 2018

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