Carmilla grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania. They had three stop lights, not one, but they didn't have much else. A cinema and a Walmart were local highlights. She did well in school and was popular and friendly until a freak accident at her prom rendered her "date" and best friend comatose from a dose of poison through her powers. Her hair and eyes began to turn green.

Carmilla ran away from home to get away from the consequences of this realization and began living on the streets for a time, traveling from place to place. Terrified she'd hurt her family if she went back to her previous home. She didn't return until she discovered her parents had been murdered.

AIM convinced Carmilla her parents had been murdered by the government for failing to help them track her down. She joined with AIM and worked for them a time, but was captured by SHIELD, who set the record straight and used her as a mole within the AIM organization. Her parents worked for AIM. She was not their child, they were her handlers. She was actually the daughter of the then Scientist Supreme, Monica Rappaccini, and the subject of a genetics program to produce a perfect child. Her "parents" had been murdered to draw her out into the open so AIM could reacquire their asset.

Finding out her parents were AIM agents and she was actually the daughter of AIM's former Scientist Supreme set Carmilla on the warpath. The fact she was a genetically engineered "perfect human being", who's X gene and general makeup was designed to make her into a chemical weapons suite really affected her ability to rationalize. Carm demolished several AIM operations by relaying confidential information to SHIELD, and in the process learned how to utilize her powers. Some other factions of AIM assisted her, using it to alter their power struggles. This was very helpful in the short term but also made SHIELD wary of Carmilla.

Now Carmilla works with SHIELD doing espionage work and moonlights as a mercenary as part of her investigations. She still has a lot to come to grips with in the near future. Her next goal? Find the other children who survived AIM's genetic modifications. Her "siblings". People who might be like her.

Recent Events

Found a lead on scientists who worked with the AIM team that created Carmilla. Evaluating the situation before she goes in.


Quiet and somewhat acerbic, Carmilla pairs a certain internal vulnerability with a deadpan wisecracking exterior. She is trustworthy but slow to trust, and also extremely pragmatic. Her biggest moral hardline lies along the use of her powers under battlefield conditions. She could cause a LOT of collateral damage, and her reluctance to use all but the most basic expressions of her abilities in a fight for that reason is often a source of consternation for her friends and allies or hardship for herself.

RP Hooks

  • AIM - Carmilla is the daughter of Monica Rappaccini, former Scientist Supreme of AIM and arguably the most influential member of the organization. She has her ardent supporters and her haters. Do you work for AIM? Do you hate them? Have you been hired to bring her daughter back home - or in a body bag?
  • Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy - Carmilla was pressed into service with SHIELD as a spy, is a former member of AIM, and openly works as a freelance mercenary. She has a reputation for getting the job done and word is that she's far more dangerous than her looks would suggest. Are you on to her about her relationship with SHIELD? Do you need a mercenary?
  • Homo Superior - Carmilla is more than just a mutant, she is a mutant who was genetically engineered for perfection. She doesn't really get tired, she's incredibly fast and also quite strong for her size. She doesn't get sick. She's also a walking, talking engine of Mass Destruction. Carmilla doesn't want to use her powers to their fullest extent. Maybe you want her to. Or worry she might.
  • Shooting The Breeze - Carm needs to unwind once in awhile. She goes to bars, concerts, or roller derbying. You might find her involved in extreme sports. She's a former street kid, so don't expect her at any formal balls.
  • Streetwise - Carmilla has connections to some gangs, she knows a few fences, and she's skilled in pickpocketing, stealth, and other street skills. You might know her, or she might look to you to solve a problem.
  • Mutant - Carmilla is a mutant, and if you're interested in her kind you'll have reason to run into her. She might even associate with the X-Men if they get her attention. She's never had that sort of guidance with her unique skills.



Drake Riley
Beach Buddies

Cave Man Sam here tried to brain me with a frisbee. Needs to work on those pickup lines. Is that how they do it in Cali?

Character Sheet

BIOLOGICAL IMMUNITY: Carmilla has a mutated axillary lymph system which naturally absorbs harmful toxins and chemical build ups in her blood, including all known poisons, heavy metals, radiation bombardment, et cetera. These chemicals are stored in her body. This allows her to be entirely immune to such attacks. She can survive the direct aftermath of a nuclear weapon or biological attack unscathed.

CHEMICAL STING: Toxins absorbed are converted into a biological weapon that is execreted from her left arm. The standard toxin can easily stun an adult human (or several in close proximity) and can even be used to kill. She can replicate just about any chemical to which she has been exposed, even rare poisons and chemical weapons. As a result, this power could be deployed to initiate a serious biological or chemical attack were Carmilla so inclined. The toxin would need to be spread, but even air could be suitable. Less pernicious uses include dosing nearby people with drugs like CBD or mild hallucinogens.

PERFECTED PHYSIQUE: Carmilla's body keeps her in perfect physical shape. She can eat anything and process the nutrients while rejecting any toxic elements, and her body actually absorbs and reutilizes lactic acid and other fatigue toxins so she almost never becomes tired. Her need for sleep comes to only a couple hours a night and she can go a few days without rest if necessary. Carmilla's natural agility borders on superhuman. She is also near the top of human physicality in terms of strength despite her size.




Genetically engineered Weapon of Mass Destruction.
Genetically engineered Weapon of Mass Destruction.
Full Name: Carmilla Black AKA Thasanee Rappaccini
Code Name: Scorpion
Occupation: Mercenary and Spy
Aliases: Thasanee, Carm
Reg. Status: Registered
Alignment: Neutral
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: SHIELD, Mercenary
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Species Detail: Mutant
Age: 21
Height: 5'2"
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Green, Formerly Brown
Eye Color: Green, Formerly Blue
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Kailee Morgue
Theme Song: "You're Gonna Go Far, Kid" - The Offspring
Character Type: FC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: scorpion
Played Since: 5/9/2019

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