Rule Britannia


Michael Carter was born in 1915 in London, England. His parents, Harrison and Amanda, were conservative and respectable. Michael's younger sister, Margaret, was not. He accepted her as she was before he was old enough to realize that she subverted the strict gender roles of the time. He'd spend the next twenty years trying to help his sister resist conformity.

Michael was already a soldier when World War II broke out. What his family didn't know was that he had been recruited early into the Special Operations Executive, an espionage agency tasked with stopping threats to Britain before they grew too large. When the Nazis got too close to discovering his activities, the SOE faked his death.

Michael was an excellent spy, a loyal soldier and a deft hand at tactics and infiltration. He was also in excellent shape. Between that and the fact that everyone thought he was dead made him an ideal candidate for an experimental program. So when the Strategic Scientific Reserve offered to augment one of their men as a show of solidarity and alliance, Michael seemed the ideal candidate.

Against the protests of Doctor Erskine that the formula was not yet ready, Michael was dosed with the serum. Unfortunately, Erskine was right. It's possible the procedure would have been successful had Michael's superior not pulled the plug halfway through. Or perhaps it wouldn't have mattered. Either way, the side effects were severe. He had to use a special suit to protect his raw skin. Erskine said that the serum magnified everything about a person. In Michael's case, it magnified his goodness and inherent gentleness to the point where it made him unable to hurt anyone, even to save his own life. The drug he was on took him too far the other way. The rather desperate British Intelligence used him for many missions that would in the years that followed, be classified as war crimes - or at the very least, shameful acts.

He was active for two years after the war before the SOE realized they couldn't keep using him. Michael was essentially a superstrong psychopath while on the drugs, and they worried they couldn't keep control of him. As well, the suit they designed to protect him was imperfect. So Michael was placed into stasis in a bunker beneath the London neighbourhood of Holborn. He would stay there for twelve years. His superior who had ordered him to take part in Project Rebirth always felt responsible for what had happened to him. He made sure that their scientists continued to work on ways to counteract the effects and take him out of stasis.

Michael had the Cold War to thank for the technology that eventually allowed him to come out of stasis. Advances in pharmaceuticals helped British Intelligence counteract some of the negative side effects of the serum. The drug they developed allowed him to have a normal level of empathy - though perhaps too cold for him to be quite himself. Although British Intelligence would never admit it, it made him a better agent.

They compensated for Michael's supersensitive skin by laying a microfine mesh over his entire body and melding it to his skin. This not only removed the hypersensitivity, it gave him durability comparable to the supersoldier serum's intentions. At that point, he still needed to receive regular injections to prevent him from becoming completely passive.

Once he was fully recovered, Michael was assigned to a nameless secret branch of MI-6. They were officially part of MI-6 but were not subject to nearly as much oversight. For those who were aware of their existence, they were nicknamed MI-6.5. Michael carried out several missions over the course of the Cold War when an exceptional agent was needed.

At this point, the technology was still catching up. Michael still needed to spend periodic bouts in stasis, often between missions. Between that and his already slowed aging, Michael was able to experience the rest of the 20th Century, and into the 21st.

Thanks to the invention of the microchip, Michael's injections to counteract the serum's side effects was replaced with a subcutaneous microchip. The mesh on his skin became self-repairing. He received an ocular implant for HUD mission profiles. He was, in effect, a cyborg.

The life of a super secret, slow-aging spy didn't exactly leave time for a real life. Up until four years ago, Michael still had to periodically return to stasis. He hasn't known anything but the mission in a long time, and anyone he considered a friend had been long dead.

About a year ago, he reconnected with his sister after he was sent to New York on a joint mission between MI-6.5 and SHIELD. At first, Peggy was furious at him for faking his death, but time and conversation have smoothed things over between the siblings. The mission given to him by his superiors did not keep him busy all day, every day. For a man who was used to being laser focused on a mission, having free time was both unsettling and uncomfortable.

Michael's boredom and a desire to return to the kind of life he was used to sent him on an ill-fated mission to Norway. He was ambushed, shot, and left for dead. The failed mission meant he was disavowed by MI-6.5. Fortunately, he was rescued from Norway and his cybernetic systems repaired.

Then, Michael started being hunted by agents from many different agencies. Someone had put out a hit on him, but he wasn't sure who. For his own protection, and as a way to get to the bottom of the conspiracy that seemed to infect the highest levels of the intelligence community, Peggy asked, and Michael agreed to join SHIELD. Now they face an investigation into a rot at the highest and deepest levels of espionage. He doesn't know who he can trust, other than his sister, and his former handler, Rami Ghai who defected from MI-6.5 to join SHIELD.

Recent Events

Michael was recently disavowed from MI-6.5, nearly killed several times, and now he finds himself as a field agent at SHIELD. Not awkward at all.

He is registered, but under the name Jacob Wilkinson, with no mention of the supersoldier serum. In the files, all of his abilities are attributed to cybernetic modifications.


Before he was given the serum, Michael Carter was kind, fair and supportive of the people in his life. He was also loyal to his country and a fine solider. After the serum, his empathy was cranked so high that he became incredibly passive. He's had to be on several different iterations of drugs to push his empathy to a standard human level. Currently, he is an efficient, pragmatic and stoic agent who avoids unnecessary bloodshed and civilian casualties. He hasn't had a life outside of his job in a very long time.

He has a wry, dry sense of humour, and is in some ways a stereotypical Englishman of a certain era and class. He's also a clothes horse, though he's been in the trenches too often and for too long to ever be called a snob.

Michael will not hesitate to use deadly force when the mission calls for it - and his idea of 'calls for it' is broader than your typical field agent. He's used to high-stakes scenarios where extreme prejudice is the rule rather than the exception. In a lot of ways, he's a stone cold killer wrapped in a charming English package, though he's not without empathy (and in some cases suffered from an excess of it.) Having to stick around to witness the effects of his actions (rather than going back into stasis) and reconnecting with family has calmed his absolutism and his willingness to pull the trigger - but not by much.

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Character Sheet

Augmented Human
The supersoldier serum did not work as intended, but it still left Michael with some augmented abilities. His strength is roughly double that of an Olympic weightlifter. He can sprint equivalent to the fastest un-augmented humans. His eyesight is about twenty percent above human maximum, as is his sense of hearing. His reflexes are lightning fast and he's extremely dexterous. The serum also slowed his aging to about a third of a normal human's.

Skin Mesh
His skin mesh gives him extreme durability to the point of deflecting bullets. This doesn't count for sensitive areas such as his eyes and mouth. The mesh is self-repairing, in that given a few hours, it can reinforce areas that might have been worn down by combat. The skin also insulates his body from blows and falls, protecting him from injury. The mesh also deflects knife thrusts. However, it's not impenetrable. A high calibre bullet at point blank range could penetrate his skin, as could a melee weapon wielded with superhuman strength. The downside of this of course, is that medical attention becomes difficult if his skin IS breached. The mesh will continue to attempt to self-repair unless a command is sent to it to stop, which could mean his skin could close up with a bullet inside. The skin beneath is also incredibly sensitive, which would leave him in extreme levels of pain.

Cybernetic Implants
In addition to a subcutaneous microchip that steadies his mental state, Michael has an ocular implant that gives him a head's up display. This can display real-time translations of languages he doesn't know, bring up case files, scan for facial recognition and match it against databases, and receive text messages from his handlers. The implant can also superimpose elements onto his field of vision, such as directions and objective highlighting. It also helps him with targeting firearms and can track the movements of opponents to give him an edge in hand-to-hand combat.




Rule Britannia
Peggy Carter's soldier brother who everyone thought was dead. Turns out he's a spy who got injected with an incomplete version of the supersoldier serum.
Peggy Carter's soldier brother who everyone thought was dead. Turns out he's a spy who got injected with an incomplete version of the supersoldier serum.
Full Name: Michael Vincent Carter
Code Name: Rule Britannia
Occupation: Secret Agent Man
Aliases: Rule Britannia, Jacob Wilkinson, Redacted
Reg. Status: Registered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: SHIELD
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Born human, augmented with the supersoldier serum and altered with cybernetic implants.
Age: 113
Height: 6'
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Dan Stevens
Theme Song:
Character Type: FC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: rule-britannia
Played Since: November 20, 2018

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