Among the virtually immortal Kherubim of the planet Khera, children are a
rarity. Only a small percentage of female Kherubim can conceive, and only the
first time they consumate the act. Only an even smaller percentage of that
number successfully carry the baby to term and a live birth. Because of this,
breeding is a matter of careful genetic matches to preserve the purity of the
Kherubim lords and ladies; matings with lower castes, such as the reviled
Andraste, are anathema.
Yet there are those who enjoy the perversity of the idea. Such was Xariana's
father, a high lord of the Shaper caste, who for his own amusement cast his
eyes in the gutter and laid with a Andraste girl, taking her first time, then
cruelly striking her down to ensure there would be no talk of impropriety. For
the high Shaper, there was no real thought of her after that…discarded, she
was of no use.
But she lived. And more of a miracle, she gave birth to a healthy girl,
though she died from her wounds in childbirth. The child was taken in by a
Andrastae crimelord named Armind who saw the value of a child who carried both
the powers of a Shaper and the pisonic potential of an Adrastae, giving her
the name of a beautiful but poisonous flower in the ancient tongue of the
Kherubim - Xarisana.
Xarisana grew up, trained to shape her powers, as her adopted father saw the
potential in her as both an infiltrator and assassin. However, though she
began as an asset, she became her adopted father's 'Shadow', feared enforcer
and spy. Armind became genuinely fond of his halfbreed adopted daughter.
Xarisana returned his affection, though she carried a lot of anger and
resentment towards Kherubim society for how they treated her, her mother, and
her adopted father.
Others, however, resented her place in Armind's affections, particularly his
mistress and lieutenant, an Andrastae woman named Draina. Draina had been one
of Xarisana's teachers, and was someone she trusted deeply. Convinced Armind
planned to discard her in favor of Xarisana as his successor, however, Draina
showed her true colors and betrayed her lover, and attempted to kill Xarisana
as well. The young Kherubim narrowly escaped by stealing an impounded
Daemonite scout ship and escaping far enough way that she could evade Draina's
reach, fleeing to the backwater planet known as Earth.
There, in the backstreets of New York, she came upon a dying young woman who
had overdosed on the latest designer drug. She could not save her….but she
took her identity. She became Jael Von Arx, a Swiss musician who had moved to
the Big Apple to make it big in the metal music scene, but had fallen victim
to bad luck and a weakness for drugs. Settling into her new role, she began
fitting herself into life on Earth…and plotting her vengeance and
retribution for her betrayal.

Recent Events


Xarisana is an angry young woman, frustrated by the box Kherubim society put
her in just because of the circumstances of her birth, and further because of
the betrayal of herself and her father by her former teacher, Draina. She grew
up amidst a despised caste, and it was a hard life, where she had to grow up
quickly and lost her innocence early. She fought hard for her position and
earned it as well as her adopted father's favor. But she also came to care for
her criminal 'family' and let down her guard around Draina, allowing her
teacher to overthrow her father's position and betray her. This emotional
wound makes her less likely to trust, having had it broken so badly by one she
let into her personal circle of friends and family. The pain and loss makes
her touchy and tempermental, especially against anyone who tries to look down
on her as a person.
On Earth, she's found a measure of freedom she never expected, in a world
where the rigid castes that determined worth she grew up with don't exist. Her
primary outlet is her music, which allows her to let out some of her pain and
anger in a more constructive way. It also gives her a sense of quiet pride
that she can do more than just be a thief and assassin. While she feels a
deep-seated desire for revenge against her old teacher Draina, she also is
finding she can spread her wings (metaphorically) more. While she tends to be
a realist, or even cynical, she inwardly wants to have those connections
again, as she feels isolated and alone in exile on Earth. Not that she'd admit
it easily. She tends to keep her life as Jael Von Arx and her life as Replica
firmly separate, with the Jael personality being the place she lets down her
guard just a bit and tries to live as a "normal" young woman.
Despite her realistic and sometimes harsh view of life, she does have a
certain sense of honor and justice, which can cause her to take vigilante
actions that aren't purely for her benefit. She also has a weakness for cute
things that she tries to hide, as she feels a little embarrassed that she
enjoys it, and feels it is a weakness that disrupts her persona as both Jael
and Replica. She's also a bit too used to burying softer emotions, but has
found herself increasingly and tentatively willing to let herself feel them on

RP Hooks

- Replica moonlights as a thief and spy, and can be hired by those in the know in the underground.

- Gaseous Brain Emissions frequently plays live shows around NYC and travels outside the city for gigs that could serve as a background.

- Both Kherubim nobles and criminals are actively searching for Replica.

- Replica is an illegal alien of the off-planet variety.


None currently.

Character Sheet


As part of her Andrastae heritage, Replica has minor psionic abilities - a empathic sense that allows her to sense the strong emotions of those around her and their direction, and a minor telepathic talent requiring that she be touching the person she wants to communicate with. She cannot use either of these abilities to influence or control, only to communicate telepathically and transfer information to a consenting recipient or to sense emotions. For example, she might sense a sudden urge to violence near her if someone was to attack her and be able to react, or have an idea of how suspicious someone is becoming in a conversation with her when she is pretending to be someone else. She can only experience someone else's memories or thoughts if they choose to send them to her through the link. A side effect of her telepathic talent is that she can rapidly learn a new language by touching a willing subject who speaks it, though it takes time to absorb and become fluent.

(Disclaimer: This power cannot dictate actions or reactions of another character. Attempted IC use of this ability does not guarantee success.)


Replica can morph her body into a extremely durable bio-metallic form. This makes her practically invulnerable to conventional damage, mitigating attacks by reshaping her body and sealing off injuries within moments of actual physical damage. She can also adjust the density of her body , allowing her to alter her weight and durablility, within a range of 30-1000 pounds in order to duplicate different sized individuals. This allows her to quickly recover with little physical damage or pain, though sufficiently sharp bladed weapons that damage her molecular cohesion can cause her damage. While it appears metallic, the material is nonconductive and thus does not make her susceptible to metallic weaknesses such as heat, magnetic fields, or electricty. However, she is vulnerable to extreme cold, which slows her molecules and interferes with her ability to reshape her form, while making her slightly brittle.


Replica's alien biology gives her superhuman strength, speed, reflexes, and stamina. While not super-speed, she is capable of moving extremely rapidly and reacting incredibly fast, especially when dodging close combat attacks or deflection of ranged weapons like bullets or energy blasts. She can can easily outdistance even Olympic-level human runners in short sprints and can maintain a speed of approximately 25 miles per hour over distance running. Her strength makes her capable of shattering rock or throwing full-sized humanoid one-handed. Her stamina combined with her Shaper biology allows her to maintain intense physical activity for hours at a time, though she is not always good at pacing herself, preferring short bursts of high intensity effort than long-term duration.
Her senses are well beyond human norm, allowing her to see five times as far and along a wider spectrum of vision, including better low light vision. Her hearing is similarly superior, allowing her to hear into the ultrasonic and subsonic range. While her sense of smell, touch, and taste are similarly improved, her life as primarily a city girl has not allowed her to hone those to the same extent as her vision and hearing. While still very young by Kherubim standards, she is virtually immortal and could look forward to thousands of years of life.


Replica's unique psionic gift is the ability to create a mental "copy" of an individual's pisonic signature by physical contact. Psionic defenses can block this duplication, though willpower alone is not sufficient. This is because her power only copies the outward impression of the mind in question as a psionic illusion, rather than penetrating defenses to read thoughts or memories. She cannot copy actual psionic powers, mental defenses, or willpower, only present an identical outward image of a living mind and strong emotional impressions should her target be giving them off. This duplication is temporary; the more powerful the mind behind a stolen signature, the shorter the time she can maintain it - the illusion of a powerful psionic or strong-willed mind fades faster then a weak one. A deliberate attempt to break through the illusion with telepathic or empathic abilities can reveal the deception, though a casual scan will not necessarily reveal the truth.

(Disclaimer: This ability is governed by the game's consent policy and cannot dictate another character's reaction or actions without explicit consent to do so. Attempted IC use of this ability does not guarantee success.)


Replica has two methods of shapeshifting her body into different forms. The first involves duplicating organic individuals and animals by physically touching her target and copying their unique morphic template, which allos her to precisely duplicate their genetic and physical appearance. This includes elements like fingerprints, rentinal prints, voice, scars, hair color, physical gender, or the like, and is sufficient to fool most deep scans of her physical form. While she can copy the form of a target, however, she cannot copy another metahuman's physical or mental powers, though she can mimic powers that depend purely on physical shape (having spider limbs, forming knife hands, stretching, changing colors, etc.) nor does taking that shape give her the ability to use it with the same skill. For example, she could duplicate the appearance of metal claws, but could not duplicate a special property of the metal that makes those claws up or the fighting experience in using them. This also does not remove lingering scent cues, unless she has had time to wash them away or use another scent to cover any lingering traces with something stronger, such as perfume or cologne.
The second method Replica has is a controlled shifting into a particular form that she's memorized, that she can then modify for more specific detail. In this form, she does not duplicate the deeper genetic structure of a target, only their physical appearance. This side of her ability depends more on her acting ability, as it does not duplicate mannerisms or physical tics the same way touching a target would, but offers a wider range toolbox of forms she can change into. This includes plant or non-biological forms (if they're metallic in nature), though any penetrating scan will easily reveal the bio-metallic nature of her internal structure, making it useful only for visual deception.
This also allows for more gross shifting using limited plasticity and stretching, though mass, density, and size are a limitation, allowing her to shift her body into useful forms, such as sprouting fins for underwater swimming, wings for gliding, using her fingers as lockpicks, etc. She can use her organic metal nature to change the colors of her appearance or duplicate clothing including for camouflage, as well as creating metallic shields, armor, and various close combat weapons. She often uses this last to give herself an armored costume when not shifting into another form for anonymity.




Alien Shapechanger
Alien Shapechanger
Full Name: Jael von Arx
Code Name: Replica
Occupation: Heavy Metal Singer/Lead Guitar
Aliases: Xarisana
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Neutral
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: WildCATs
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Alien
Species Detail: Kherubim Andraste/Shaper Crossbreed
Age: 27
Height: 5'11"
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Platinum Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
OOC Information
Portrayed By: None
Theme Song: "Bad Apple" - Cover by RichaadEB ft. Cristina Vee (
Character Type: FC
Universe: Original Character
Wiki Tag: Replica
Played Since: February 2019

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