Red Robin


The only son of Jack Drake - a wealthy businessman and archaeologist from Gotham City - and his wife Janet, Tim as a child wanted for very little, except for his parents' attention. It wasn't that they were cold or unloving, but the Drakes travelled frequently for business, leaving Tim at home with the housekeeper or in boarding school, leaving the bright boy constantly searching for something, whether to create or replace the connection he wanted with his parents.

It was a rare night out with his parents that, perhaps, set Tim on the path he would end up walking: As a small boy, he was present at the final performance of the Flying Graysons, even having the opportunity to meet the family of acrobats thanks to his father's connections. He was there to see the disaster caused by the tampering of a vengeful mob boss, the memory of that night burned into his young mind in a way that would, inevitably, bring him back into contact with young Dick Grayson in a completely different way.

His mind uncannily keen even at a young age, Tim - who, like most young people in Gotham, was fascinated with the quasi-mythical Batman - was able to deduce a secret that few in the world were privy to. He voraciously devoured any footage of or information about the Batman and his sidekick, leading to recognising the Boy Wonder's acrobatics as those of the Flying Graysons… And from there, it was a short leap to connect the dots to Grayson's new guardian being the Bat. Prudently, and not without a certain thrill at knowing something nobody else did, he kept the secret to himself.

Until he needed it.

Years later, after the death of the second Robin, Tim knew Batman was taking a darker turn. Reasoning that Batman needed a Robin to keep him in check, and with the kind of supreme confidence that only a fourteen year old can manage, he exploited what he'd figured out all those years ago to get in contact with Dick Grayson, now Nightwing, and with the veiled encouragement of Alfred Pennyworth he ended up taking up the mantle of Robin himself.

Though he brought a more than capable mind to the table, Tim was not the physical presence Dick or Jason were as the Boy Wonder; it was only after his parents were kidnapped by Obeah Man, resulting in the tragic death of his mother and his father's paralysis, that Batman sent Tim on a journey, an echo of the steps he himself had taken on the path to becoming the Bat. Training with Henri Ducard and Rahul Lama, and rather inadvertently the deadly Lady Shiva, Tim gained more of the skills he'd need to work alongside the Batman in his neverending quest to protect Gotham.

For all that Tim tried to maintain a normal life alongside his 'part time job' of being Robin, being in Batman's orbit exacted its price on him. He gained and lost friends and allies, and eventually his father - who had learned what Tim was doing and why he kept looking like he'd been in a war zone - was killed by a villain, making him an orphan in truth, dragging him fully into the Batman's world, another of the adopted family of Bruce Wayne.

When Batman disappeared, Tim naturally tried to take everything on his own shoulders: Shedding the identity of the Boy Wonder as his predecessors had, Tim took on a new guise, knowing that he'd never really be able to go back to a normal life like he'd always sworn he would.

Older, more serious and dedicated, he sought to forge his own path as Red Robin.

Recent Events


"Pfft. When don't I have a plan?"

Tim Drake used to be a pretty normal kid. Being Robin wasn't exactly a game, but he didn't view it as the whole of his existence, and he tried - and usually failed - to leave it behind when he wasn't on the clock. The years since then have changed him. Made him harder, more focused, more serious. There's a quiet arrogance to his self-assurance, something about him that says that he thinks he's the smartest person in the room, without him having to speak a word… That he knows best, but doesn't feel the need to crow about it.

Like his older 'brother' Dick, though, there's a conscious rejection of the way Bruce Wayne lives his ascetic, lonesome life - he compartmentalises the darker and more serious persona he uses as Red Robin, because unlike Batman, he 'has friends'; he might secretly manipulate those friends as part of some elaborate scheme, but still - and an attempt to still form genuine connections with other people.

Underneath the more aloof determined shell life has created, though, Tim is still that dorky kid who regretted having to skip playing Dungeons and Dragons with his friends to go fight Two-Face or Penguin. Still the person who lept heedlessly into danger whenever it was required of him, even as the personal costs mounted. He'd rather not go it alone, but he will, if he has to.

RP Hooks

  • College Life - Are you a college student or otherwise involved in schooling? Though he's almost done his undergraduate degree, Tim is still a student at Gotham University, with a double major in Computer Science and Psychology.
  • Rich and Famous - Have you ever looked at a gossip rag or newspaper in Gotham? Tim is one of the adopted sons of billionaire philanthropist Bruce Wayne, although he gets up to less newsworthy antics than some of his family members. Besides, those rarified social circles get pretty small… Other wealthy types might have met him in the past, or at least know Bruce - or even Tim's birth parents, who were rich but much less rich than the Waynes.
  • Caped Crusader - As Red Robin, and previously the third Robin, he's part of the menagerie of costumed vigilantes keeping Gotham from the brink. Are you a bad guy? Oh boy has he fought a lot of bad guys, there might be a past (or future) run in there! Are you not a bad guy? The cape and cowl life is full of impromptu team-ups and rescues.



Character Sheet

None. Tim Drake is a human with no supernatural abilities.




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Red Robin
The Red Knight
The Red Knight
Full Name: Timothy Jackson "Tim" Drake (Wayne)
Code Name: Red Robin
Occupation: College student, vigilante adventurer, rich person
Aliases: Red, RR, "Alvin Draper"
Reg. Status: Human
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: Gotham
Affiliations: Bat Family, Titans
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Species Detail: Unmodified, Peak Human
Age: 21
Height: 6'1"
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark Blue
OOC Information
Portrayed By:
Theme Song:
Character Type: FC
Universe: DC
Wiki Tag: red-robin
Played Since: November 18, 2018

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