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Rachel Anne Grey-Summers was born to Jean Grey and Scott Summers in an alternate timeline-dimension set in the near future. For the first twelve years of her life, Rachel lived as the cherished communal daughter of the X-Men before her timeline met its grim fate. Anti-mutant sentiment caused a radical faction to seize control of the U.S. government and install a fascist regime that unleashed an enhanced sentinel program. The program spiraled wildly out of control, resulting not only in the near-total destruction of global metahuman population but also humanity in general.

The X-Men were decapitated when Rachel's godfather, Charles Xavier, was killed while protecting her in an attack on the mansion by a Hellfire Club-backed government raid on the X-Mansion. Rachel was delivered to government custody, where she was indoctrinated through a combination of torture and drugs to become a tool in their purges. As a 'hound,' a mutant trained to hunt mutants, Rachel spent several years tracking and killing her own people. The government rewarded their most successful hound by working her to the brink of death.

Burnt out at the age of 17, Rachel was 'retired' to a work camp. There, she was reunited with several former X-Men from her youth. They gave her a tenuous link to sanity, and later to hope when they began planning a way to save the present by changing the past. After a series of dimensional incidents that saw Rachel become the only survivor of her conspiracy, she escaped from her world to this one — only to discover that one cannot change history so easily. This world only resembled her world's past, but was in truth an alternate dimension of its own.

Rachel almost immediately came into contact with this world's X-Men when they were attracted to her psychic cry while she was being attacked by Selene, who desired to claim her as disciple. Once she was safe among people who were not quite the people she remembered, Rachel realized she had little left to live for — but she could try to start over and lead a life that would honor the history of death that led her to this moment. With the in-universe counterpart of her mother having died during her experiences with the Phoenix, Rachel called the entity down from space to inhabit her in hopes that it would bring her closer to the mother she barely knew.

Rachel's presence in the X-Men was difficult from the start. Apart from Rachel's untreated emotional trauma and dystopian habits, having the Phoenix around with Dark Phoenix so recently in everyone's minds was tense. Rachel's increasingly erratic behavior led her feelings of alienation to grow until she fled the team with little plan save to enact some justice in the world to prove to herself that she wasn't a damaged monster. Unfortunately, her plan to destroy Selene and free the world from her predatory nature backfired tremendously when Wolverine arrived and demanded that she step down. Rachel's impassioned plea for killing Selene sounded too familiar to Wolverine, and so he did what he does best: he put his claws in her heart to save the world from another Dark Phoenix.

Against expectations, Rachel escaped into a nearby park while telekinetically forcing her heart to continue functioning. The X-Men and Hellfire Club, both searching for Rachel, were first distracted by conflict with each other and then with an extradimensional sentinel hunting for her. Rachel, believing herself irredeemable, continued to flee until she was abducted by a woman who promised her a chance to leave her life behind and become someone else. To a delirious Rachel, few things sounded better.

The woman — Spiral — took Rachel to Mojoworld, where she signed away her life to the multimedia despot's whims. Rachel danced at the ends of his strings for an entire year before a strange sequence of events allowed her to telepathically enlist the help of several metahumans in the U.K. to make her escape. Once free, Rachel once again tried to start over her life fresh as a founding member of Excalibur, which would later become an internationally acclaimed superhero team.

Excalibur was where Rachel finally learned how to live with herself. For the past few years, it seemed as if Rachel would settle her life in England indefinitely. Her emotional scars were sliced open anew when metahuman registration became law in her native New York, passed on a wave of fear for mutants and aliens. And then there was the small complication that this universe's version of her mother had come back from the dead.

Rachel, a little older and a little more calm, returned to the United States to fight for the protection of mutants and metahumans — and to spend time with the other woman called Phoenix.

Recent Events

Shortly after arriving in the United States, Rachel made headlines while assisting Tony Stark and the Avengers with dismantling a metahuman experimentation plot carried out by the medical industry giant FuturePharm and the fascist terrorist group Hydra, among others. This was her first U.S. activity since her debut fighting against the Chitauri invasion in 2015.

The U.S. press took warmly to the famed Excalibur member, making as much noise about her suspected fling with Stark as it did about her fiery pro-metahuman rhetoric. Rachel used the platform of the moment to criticize the government's habit of writing punitive legislation for metahumans when they could be helping the vulnerable population that FuturePharm was preying upon for their schemes.

Rachel assisted tirelessly during the recent dimensional attack on New York, helping keep rescue operations and supply lines safe. She has continued to lobby against registration despite being a public metahuman herself.


Rachel is a young woman dealing with the lifelong process of recovering from severe trauma. Her formative years scarred her deeply with fear, shame, and guilt. She saw the deaths of loved ones and others due to actions born of hate and disgust for people like her. She was forced to participate in an anti-mutant, anti-metahuman regime in the cruelest way possible: a collaborator on the frontlines, hunting and murdering others as had happened to her own family.

Even if she was forced to act through torture and literal mind control, a part of Rachel will probably never forgive herself for what she did. Still, she has made steady progress in learning how to live as a member of a society that isn't dictated by brutal oppression. A casual observer might see her as having rebounded fully, becoming a boisterous and outspoken advocate of both mutant rights and her own worth. This is the lie that Rachel depends on to live day to day. She needs this idealized version of who she wants to be to make her forget about the person she fears she really is.

Though Rachel has difficulty admitting it to herself — to her fear and cynicism, that is — this is really only a half-life. She has been tested and found worthy. The Phoenix came for her and, against everything she had been told, against everyone's fears, it did not burn her. She didn't let it burn her. Despite all the evil and weakness Rachel sees in herself, she never let the Dark Phoenix rise. She used the flames to make the world a better place. That has to be proof of something good about her, doesn't it?

Rachel is split between the woman she might have been — and has a chance to be now — and the woman the world forced her to be. She wants to fight for a better world because she knows actions matter, but she fears that fate is immutable and everything will once again die around her. She badly wants family and friends who are close to her heart, but she worries that she'll lose them all because the universe is cruel or because she isn't good enough. Sometimes she feels like she's living in a world of ghosts. It would be better if she felt like a ghost instead.

Fortunately, the only way Rachel knows how to cope is to charge forward. For her, that means using her powers to create a world where none of her fears can come to pass, where prejudice and hate have no place in how society is run. Hopefully it'll keep her distracted from herself for awhile.

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Character Sheet

CHRONOSKIMMER: Rachel has a bizarre relation to space/time and alternate dimensions, and she's only gotten stranger during her adventures. Her experience has seemingly allowed her mind to understand space/time such that she can manipulate them with her powers. Transferring a person's mind is one thing, but transferring it into a body in another timeline-dimension is quite another.

Rachel learned during her time with Excalibur that she really, really should not mess with this stuff. Apart from being inherently dangerous and unpredictable, this iteration of Earth is? eccentric, dimensionally speaking. Rachel's lack of exploration in this area makes it difficult for her to say what might happen if she did try.

She does enjoy some fringe benefits, however. Her conception of space/time certainly helps her psychometry, and she's developed some subconscious defenses against hostile space/time effects.

As a curiosity, Rachel doesn't seem to be the alternate version of any other Rachel-named children of Jean and/or Scott. This introduces a few obscure quirks to her dimensional presence, but mostly it annoys her for reasons she can't articulate.

HER ONLY DAUGHTER: Like her mother, Rachel has a special connection to the cosmic entity called the Phoenix Force. Rachel called the entity from space when she arrived on this world and has since acted as its host.

Apart from the flashy fire aura, invoking the Phoenix can boost Rachel's powers to cosmic levels and allow her to accomplish feats beyond imagination. The Phoenix is most easily invoked for acts of creation and destruction. However, invoking the Phoenix too much strengthens its inhuman urges, which can lead to its host surrendering their morality in favor of embracing indiscriminate destruction and creation for nothing more than the sake of the act. Rachel has also discovered that allowing the Phoenix to indulge too much in its powers causes it to draw from the energy of reality itself, shortening the lifespan of the multiverse. The only way to prevent this is to never allow the Phoenix to overreach itself.

If these weren't checks enough on Rachel's powers, the Phoenix Force was recently split between herself and the in-universe counterpart of her mother, Jean Grey. Jean's 'resurrection' has divided the Phoenix against itself, leaving Rachel with less access to the entity's full powers. She's not exactly broken up about this, considering all she has learned.

UNLIMITED PSYCHIC POWER: Rachel's Omega-level mutation grants her theoretically limitless telepathic and telekinetic power. The most significant limit on her power is her lack of extensive training — and also that proper training for someone with her potential might take more than a lifetime. Despite that, Rachel is capable of a staggering variety of feats, honed through constant experimentation and self-development. She wouldn't have survived the stupid messes she's gotten herself in if she didn't learn fast.

Through telepathy, Rachel can project, receive, and alter minds across vast distances. At the most crude level, this involves her placing thoughts or sensory information in other minds or taking such things from other minds. At a higher level, she can create illusions or control minds to varying degrees, from outright puppeteering to the more subtle hypnotic suggestions and personality or memory alteration. She is knowledgeable in the various maneuvers of psychic-to-psychic warfare, such as psi-shielding. Her telepathy can reach into the astral realm of thoughts, allowing fantastic feats such as mind transference, remote viewing, and psychometry.

Through telekinesis, Rachel can spatially manipulate matter and energy. Rachel's spatial awareness and control are such that she can move the individual building blocks of matter, though hardly with the instinctive ease of an actual reality warper. Minor feats include levitating and propelling objects, and creating areas of repulsive or attractive force to form shields and other 'constructs.' At higher levels, Rachel can interact with matter at the smallest levels to achieve exotic effects like restructuring objects. Pounding someone with a telekinetic battering ram is much easier than attacking them on the molecular level, so Rachel tends to leave this ultra-fine control for when it's the right solution to a specific job. It's easier for her to perform on-the-fly restructuring on objects she's familiar with, like her clothing (or herself).

Rachel may need to give concentration to any psychic effect that hasn't been drilled into her (or which should be kept under control because of their violent nature), but her subconscious mind can tap into her powers as well. This is mostly a boon, such as subconsciously-used psychometry aiding her in telekinetically dismantling machines to their component parts, or keeping her body healthy through microscopic applications of telekinesis. Occasionally, it's not ideal having your id do dumb things when you're not looking.


"We should all live for the moment. It could be our last."



Full Name: Rachel Anne Grey-Summers
Code Name: Phoenix
Occupation: Superhero
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: X-Men, Excalibur
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Mutant
Age: 24
Height: 5'9"
Build: Athletic, leggy
Hair Color: Psychic red
Eye Color: Jean green
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Herself
Theme Song: Wanderlust - Polly Scattergood
Character Type: FC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: Rachel-Grey-Summers
Played Since: 19 November 2018

Last Posted Activity: 27 Mar 2019 04:10

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