A product of two cultures, two worlds, smashing together and combining into one that didn't fit into either truly. Taiki's father Erik Duron was a service-man in the United States Navy stationed in Japan. As often happened with the foreign military forces Erik got in a relationship with a local woman named Kimiko Sato. It could have been true love, but Taiki would never know it. His family never spoke of his father and he learned at a young age to not ask questions as it only seemed to bring shame and silent recriminations.

Growing up wasn't easy. He didn't fit in with the foreign students and didn't fit in with the japanese students. To the former hwas too Japanese, to the latter he was a mongrel mutt half-Gaijin. He overcompensated for this by trying to please everyone and never pleased anyone not knowing that the system was rigged against him. It might have been different if his mother and father were married but that was another source of shame heaped on his shoulders. A reminder of the failings of his mother.

He stood out by being bigger than most of his peers, but that had advantages. In the various martial arts and kendo classes he took his size and strength was a bonus. Socially much less so. Growing up a loner was not an easy childhood but somehow he survived. It wasn't until his grandfather passed that things changed. His mother sent him to the United States to be with his father. As the son of a US Citizen he had dual citizenship so the process was relatively painless. Unfortunately it was another clash of cultures and even in the states he didn't fit in for many years.

He was introduced to a variety of other martial arts in the united states, while he had learned Judo, Karate, and Kendo in Japan he was introduced to thai kickboxing, brazilian jiu-jitsu, and other disciplines in the States. Life became even more confusing when his mutant or meta-gene expressed as a teenager. It happened while he was working in class. His mind connected with the computer system and he suddenly had access to the whole network. The thing was it wasn't on the computer per se, it was all in his mind.

Experimentation and practice taught him the limits of his ability. He had to be physically in contact with a network to have access to it, and those computers had to be physically connected by cable (Ethernet or Coax) for him to move from machine to machine. A wireless connection blocked him entirely, his ability didn't work with wifi signals at all. He also learned that he couldn't just command a computer to do his bidding, but he did have direct access to the code of all software running on the computer. From the BIOS to the Operating System to the individual programs.

Fortunately he was very smart, American schools were downright laughable compared to the studies he did in his homeland. He learned a variety of languages but the hardest to learn was Cobol, the language that old bank software uses, their core systems still use it today. Java, C (and it's variants), Basic, Binary, Ruby, Python, Unix, Linux, the variety of Windows, he learned them all.

This didn't do anything good for his social life as he was archetyped into the 'Asian Nerd' group, which he also didn't fit in. It was martial arts that bridged the gap between him and his estranged father. They never were 'close' as Erik had married and had other children, Taiki's half-siblings. He graduated highschool at the top of his class. College was a series of classes, Taiki unable to really find anything that truly called to him and while he gathered enough classes for multiple degrees his constant changing of major's meant he never graduated at all.

It was the stories of Superman. The legend of Batman. The history of Captain America that finally inspired him. All around there was problems with crime. With super villains. With regular criminals. The answer was vigilante's and heroes. Natural outsiders, but behind the mask it didn't matter what his history and background were.

He knew that he would have to develop a persona and learn how to blend in. He inserted accounts into various banking institutions. Created them whole cloth at the server level while inside individual banks or from ATM's. He didn't steal the money, he invented it whole cloth. Not enough to make waves as the system software just saw them as regular accounts. From there it was learning etiquette and society, getting past his rough edges so he could fit in.

After that it was polishing up his combat skills and making a hero persona for himself. Created accounts enabled him to have custom gear created, almost completely untraceable. Eventually he took the Japanese word for Scorpion as his vigilante name and decided to jump into the deep end of the pool.

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Taiki is a man trying to find who he is. He knows who he thinks he needs to be but he isn't certain he actually is that person. He is smart and has goals but is becoming something of an adrenaline junky. As his confidence grows he'll become more comfortable in his own skin. Until then he is in the 'fake it till you make it' stage. He is smart and well educated though and has spent the time to learn the social skills to blend in almost anywhere.

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Character Sheet

ELECTRONIC DATA MANIPULATION: Taiki has the mutant ability to manipulate data on systems he can touch or are physically connected to the system he is touching. He can read, write, and alter data at the speed of thought with a few caveats. He must know the software language it was written in, and he must know the spoken language to understand the symbols. For example, not knowing Portuguese he cannot manipulate data written in that language. At least not intelligibly.

He is also blocked by wireless connectivity. His consciousness cannot travel via wifi needing direct contact with the network being altered if it is not connected by hardline to the internet.




Vigilante Coder
Vigilante Coder
Full Name: Taiki Sato
Code Name: Sassori
Occupation: Computer Specialist
Reg. Status: Registered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: None
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Mutant
Age: 26
Height: 6'
Build: Fit and Trim
Hair Color: Platinum Blond
Eye Color: Green
OOC Information
Portrayed By: None
Theme Song:
Character Type: OC
Universe: Original Character
Wiki Tag: sassori
Played Since: October 2019
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