Ruby Walker


A child born of secrecy and sorcery, Ruby was born to a fae sorceress and a
half-mortal sorcerer that lead a cult dedicated to the goal of ascension to
immortality. The circumstances her conception were mystery enough, to Lily
herself it was little more than story and myth amongst the caretakers of the
Cult she'd been raised by. Claims of being chosen for deliverance to join the
divine with a child born of fae and mortal. Tutored by her father in mystical
arts to nourished her talents all while feeding her stories of some great
destiny to bring her father's designs into guiding this world of chaotic,
savage and reckless humanity. A destiny she'd been perfectly supportive of
until one night the true nature of what this meant.

Her mother, whom she'd been seperated from at birth came to her in a dream
different from so many she'd had before. In it she spoke of the truth, of the
millions of deaths that would come at the cults hand and their intended
immortal tyranny that would come once they were finally ready to 'ascend'. At
the heart of this perverse ascension was the sacrifice of Lily herself to
extract and harvest her soul to power their own immortality. At first, Ruby
had refused to believe this vision, but as she woke she followed the path
shown to her in her 'dream' and found the notes on the ritual hidden in her
father's study.

The reality of this 'destiny' she'd been raised to fullfil was too much for
the young woman to bare and a horrified Lily has fled out into the world,
managing to break free only due to the cult never expecting her sudden
unwillingness. Fleeing from the hidden community, Lily tried and find both
freedom and a new destiny for herself where she might use her powers to truely
make the world a better place rather than let it fall into the hands of

Recent Events


Ruby has spent her life raised by a cult, doted on and unknowingly groomed to
bring forth an event that may well have allowed the devestation of the world
until she found the truth out for herself. Even so, she's a good person at
heart and wants to help people in need with her talents. Despite everything
trained into her, she still carries a need for people to like and accept her.
She wants friends, love and family and still carries a certain brashness of
youth to act even when others could handle the same problem.

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Character Sheet

FAE-HYBRID: Ruby is half-fae, a hybrid of a union of a human being and a fae-folk. Aside from this being the cause of her ability to use magic, as a hybrid she is immune to the effects of aging and extremely resistant to disease or illness. Unlike some full-blooded Fae of certain varieties, Ruby suffers no harm from being exposed to iron. She is however, no more resistant to trauma then an average human being.

HEALING: By channeling her fae heritage and its inherent 'life', Lily is able to 'lay hands' on the injured and dying, channeling her power to close their wounds. If she is not injured beyond the point of using her powers, Lily can use this this healing on herself.

MAGIC: Owing to her herritage, natural talent and a strict tutoring, Ruby is an extremely powerful and talented Sorceress, considered one of the best of her world. With magic so central to her being and existance the Witch has spent the years of her youth studying with Fae and mages of other skills and disciplines, adapting and adding what she can to further her own magical pool of spells and conjuring.

SORCERY: Witchdaughter's greatest skill. Ruby has always had a natural talent hardened by religious study and real-world struggle that has made her an unothodox but powerful mage. Weaving extremely complex and potent spells with ease, Ruby does tend to have a focus towards more 'direct' magic rather then convoluted enchantments. Controlling the elements, wielding mana and healing others are all techniques she favors along with telekinetic magics for moving objects and personal flight.




Daughter of Magic who fled from home
Daughter of Magic who fled from home
Full Name: Ruby Walker
Code Name: WitchDaughter
Occupation: Sorceress… Part-time Waitress
Aliases: Witchdaughter
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Fae-born
Age: 19
Height: 5'2"
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Platinum Blonde
Eye Color: Violet
OOC Information
Portrayed By: None
Theme Song:
Character Type: FC
Universe: Original Character
Wiki Tag: ruby-walker
Played Since: May 2019

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