His memory of his past is just as broken up as he'd been, and he can't recall much of where he's from, and the fragments he remembers clearest are the things he hates revisiting. With nowhere to go back to, Rocket has convinced himself that the best direction to keep moving is forward, and he's done that with reckless abandon. Wherever he goes, usually wanton destruction follows.

A creature cobbled together by some mad minds for a purpose lost and forgotten along with plenty of things probably best left unexplained, Rocket prides himself in claiming to be the only one of his kind, even though deep inside, it's a depressing thing to him. He's gotten into all sorts of trouble, although plenty capable of getting himself back out of it, but back then he'd been alone, fending for himself.

And then he met Groot.

One particular incarceration had found him with an unusual new cellmate, and although at first Rocket wanted nothing to do with the sentient tree-being, he eventually warmed up to the big naive guy who only spoke three words, like, ever. He started to even understand the meaning behind that simple phrase, which made their growing bond all the stronger.

It was inevitable that they'd break out, and from that moment on Rocket had gained himself a partner in crime, the brawn to his brains. Together there was nothing that could stand between them and whatever it was that they sought out, whether it was a bounty or a hot princess.

Thus was how they met Peter Quill- for the former reason, not the latter. Quill's no hot princess. But while they would have successfully apprehended the self-proclaimed Star-Lord, instead Rocket and Groot ended up arrested and imprisoned. Again. Rocket had already determined that it would be a short stay, and with countless prison breaks under his belt, he was all set for one more. Their escape was but the beginning of a beautiful and terrible friendship that would suddenly cast a new light upon him and Groot, as heroes.


Of the galaxy.

…not that it's changed their ways any. Recently they've been grounded on one planet, which may or may not be a good thing considering how many people out in that vast sea of stars seems to want to kill him. This latest problem's all on Quill though, and that's the story Rocket's sticking to.

Recent Events


One's first impression of Rocket is that he's a very surly creature, and depending on what interest he might possibly have in you, you might end up being shot at first. He doesn't seem like he has many nice things to say to people or about people in general. A snide little fellow, he actually enjoys insulting others or seeing them suffer a bit. There's no hesitation in offering a smart reply if he thinks it warranted, but then half the time it seems like he's always looking for a fight, or an excuse to punch someone or shoot them in the face.

And that's probably very true, but it's not that he absolutely hates everyone. He just…really likes blowing things up. While he's not hesitant to admit he's committed crimes like theft or murder, he claims he's only ever killed anyone because they deserved it, never out of cold blood.

For the company he keeps, one might not think much of him for intelligence, but he's rather sly, particularly when it comes to scheming and dealing with tech. He's something of a flirt, if not nearly as bad as Quill, although he doesn't understand why Terran women more often than not seem disturbed by any of his attempts.

One who doesn't understand nor take the time to would be of the opinion that Rocket thinks of himself first, Groot second, and if there's time for a third, that'd be everyone else. He'll do what it takes to survive, and he's been doing it for however many years of his little fuzzy life he's lived. Groot's been blown up how many times just to save his own skin. If Rocket wants something bad enough he'll go for it and do whatever needs doing to get it, even if the consequences might be more than he can probably handle. But in a way he probably thinks there's nothing he can't handle, especially if it's a prison cell.

Yet for all the bravado he slings about, he's easily one of the most sentimental of his ragtag team. He tries to bury that loneliness and feeling of being lost deep within, but every now and then it rears its ugly head. He's prone to crying when that happens, or if something happens to Groot, whom he's come to realize is his truest friend. Slowly but surely he's been opening up to others, but pain of the emotional sort is not something he likes to bear, which is why he tends to try keeping others at armslength. Life doesn't quite work that way, so more often than not it just means that he ends up with more people that he needs to keep an eye out for.

RP Hooks

  • Past grudge? Feeling the need to settle a score that may or may not be remembered?
  • Work with S.H.I.E.L.D.? Maybe you've seen this guy around, looting the vending machines.
  • Need WMDs? He's your guy.



Character Sheet

Rocket may be small, but he uses it to his advantage. He can get into places that most would overlook, climb onto things and fit in small spaces, his balance excellent when it comes to traversing precarious paths that would not be accessible to beings several times his size. It helps immensely in many predicaments, being the crafty escape artist that he is. He can move quickly and stealthily when needs be, especially if he lets himself run on all fours.

He's a raccoon, 'course he's got better senses than humans. This includes sharper sense of smell, hearing and seeing- Well okay, technically regular raccoons apparently have terrible eyesight so they must've fixed that when they were sciencing him. Presumably that goes along with that colorblindness…

No, really. One probably wouldn't think it when Rocket's first instinct seems to be shooting things in the face or blowing them up, but then underestimating him just works out more to his advantage. So his vocabulistics are kind of off, but he knows what he's talking about. Whoever made him into what he is today had thought it a brilliant idea to enhance animal minds to enable them the understanding of working with technology, and Rocket's taken it and run with it ever since. He uses that technological know-how to his advantage as needed. So among other things, if you need a plan to break out of a high-security prison, or a bomb of moon-exploding proportions, he's your guy.




May 27, 2020. Here Comes the Son Do-do-do-dooo

Hercules crash-lands in Midtown Manhattan, to the consternation of many. Groot, Rocket, and Isa Reichert all try to exercise damage control at the physical destruction of his landing. Hercules flees, but leaves a few items behind. Including his clothing. What.

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May 04, 2020. May The 4th Be With You

New York City is playing host to this year's Star Wars Day Parade. A parade that will culminate right in Times Square for an Immersive Intergalactic Experience like none other. Come down and see for yourself what happens when A Galaxy is Not So Far, Far Away…

Brought to you by Smoke & Mirrors Entertainment in Unofficial Association with Lucasfilm.

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March 02, 2020. First Steps

In which Isa Reichert is introduced to Phil Coulson by Groot and Rocket, and beginnings are made.

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April 02, 2020. The Outcasts of Roosevelt Island

In which Isa Reichert is visited by Rocket Raccoon, and Rocket offers a favour: Introductions to people in positions of authority.

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March 06, 2020. Philosophy in a Cup of Noodles

In which Isa Reichert has a chance meeting with Groot and Rocket Raccoon over a round of cheap cup-noodles, and discusses a number of things.

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February 29, 2020. A Little Help From Her Friends

Atli is having a hard time, but mostly because her idol is having a hard time. Rocket and Groot give a little help to their friend.

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February 16, 2020. High Score

Rocket, Groot, Carol Danvers, Phil Coulson, and Crush stop an alien ship from shooting a deadly weapon at earth. Chaos ensues.

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Ain't no one like me but me.
Ain't no one like me but me.
Full Name: Rocket Raccoon
Code Name:
Occupation: Compact Killing Machine
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Neutral
Home Turf: Gotham
Affiliations: Guardians of the Galaxy, SHIELD
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Species: Alien
Species Detail: Cybernetic genetically enhanced not-a-raccoon
Age: 20ish
Height: 4'
Build: Fuzzy
Hair Color: Gray, Black, and White
Eye Color: Red-Brown
OOC Information
Portrayed By: /Voiced By: Bradley Cooper
Theme Song: "Dear Future Self" - Fallout Boy
Character Type: FC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: rocket
Played Since: November 18, 2018

Last Posted Activity: 28 May 2020 05:59

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