Jonathan Crane knew fear early in life, tormented by his father's own interest in the emotional responses to terror. He was locked in darkness for hours, and that sensory deprivation was used as a means to terrorize the boy. Changes in temperature, scent, sounds, and textures was enough to drive a young Crane to a fear that he would soon use as his weapon against the world.

His father died during one of these experiments, leaving Crane locked in darkness without any hope of rescue. In fact, he was locked in that dark place for days before he was found.

The trauma of that early childhood event never left Jonathan until his early teens when he realized he could not just control his own fear by the fear of others.

He set his sights on psychology, and eventually became a practicing psychologist (with a double-major in chemistry and a minor in mechanical engineering) with a concentration in phobias. He worked first as a consultant to the GCPD before ending up in Arkham. There he developed his fear-inducing neurotoxins that he would then release onto the Gotham population.

It was in the early years of Batman and his boy wonder that Crane adopted the persona of Scarecrow. He tormented the Gotham citizens in countless attacks with gas, injections, and other ways in which to incite fear. He ended up in and out of Arkham as a patient over the years.

Crane has recently been released from Arkham after a final appeal where Crane's actual identity as the Scarecrow was tested, Crane's defense supported by the new distrust centering around Batman and his Family — after all, Crane has been imprisoned time and time again by Batman. Obviously Batman was targeting him, and there was hints that perhaps Batman had been a patient of his at some point — obviously the Bat-loving vigilante being quite insane.

His appeal was granted — helped by some strangely recent news of a Scarecrow-like villain attacking the conference center during the regional conference of the American Association of Psychologists. The newspapers simply covered it as falsely-accused Arkham psychologist finally cleared of the terrible crimes of Scarecrow.

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Dr. Jonathan Crane is cultured and well-educated, giving him quite a superiority complex around those of lesser achievement. He tends toward psychoanalysis when around strangers and allies alike, gauging each individual on what makes them tick — and what they fear. He disregards most authority as blockades in the way of his goals. When he wears his burlap and noose, Scarecrow is obsessive and laser-focused on the immediacy of his plans. He will throw allies to the wolves if they get in his way, and ranks the villains of Gotham based on who he can rule over and who stands in his way of having complete control of the city. He puts on airs of friendship, but is truly out for his own gains.

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Character Sheet

TOXIN IMMUNITY: For reasons unknown — this is Gotham City after all — Crane is immune to most toxins, including his own.




Tell me, what do you fear?
Tell me, what do you fear?
Full Name: Dr. Jonathan Crane
Code Name: Scarecrow
Occupation: Psychologist
Aliases: None
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Villain
Home Turf: Gotham
Affiliations: Gotham's Villains
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Species Detail: None
Age: 48
Height: 6'0"
Build: Wiry Athletic
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Cillian Murphy
Theme Song: Change (In the House of Flies) - Deftones
Character Type: VFC
Universe: DC
Wiki Tag: scarecrow
Played Since: 1 November 2019

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