Born in Transia in the early 1950s in a citadel on Wundagore Mountain, the twins Pietro and Wanda were left behind by their mother, Magda, shortly after birth. The High Evolutionary, master of the citadel, was intrigued by the twins' genetics, and kept them in stasis for decades to make a study of them both and the X-Genes which they carried.

Eventually, it was deemed no more would be learned without field testing, and in 1989 the twins were "born" when they were taken out of stasis. They were given as infants to a Romani couple surnamed Maximoff, who had lost their own children.

The small family lived uneasily under the shadow of the region's intolerance and instability, especially following the dissolution of the USSR. Their adoptive father, a gentle man, died very early in their lives, a victim of hate and intolerance as he struggled to find work to support them. Their adoptive mother raised them alone, after that.

Life in rural Transia, was not kind to a single mother, nor to the children of one, but the family muddled along well enough until the twins reached ten years of age. This was when their mutant abilities first began to manifest. At first they were understated enough that they could hide… but Wanda's abilities were not the kind which could be hidden for long.

Soon enough, the superstitious came to burn her. Their mother tried to defend her, but in the struggle she was hurt — and Wanda, seeing this, lost control of her nascent powers.

Hex-fire burns faster and hotter than normal fire, and Pietro was still young and new to his own powers himself. He saved Wanda from the flames, but he could not also save their mother.

The village drove them out, calling Wanda a witch for what she had done. Alone now in the world except for each other, the twins made their way across Europe for years, surviving alternately in the wild or on the fringes of cities, and relying on no one but one another. Eventually, tired of discrimination and hopeful America would live up to its promised dreams, Pietro brought them both to New York City in 2005.

He found that things were no different, there.

Wanda was happy enough anyway, so long as she was left alone, but Pietro grew bitter and hardened, resentful of a world that rejected their very existences, and placed them — the powerful and gifted — at the bottom of the pecking order. This left him in a prime mindset to be picked up by Magneto for his nascent Brotherhood of Mutants, late in the year 2005.

Even despite all that anger, Pietro — not naturally a violent soul — might not have stayed long with the Brotherhood if not for the fact his increasing suspicions on the matter eventually led Magneto to confirm that the twins were his lost children, from decades before. He had known, he had watched, and when he had deemed the time correct… he had saved them. He had work in mind for them to do.

Attracted by the idea of having a father, Pietro remained… even though Magneto, by that time, had little left to give to either him or Wanda as a paternal figure.

Not that Pietro could recognize this. He had no real idea how a father was supposed to behave. That Magneto wanted to 'make something of him' seemed enough. So it was that for ten years, he stood beside his father with the Brotherhood as it fought on behalf of mutantkind… up until the day Magneto disappeared. The Brotherhood threatened to fall apart, but Pietro and Wanda kept it together.

It was a struggle, at first. The Brotherhood was accustomed to Magneto's heavy-handed micromanagement, and Magneto had left neither of the twins any of the keys: no roadmap, no resources, no plan of succession. After all, it had never occurred to him that he might someday not be around to drive his own cause. But eventually, they made it work. Then they made it more than just "work."

Recent Events

After a long silence, the Brotherhood erupted back into public consciousness in 2018 with a series of violent attacks on Trask Industries installations. The passage of the Mutant Registration Act in November only incensed them further, enough to conduct an extremely public attack on the first superhero to register under the act — Tony Stark — leaving him in a coma.

These events were followed by a direct attack on the Triskelion, after the Brotherhood discovered SHIELD experiments on the Terrigen Mists.

The message is quite clear: Magneto may not be around, but his Brotherhood continues.


The nature of Pietro's mutation informs his personality. When you're able to live life orders of magnitude more quickly than everyone else, impatience is an inevitable result. Trapped in the midst of people who move, think, act, and speak way too slowly, Pietro has become an abrasive and irritable young man, quick to anger and often immensely frustrated by the smallest things. His ability to stay hundreds of steps in front of everyone else has also bred in him an overconfident arrogance, which can often be turned to his disadvantage.

The only person who escapes his tendency towards high-handed callousness is his twin sister. Wanda coaxes out the expression of the other major facet of his personality: fierce loyalty and devotion, which sees him dedicated slavishly to her well beyond any healthy closeness, and into the realms of severe codependency.

The circumstances of his life have also shaped Pietro's personality to a large degree. His adoptive father's death gave him responsibility for his mother and his sister at a young age; he was forced to mature early, and learned to bear the physical and emotional workloads of caretaking others without complaint. Added onto that came ten years of Magneto's exacting demands on him as a soldier, which hardened him and culled the last of any softness that might have been left.

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Character Sheet

Enhanced Physiology

In order to bear the effects of his own power, Pietro is more physically resistant than the average human, able to handle high-velocity impacts that would kill or cripple a normal man. He is adapted to overcome or negate the side effects of extreme speed, allowing him to continue functioning despite the high winds, friction, and harsh conditions. The effects are most pronounced when he is moving. He is also granted a certain degree of enhanced strength as a result of his mutation, able to lift about half a ton and leg press a full ton.

Overall, his physiology is perfectly physically optimized, and his metabolism is many times more efficient than a normal human's; he heals faster than normal, is able to make optimal use of caloric energy, generates vastly reduced fatigue toxins from exertion, and can operate in reduced oxygen settings. He is able to extend his protection from the negative effects of high speed to people he carries along with him, though he can also opt not to with devastating effects. Another odd physiological adaptation is that he is weakly magnetoreceptive, which enables him to navigate reliably while traveling great distances at high speeds.

Superhuman Speed

When his powers first manifested, Pietro was capable of breaking the sound barrier. With time, his speed has increased to hypersonic levels, with an enhanced endurance to match it, though his faster speeds must be used with caution due to the inevitable shockwaves and other side effects that result whenever a mass travels at such high speed. His reaction time and mental processing power are hyperfast commensurate with his speed, enabling him to perceive, think, and react at the high velocities at which he operates.

His speed enables a number of feats, from the obvious of catching bullets, water-walking, and generating extreme gusts of wind, to the less obvious of igniting objects or altering atmospheric pressure. He will commonly use his powers to generate a vacuum or to propel things at extreme speeds, making even mundane objects into dangerous weapons. His speed also enables him to learn skills at a highly accelerated rate, particularly those which can be acquired through repetitive practice such as language or music.

One curious side effect of his speed is that he has a certain resistance to telepathic intrusion, due to being able to think faster than most telepaths attempting to invade his thoughts. Another is that he is capable of oscillating his own molecular structure at high speeds. The most common application is that he can transfer this oscillation to other materials, such as restraints, and shake them apart.


Hence it comes that all armed prophets have been victorious, and all unarmed prophets have been destroyed. — The Prince, Ch. 6



Alea iacta est.
Alea iacta est.
Full Name: Pietro Maximoff
Code Name: Quicksilver
Occupation: Brotherhood Leader, White King
Aliases: Son of M
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Villain
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: Brotherhood of Mutants, Hellfire Club
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Mutant
Age: 29
Height: 6'0"
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Blue
OOC Information
Portrayed By: None
Theme Song: Back Down - Shawn James
Character Type: StaffNPC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: quicksilver-st
Played Since: November 21, 2018

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