Sarah Rainmaker is one of the end results of the Gen-Active project, a program
created by the U.S. government to artificially create metahumans. The project
ran through 11 unsuccessful generations of test subjects, most of which went
insane, or were unable to control their powers and were destroyed by them. Not
until Gen12 did the project succeed in a limited fashion, creating a group of
metahumans that formed Team 7, a metahuman special operations unit that was
part of the U.S. government. Sarah's father was a member of Team 7, a
Gen-Active special ops solder named Stephen Callahan, codename Wraparound; her
mother was a full-blooded Apache woman named Rebecca Rainmaker.

However, when the shadowy organizations International Operations (I.O.)
secretly restarted the Gen-Active project, they began attempted to acquire the
metahuman children of Team 7. When Sarah was born, the doctor, under orders
from the director of I.O., informed Callahan that both his daughter and wife
had died in childbirth. Callahan never knew his family had survived, and after
getting over his grief, he went on to marry his second wife, Rachel, with whom
he had two children, before the same unit attempted to kidnap the children,
killing Callahan and his new wife and stealing away Sarah's half-brother
Matthew and half-sister Nicole to be part of I.O. DV8 program, warping and
twisting both into sociopathic villains.

Rebecca was able to escape I.O. control with her infant daughter and escape to
hide out with her family at San Carlos, where Sarah grew up relatively
peacefully, if isolated from the outside world, raised primarily by her mother
and her uncle Billy. Even at a young age, there were signs of Sarah's power,
when she began to sometimes encourage rain when drought threatened the tribe's
crops, or lessen or deflect dangerous weather. Tragically, her mother passed
away from cancer when Sarah was a teen, while her uncle, who had always
struggled with alcoholism, was killed in a brawl with local police. Her
nearest relative, John Two-Raven, attempted to take Sarah in, but I.O. had
learned of the girl's power and showed up in an attempt to claim her.

Sarah fled into the desert outside the reservation for three days, attempting
to dodge I.O. Keeper capture teams and hiding out, until being discovered by a
friend of her family who was a metahuman tracker. Unfortunately, the Keepers
followed him to her and would have overwhelmed her and Sarah, before the
intervention of a second, public goverment metahuman unit interceded and drove
off the Keepers. Unfortunately, when Sarah returned home, she discovered I.O.
officials had done an end run around her guardian to have her declared a
goverment ward.

An unwilling Sarah was taken back with the officials to be part of Project
Genesis; outwardly a private school for gifted students, but in reality a
brainwashing lab intended to monitor the Gen13 teens and to force them to
express metahuman powers. There, Sarah made friends with several other Gen13
students who together discovered the fate I.O. intended for them, to be
coerced into joining a metahuman black special operations unit known as DV8.
Instead, the group was able to escape the facility with the help of the
then-Director of I.O., a former member of Team 7 who was sympathetic to the
children of his teammates. The group was forced to scatter once freed, but had
some assistance from the former director in setting them up with resources to
stay safe and on the run.

Recent Events


Strong-willed, a peacemaker, but willing to fight for what she believes in, especially for social justice and freedom.

RP Hooks

Girl on the run - Sarah is actively being hunted by I.O., among others, and may sometimes be caught out in the open by her pursuers.

Activist - Sarah believes in standing up for what she feels is right, and often joins protests and other volunteer organizations dedicated to helping others.

Stormcaller - Sarah sometimes messes with the weather depending on her mood.


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Character Sheet


Rainmaker can use her ability to control air to fly by riding air currents. Her top speed is roughly 250 mph, which she can maintain for about an hour before needing to rest, though she can move more sedately or hover for hours. She can carry others along with her, though her limit is four other people for any length of time, and can prevent damage to herself and passengers from air friction. She has a range of several hundred miles before needing to rest, though carrying more people tires her more quickly.


Rainmaker can channel ambient electromagneticism and direct it from her hands as electrical blasts, either by touch or at distances up to 100 meters away. If she has a storm system to draw on, she can draw down multiple lightnings bolts directly from the stormclouds at different targets up to five miles away, or direct it into a single powerful strike at about 150-200 million volts, with heat reaching up to 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit. She can also manipulate electricity from other sources, though the power of such blasts are dependent on the source being used, and has some defense against electrical attacks used against her.


Rainmaker has the power to psionically manipulate any weather over an area roughly ten miles in radius at maximum. This includes aspects of weather such as controlling environmental temperature; control of all types of precipitation, humidity and moisture at the molecular level (water); channeling ambient electromagnetism into electrical blasts (lightning); and control over atmospheric pressure(wind). The duration she can maintain a weather pattern depends on the violence of the weather she creates and its area; phenomena such as tornados, hurricanes, thunderstorms, and blizzards she can only maintain for a short time, usually a matter of fifteen to twenty minutes, while less violent weather she can maintain for hours. The effects she creates are only sustained as long as she concentrates on them, unless the environment was already ripe for those conditions. Her abilities work in whatever location she's at, even off Earth, as long as there is some sort of weather to manipulate.


Rainmaker is sensitive to the ebb and flow of the weather patterns, and to a lesser extent air and water. When concentrating she can sense disruptions to air currents and vapor/fog/water disruptions in a 100 meter area around her. Powerful disruptions to natural weather patterns don't require the same concentration to sense, and can be felt by her up to 10 miles away. With concentration she can narrow down where the epicenter is.



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Apache weather witch
Apache weather witch
Full Name: Sarah Rainmaker
Code Name: Rainmaker
Occupation: Runaway
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: Gen13
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Gen-Active
Age: 24
Height: 5'11"
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Brenda Shad
Theme Song: "I'm Only Happy When It Rains" - Garbage
Character Type: FC
Universe: DC
Wiki Tag: rainmaker
Played Since: 4/25/19

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