Rozmeri Rosario


Rozmeri was born in NYC, to a mother who worked as a housekeeper and caretaker, and a father who worked as a dishwasher of a restaurant. Her mother was a pious, devout woman who came to the US as a child from Puerto Rico, and
her father was a first-generation son of Dominican immigrants. He was also a mutant - subtly but obviously. He kept his hair long and tied back to hide his antennae, and wore long sleeves and long pants with gloves to hide the chitinous growths around his knuckles and joints. He could "pass" casually, but not on close inspection. They had bright hopes that their daughter wouldn't be persecuted when she grew up, should she turn out to take after her father— but when they held the one year old daughter and watched the news coverage on the Brotherhood of Mutants, they knew Rozmeri's future would not be as bright as the hoped.

Luckily, Rozmeri didn't develop any unusual outward signs of her father's… condition. Not until she was five or six and started to say things she had no business knowing. Through trial and error her parents realized Rozmeri had a highly developed sense of smell. They urged and warned her to keep it quiet from an early age- they weren't entirely sure yet if it was a simple sensitivity or a mutant ability, but why take the risk? So Rozmeri kept it a secret, at first through obedience and later through fear as she grew up and heard trickles on the news of people like her father being hurt for looking

As she grew up, it became very obvious that Rozmeri's sense of smell far exceeded normal human limits. Puberty confirmed she was her father's daughter when her ability to change her own scent kicked in, and it was an embarrassing period of her life before she could control her abilities - imagine smelling like a NYC subway station in the middle of class, or like someone spilled a cherry vodka on you at the mall. Eventually she learned to control it and have fun with her power, but always with her parents' warnings in her ears to keep low key and continue passing for normal.

Their voices were drowned out by Rozmeri's own misgivings about mutantkind and the superpowered, extraterrestrial and other Others. To be perfectly honest, while she sympathized with her "kind" and Others, she is not a fan of "flashy" heroes. Her feelings about heroes in general are complicated, as she is grateful for the good they do to protect the world, and she believes they think they're doing good, but she resents the fear and terror they garner as extreme examples of powers. She's not dangerous, so why should she be lumped in with the guy who sweats radioactive wastes?? But— in the end, they're still "her" people. When her father lost his job as a dishwasher thanks to prejudice, it was another mutant who helped him find another job that wouldn't push him into illegal activity to pay the bills.

Luckily, when she hit adulthood, mutants paled in the face of realms and aliens, so she could focus on going to college part-time and working full-time at whatever job she could get, to help her family out. But as she wrapped up her bachelor's degree, demons invaded New York and rumors of the registration act began to percolate through the community. Rozmeri, under the encouragement of her family, signed up for the Masters scholarship offered by Wayne Enterprises, frantically rushing to complete all the details within the deadline to qualify. And qualify she did! Just in time. Her parents remain in New York, saving up so they can eventually move - her father at risk of registration at any moment, while Rozmeri takes her jaded self to Gotham, confident that it can't throw anything at her she hasn't already seen in New York.

Recent Events


On the surface, Rozmeri wears her New York City attitude as a shield, a badge, and a point of pride. She's suspicious, snarky, and blunt to the point of seeming aggressive, if one's not used to the brash attitude. With those she's close to (and who are fluent in Citygirl), Rozmeri is friendly, as helpful as she thinks is smart to be, and sociable person. Despite being social, however, her x-gene inheritance means she doesn't make too many deep connections outside of those in her "in" group. She can be a little single-minded, but at heart she's a normal girl from the Heights with ambitions and a good (if broke) upbringing who doesn't particularly see herself as hero material. That's for the professional life-riskers.

RP Hooks

Rozmeri is a native! She lived in the Heights, where her parents remain, and she visits on occasion. She loves her city. She doesn't love the demon attacks, alien invasions, and - the absolute worst - the mandated registration, so she's not likely to move back. Did you know her?

Gotham University
She's got a full scholarship into a Business Communication Masters program, through one of the Wayne Foundation scholarship programs. You can see her around campus!


Character Sheet

Rozmeri has an incredibly advanced sense of smell and scent memory. A bloodhound has a sense of smell roughly 300 times better than a human. A bear has a sense of smell 7 times better than a bloodhound. Rozmeri falls closer to the bear, and she can identify, analyze, and recall scents as well. Much of this is "white noise" in her daily life, and just as most people cannot recall the face of strangers on the bus unless they actively attempt to, neither can she recall scents without prompting, reminding, or an effort to remember. Her memory for odors, however, is extremely good, and she knows when she's smelled something before. Her ability to process scents comes as part of the package, allowing her to live in cities comfortably, through exposure.

Rozmeri has the ability to physiologically create and exude whatever odorants she chooses: these are distinctly NOT "pheromones" only the scent itself, and it must be something she has smelled previously or a combination of previous scents. She can dampen her odor but not remove it, nor can she remove already present scents, but she can exude smells to overpower or change what is already present. While she can also strengthen her scent, it is not to the point of filling large spaces quickly: some time is still required for the scent to spread, though this is more quickly done if she moves within the area. More complex scents also take somewhat longer to generate than simple, one-note scents - it's easier to smell like apple pie than completely take on another person's scent.



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Full Name: Rozmeri Rosario
Code Name:
Occupation: Masters student, receptionist
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Neutral
Home Turf: Gotham
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Species Detail: Mutant
Age: 24
Height: 5'5"
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Brown
OOC Information
Portrayed By:
Theme Song:
Character Type: OC
Universe: Original Character
Wiki Tag: rozmeri-rosario
Played Since: 3 July 2019

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