Greta Hayes grew up with two parents and a brother. She was fairly normal. Her
brother, however, was a freak job with more issues than a magazine stand; he
sacrificed her at seventeen in a ritual to a demon (Named Buzz, if you can
believe it), gaining immense power and a weapon of untold strength. Greta,
well she kind of died.

That wasn't the end of Greta's story. It was the beginning. Due to the manner
of her death, there were apparently more options available than normal. In
this case, Death didn't take Greta, it recruited her. She was given a job, to
be a gateway between the living and the dead; a Death Warder, Death's personal
assistant. That was background though, the gist of it is that she was sent
back to Earth in incorporeal form. Life and comics being what they are though,
she woke up in captivity. It seems she accidentally killed someone when she
came back to Earth, and was caught by the DEO, the Department of Extranormal
Operations. Held in captivity from her first coherent thought, Greta had no
idea what her name was, who she was, or what had happened.

So…this was her life, she thought.

Meeting the other kids, the nameless mist girl found out that she wasn't the
only child being kept here. This was a testing facility for 'dangerous' young
people, they called it an 'orphanage'. She found out, fairly quickly, that she
could actually get out of her bottle from time to time. Wandering the facility
in the ducts, she met others. Good kids, many of whom were kept in locked
rooms like herself, too dangerous to be allowed out.

The bottle girl, herself, was always kept secret though. She had to be careful
never to be caught outside her bottle. From overhearing some conversations,
she knew. If she were ever thought to be a danger, she'd be 'sterilized'. That
didn't sound good. Not good at all.

The Secret girl needs help. So one day she chose to run.

Recent Events


Greta was a good person when she was alive. That hasn't changed much, though she has lost most of her memories. To her, life began when she awoke trapped in a tube in the Department of Extranormal Operations' (DEO) laboratory. She made friends there, there were other kids, so she's not completely without interaction. But life in a bottle, constantly being tested, is not a fun life. She's never known freedom, the only relationships she's had are with scientists and the kids who were also there for testing, and has a tendency to cause irrational fear in anyone around her. Yet her life, as a decent young lady, is still there in the background influencing her. She is, and will always be, pretty quiet, pretty calm, and pretty tough. Gotta learn from the new life too, after all.

Also being a warder of death has a certain emotional requirement, but that goes deeper. A deep, hard darkness lies inside little Miss Hayes. The ability to take a person to their fate is not a light burden to carry, and she keeps it inside where it's not going to hurt her friends. Inside, but not gone. When she needs it Greta can bring up that dark side, and then there are depths of terror she can and will inflict on those around her. She doesn't like doing it, but it doesn't stop her. Oh no, if you truly deserve it, she will be judgement itself on your ass. Death chose her for this capacity, and it is true. But so is the love, and the willingness to trust her friends. Whoever they will be in this world.

RP Hooks

Greta/Secret is wanted by the authorities. She's done nothing wrong that she can remember, but still, wanted.

Also a murder victim, with a supervillain brother who did said murdering.

Exceedingly useful for infiltration, can pretend to be anyone so long as they don't mind looking kind of brown and hazy.

Very curious, given the complete lack of danger in most situations.


Character Sheet

DEAD: Greta does not need food or drink in order to survive. She actually hasn't survived, so that would tend to make sense. Oxygen is optional, being stabbed is a joke, and most forms of attack are non-issues. Psionics can still affect her, though psychics find her mind to be a challenge, and delving too deeply can bring them near to the Abyss. Magic can affect her with normal ease, so long as it is not trying to treat her like a solid person.

DEATH: Greta can sense when someone is about to die. She can also sense ghosts and spirits, and if needed, can guide them to the other side. Or forcibly take them, but she considers this to be a last choice option. Dead last.

HOWEVER. This power, this role, is immensely powerful. A direct line to Death itself, Greta is in fact a serious threat to anything demonic, fallen, or past its expiry date. If she is in the room with any of these things, they will be aware that Death could reach through her at any moment and snuff them out. Thus, a very real threat. Even if it's not something she could control or would perform herself.

FEAR: Greta, in her ghost form, is linked directly to both sides of death. The light, and the dark. If you are a person with a great deal of negative history, looking into Greta's eyes will fill you with deep and utter dread. Similarly if you are innately good, she will seem to be warm and welcoming.

GHOST BODY: As a semi-corporeal being, Greta is not solid. She is, in fact, a quasi-ethereal person formed largely of smoke. Greta has control over her body, allowing her to travel through the air and is usually floating, her lower half often not formed into legs. She is capable of passing through even the smallest crack in material, but not through anything which is truly impermeable.

As a ghost formed of smoke, Greta can control her body's shape and form. She can become a smoke screen, or form into other shapes at will. These forms are generally insubstantial as well, though if she pushes her body into a person's lungs it can choke them, forcing them to pass out.

SMOKE JUMPING: Effectively an ability to teleport, Secret has been seen to vanish in a puff of smoke and reappear elsewhere. The range on this is long, but she can only go to places she's familiar with. Also she can take others with her by taking them into the Abyss within herself and letting them out on the other side. This is generally highly traumatic, mortals were not meant to see their own death early or to see the Abyss itself. It's also fairly taxing; Secret would rather fly if possible.

SOLIDIFY: Greta can cause her body to become solid for brief periods of time. For no longer than two minutes at a time, she can form a construct which is able to be touched. Her constructs get weaker the longer they remain, and she requires time to rest after doing so.

Greta's constructs are very powerful. She has caught falling allies, defended from weapons fire by forming a wall, and can strike with several tons of force. However, the longer she remains solid the longer she must rest. Using a full two minutes in one go will cause her to need a full night's rest! Due to this, she tends to use this ability sparingly. Often she'll strike a target with solid fists, leaving her body insubstantial, and then dissipate immediately.




The Secret
The Secret
Full Name: Greta Hayes
Code Name: Secret
Occupation: Death Warder
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: Gotham
Affiliations: DEO
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Species Detail: Dead Human
Age: 18
Height: 4'8"
Build: Thin
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
OOC Information
Portrayed By: None
Theme Song: Genie in a Bottle - Christine Aquilera
Character Type: FC
Universe: DC
Wiki Tag: Secret
Played Since: Feb 17 2019

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