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Born to Dr. Brian Xavier and Sharon Xavier, Charles Francis Xavier grew up on a grand mansion estate in Westchester County. His early life was one of privilege and idyll, due to the wealth and esteem his father enjoyed as one of the pioneers of the field of nuclear physics. Charles was intellectually gifted himself, a natural talent that would find itself augmented even further when he began to develop telepathic powers at an early age.

Unfortunately, Dr. Xavier died in an accident when Charles was young. Charles' grieving mother soon remarried to Dr. Kurt Marko, a colleague of Dr. Xavier's, though with his abilities Charles was able to peer into his stepfather's mind and discern that Marko cared primarily about the Xaviers' wealth. This discovery was reinforced by the fact Marko moved immediately into the family's mansion and began to abuse his new wife not long after their marriage, driving Sharon to alcoholism and eventually to an early death.

Marko brought with him his son from a previous marriage, Cain Marko. Abused by his father, Cain took out his frustrations and insecurities, in turn, on Charles. Still not fully in control of his powers, Charles linked to Cain's mind and felt firsthand the extent of his stepbrother's psychological damage and pain, which only led to Cain becoming more aggressive toward him.

In time, a conflict between the two caused some of Marko's lab equipment to explode, igniting a fire. Mortally wounded, Marko's last act was to save the two boys, and to admit to Charles that he had been partially responsible for Dr. Xavier's death.

Orphaned at a young age, Charles came into his inheritance, which included the mansion which would someday become the Xavier Institute that would define much of the latter half of his life. His wealth enabled him to continue his studies; Xavier was a brilliant young man and a voracious student of all knowledge, attending multiple schools throughout his educational career and amassing degrees in genetics, biophysics, psychology, and anthropology, as well as a medical degree in psychiatry.

While at graduate school, he met a Scottish girl named Moira Kinross, a fellow genetics student with whom he fell in love. The two agreed to be married, but Charles's draft into the Korean War came between them. In the war, he served in the same unit as his estranged and resentful stepbrother. There, he witnessed Cain's transformation into the Juggernaut, though he would not know until years later than his stepbrother survived the experience.

In time, Charles returned from the war to find that Moira had moved on. Despondent, he began to travel the world, meeting people from all walks of life,and during this time many of his thoughts and beliefs about mutantkind would take form. In Cairo, he met and fought the Shadow King. It was his first brush with the sheer evil that could be done with mutant abilities, and solidified many of his convictions about protecting both human and mutantkind from the misuse of power.

During this time, Charles also traveled to a quiet psychiatric clinic in Israel for Holocaust victims, where he met a volunteer working there named Erik Lehnsherr. The two shared lengthy debates about the hypothetical of whether the human race could coexist peacefully with a new evolution of mankind. Charles was optimistic; Erik, a survivor of mankind's hatred of all those who are different, was much more pessimistic. Despite their essential disagreement, the two formed a fast friendship which would come to define much of the rest of their lives, even if ultimately their many debates illuminated the fact their views were fundamentally incompatible.

Charles' traveling soon came to an end when a strange encounter in the remote regions of the Himalayas cost him the use of his legs. Confined to a wheelchair afterwards, he returned to the States and began to consider more deeply on aspects of what would eventually become "Xavier's Dream." Over the years, he made a name for himself as a renowned geneticist and psychologist — enough so that when the Grey family sought help for their catatonic daughter, he was the one to whom they were referred.

The training of Jean Grey inspired him to found the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, in order to provide a safe haven for mutants and teach them to master their abilities. In addition, he sought to foster mutant-human relations by the creation of a team — the X-Men — to serve as an example of mutants acting in good faith to protect all humankind. The first members of the X-Men were his first students, given codenames for their operation as a team: Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Angel, Beast, and Iceman.

Their first mission? Stopping Xavier's old friend, who had become Magneto and formed the Brotherhood of Mutants to carry out his violent creed.

For the next ten years the X-Men — under the instruction and training of Professor X — became a force for good in the world, adding members as Xavier added students, championing human-mutant coexistence, pacifistic solutions, and compassionate understanding wherever possible. When necessary they've risen to actively defend people, human or mutant, against anything that might threaten them. On occasion, they've even cooperated with the Brotherhood to do so, through their radically-different views always drive the teams apart again.

Then came the year 2015.

Recent Events

As of the Chitauri Invasion in late 2015, Magneto and Professor X are both missing. Both vanished in the fighting, within the space of hours.

Attempts to find them have all failed. Many fear the worst, though others hold out hope they will someday return.


A man whose views have been deeply defined by what his mutant powers allow him to see, Charles Xavier is above all a compassionate egalitarian. He, far more than most, has seen that at heart, people are not so different from one another — with the same fears, goals, dreams, and loves — and that what a person is or is not externally is quite meaningless when all humankind experiences life emotionally in broadly the same way.

Another cornerstone of his nature is his love of learning and knowledge. A consummate teacher with an endless wellspring of patience and wisdom, he has shaped the lives of countless young mutants with his guidance and unconditional acceptance. Generations of mutants have refound a sense of confidence in themselves and their existences, in the safety of the environment he has provided for them. Optimistic, stable, inspirational, and open-minded, the Professor will believe in a person even when they do not believe in themselves.

The last, and perhaps most intense, facet of his nature is as a visionary. He formed his beliefs on the future of human and mutantkind early, and in his own way he is as uncompromising about his Dream as Magneto is about his. His beliefs in the nonviolent affirmation of mutant rights and the possibility of peaceful co-existence between human and mutant are unshakable, as well as his conviction to protect society from those who would misuse their powers.

It is this last aspect of his personality — this utmost dedication to his cause — that sometimes leads to what some would call the "darker" aspects of Charles Xavier. Xavier's powers are uniquely suited to forcing situations — and people — to proceed solely according to his will, and while this makes him generally an even more fierce advocate of free choice, at times his paternal nature twists into a controlling conviction that he knows what is best for those under his care. Moreoever, at times, he finds that the gulf between his ideals, and the demands and limits of reality, is far too wide to be crossed by any other than underhanded or manipulative means, and his prodigious intelligence makes him very good at manipulating situations when he perceives the need to arise.

However, just as Magneto cannot be called perfectly evil, Xavier cannot be called perfectly good. At heart, both men are motivated by the exact same thing: a fierce love of mutantkind and a desire to protect their nascent species.

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Professor X
Full Name: Professor Charles Francis Xavier
Code Name: Professor X
Occupation: Mutant Advocacy, Education
Reg. Status: Registered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: X-Men
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Mutant
Hair Color:
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Portrayed By: Patrick Stewart
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Character Type: StaffNPC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: xavier
Played Since: November 2018
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