Sebastien Cortez


Sebastien Cortez was born in Monterrey Mexico to a large catholic family. As the eldest of five siblings a great deal was expected of him. From taking care of his brothers and sister when he was younger to helping at his father's grocery store when he was old enough. Despite his passion always leaning towards the art, constantly drawing and painting and even dabbling in sculpture, he was expected to pursue a 'respectable' profession when he came of age. Pushed into academia with the family business in mind, Sebastien came to the States on a scholarship to study for an MBA in business and receive his CPA license to become an accountant. Though he never returned to his family home or business, he sends what money he can back to the family to assist his aging parents.

Coming to New York was a bit of a culture shock for young Bastien, who went from a very family-oriented community to a land of distant chaos where connections of any sort were hard to find. Even after he graduated college and received his Masters, he found the corporate work force cold and unwelcoming. When the housing bubble broke in 2015, getting let go from his position at Morgan Stanley was actually a blessing in disguise. Though broke and needing to do taxes for neighbors and their families to get by, he became much happier with the personal interactions and the gratitude he received from those he helped rather than the faceless monotony of the financial firm.

Sebastien first knew he was different in his mid-teens, even though he didn't understand the extent of his powers or how to control them until he was in his early twenties and met a mutant in his same apartment building through embarrassing circumstances. While his downstairs neighbor was making a terrible racket late at night he got angry enough to accidentally use his powers, creating a portal through the floor where he fell into her home and interrupted her and her current fling. Ita laughed off the situation, tossed the man out, and became fast friends with the Bastien. A fire manipulator herself, she taught Bastien how to harness and control his power through discipline and concentration.

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  • Sebastien is a quiet, well-mannered soul.
  • Typically even-tempered and logical rather than relying on emotions to rule the day.
  • He tends to fidget when nervous.
  • Patient to a fault, he'll tolerate others when it comes to himself even to the point of abuse, but don't mess with someone he cares about.

RP Hooks


Character Sheet

Gateway Creation - Similar to Portal Creation, Sebastien can create temporary gateways or doors through objects and materials up to three meters thick without needing an 'exit' point of reference. Thus he can do things like walk through walls without having to leave a mark on the opposite side.

Portal Blast - Instead of using the energy of a portal to transport people or objects from one place to another, with concentration he can release the energy of a portal in a short term (less than three seconds each) and short range (up to twenty feet) blast.

Portal Creation - Sebastien has the ability to open portals between his current location and a location that he has imbued with his 'mark'. Typically this means he has to have visited the location prior to wanting to open such a portal, but he can also imbue an object as small as a coin with the mark and have it delivered or dropped where he wishes the exit to the portal to appear. Because his portals need an entrance and an exit, inter-dimensional travel is beyond his capabilities. (OOC: For now, may develop through longterm RP)




Full Name: Sebastien Cortez
Code Name:
Occupation: Accountant by day, by night: also an accountant.
Aliases: Bastien
Reg. Status: Registered
Alignment: Neutral
Home Turf: NYC
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Mutant
Age: 32
Height: 5'10"
Build: Trim with a bit of fluff.
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Alfonso Herrera
Theme Song:
Character Type: OC
Universe: Original Character
Wiki Tag: sebastien-cortez
Played Since: 2019

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