Red Sparrow


Arnavi's story begins with her parents, Amy Lancaster and Davinder Mehta, two
doctors who never budgeted for a life outside of their mutual mission at
Doctors Without Boarders. Meeting each other, finding that peace near the
horrors of war, they adjusted their trajectory and settled down in the suburbs
of Arlington, Virginia before Arnavi was born. While this move certainly
affected the course of their mission, it didn't change the goal. Growing up,
Navi was instilled with a strong sense of compassion both from her parents and
her mother's extended family, who helped fill in the gaps left by two very
busy parents. While her mother and father had focused on saving the world one
patient at a time, Navi's interests drifted towards the fantastical in this, a
time of heroes.

In her teenage years, after her parents moved the family to Gotham, Navi began
chronicling the adventures of those who would don masks and capes and set out
above the law, but for a noble purpose. Taking an elective journalism class at
school and writing story after story for the school paper, she focused on one
of the newer heroes on the scene: Red Robin. This was The Batman without the
grim. The silent protector, with more than a shadow to call hope. In him she
saw someone inspired like she was, but someone who was able to take actions
she couldn't. A degenerative bone disease had claimed much of Navi's'
mobility, and her parents, both medical experts with contacts and friends
around the world, could do nothing but watch as her body failed her in what
should have been the most active years of her life.

What medical science could not solve, it turned out, the Terrigen Mists could.
Never had she imagined in all her time chronicling heroes, looking to the
struggles of Mutants and the seeming invasion of Aliens from Beyond, did she
think the news she helped write would ever come to her doorstep. Terrorists
had decided to target Mutant protesters who dared picket a medical clinic that
would not treat them, just two blocks away. The bomb was made of stolen
Terrigen crystals, deadly to mutants, and something else entirely to Arnavi.

Arnavi was incapable of doing anything but watching as the mists descended
upon her family's home. Twenty four hours later, she was reborn. At the height
of physicality, in more than peak human condition, and with a mind that could
process sensory information faster than any normal human, she had become
Inhuman. In the aftermath of the Terrigen Mists incident, the weight of Navi's
change forced her to look to her heroes, those icons who would save the world,
as more than story pieces. These were people to aspire to be and she had
always been taught it was her responsibility to use her abilities to help
others. To her parents, she lied. Her job starting an online blog called Tiny
Heroes, about every day people making a difference, took only a small portion
of her focus and energy. The rest was committed to becoming a hero like her
idol, the Red Robin, and following in the footsteps of someone else who was
inspired to heroics like she was. What she lacked in training she made up in
raw physical capability, enough to take on the street level thugs of Gotham,
to learn the ropes, and try to become someone else's hero.

A mysterious benefactor helped Arnavi in this regard. A hero-tracker like
Arnavi had been and general font of information, the digital voice had told
her she had been selected for a team. While the Birds of Prey were a short
lived enterprise for Arnavi, she met a good friend in the Power Pigeon, a.k.a
Jessica Jones, and followed her to New York to help in the aftermath of a
terrible bombing in Hell's Kitchen. The O.R.A.C.L.E still helps her out, a
digital whisper in her ear, and Arnavi looks to Jessica as a mentor and idol
in the realm of heroics.

Recent Events

Arnavi is a recent transplant to New York, and might be seen in or out of costume hanging around Jessica Jones, a.k.a Power Pigeon.


Enthusiastic, Compassionate, Over-Eager, these are the defining traits of
Arnavi, sculpted from a life of relative security and instilled early on with
a sense of morality, she has a firm sense of right and wrong. More so, a sense
of personal responsibility that shows in everything she does. No matter how
big or small, or how whimsical she might seem in the moment, the duty to use
her abilities for good and to follow in the footsteps of those who have come
before her are paramount in her every day actions, and hiding just beneath the
otherwise bubbly exterior. Quick to joke, quicker to encourage, she'll be the
life of the party until play time's over.

RP Hooks


Character Sheet


|Navi has perfect recall, another side effect of her physiology, and part of her sensory perfection.


Navi's change blessed her with the physical prowess that far surpasses the human norm, gifting her with great strength, health, durability, and reflexes. She can lift about a ton, keep up with a speeding car and has agility and reflexes that surpass the best Olympic Athletes in the world. She'll live far longer than an average human and heals broken bones in days, rather than weeks.


Navi's primary Nuhuman gift is a subtle but powerful one. Her senses are not only enhanced to nearly ten times what a human's might be, she also has the mental and physiological processing power to match. This means her senses are not in danger of being overloaded as some hypersensitive individuals are, and she has an additional, complex sense to compliment sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch. This Sixth Sense is an amalgamation of the others, a kind of sensory echo that makes it almost seem like she can feel something dangerous coming before it happens. This ability can let her dodge bullets, anticipate attacks, and give time to react to something as sudden and deadly as a bomb going off where others might never see it coming.




Red Sparrow
Full Name: Arnavi Mehta
Code Name: Red Sparrow
Occupation: Vigilante
Reg. Status: Registered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Species Detail:
Age: 20
Height: 5'8"
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Naomi Scott
Theme Song: Just so, so many. She's like a living jukebox. You can save your progress here.
Character Type: OC
Wiki Tag: red-sparrow
Played Since: 11/17/2018

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