Karin Glucksburg is the youngest offspring of a Danish duke, and a slight embarassment to her family name. She would shirk her studies and duties, though she did manage to pick up enough to just barely get by if she needed to attend some social function or other. It was her distinct lack of interest in family affairs that had her shipped off to the United States and thus out of the way. Not disowned, but isolated.
Karin was fourteen when her mutant gene expressed itself in 2008 as she attended the all-girls Preparatory School in Washington DC. It was a messy affair and Karin was politely asked to leave when she wouldn't cease playing with her newfound ability. It was not long before she turned her attention upon ridding the world of crime!, though she was not entirely sure how she would go about doing that. A chance encounter with someone else just as interested in fighting crime, though with about ten years worth of experience at the job led Karin to become a sidekick. Her mentor was named Overdrive, using his considerable strength to wear and fight in a bulky suit of armour, and Karin had begun using the name Mercury because her touch did strange things to metal and it was a bit like what mercury does to metal.
During her time as Mercury, Karin suffered. She was terribly inexperienced and Overdrive sometimes didn't account for Karin's more fragile self. She ended up with some broken bones at times but Overdrive's medical training and her ability to spontaneously form splints, casts, and other useful things kept her from healing badly. Over time, Karin became less idealistic and more bitter, though she never made that prominent in how she spoke to Overdrive about it. She saw it as her own fault rather than his. She genuinely liked Overdrive, could never see his actions as wrongdoing, though she was not blind to faults.

Recent Events

(DEC 4-12) Arrived in New York City, has been slowly recruiting and setting up plans for future.


A disillusioned former teen hero, Karin has become a bitter woman with a chip on her shoulder the size of her worthless left arm. She hunts anti-mutant groups that advocate violence, in turn violently murdering them as an unreasoning force. She is not entirely a monster, but she will simply take what she needs if she needs something enough. She knows she has an incredibly strong influence on the world around her and exudes a sort of confidence that could draw others to join her and follow directives.

RP Hooks

Burning Anger
Skarp tries to keep her cool, but the moment she gets wind of anti-mutant gatherings, she investigates, and if she judges the gathering unworthy, there is often blood.

League of Super Mutants
Skarp isn't picky, but she is looking for some specific talents to join forces and unite against the oppressive legislation. Whether you call yourself hero or not, if you're willing and able, Skarp will fight alongside you. She might even get something longer-term going.

Slippery Captive
So now you've caught your very own Skarp. The record for holding her is about fifteen minutes. How good's your time?

When she isn't doing horrible things to people, Karin is pursuing artistic endeavors with metal sculpture. She takes a keen interest in anyone who is found admiring or purchasing her work. The young Lady is known to produce stunning artifacts but keeps the use of her powers away from this work.

Crippled Arm
It's evident that Karin is disabled in such a manner that day to day living is a little harder, but not too much.


Jonas Wilde
Former bodyguard


Duke Heinrich Glucksburg (Fictional!)


Dead Close Friend


Character Sheet


Skarp is able to get a sense for metals of all varieties if they come within arm's reach, but can extend that same sense out vicariously through metal in liquified form, thus able to affect metal beyond arm's reach. The details she is able to discern include specific makeup of an alloy, shape, and any imperfections, stresses or fractures, all down to the atomic level. This sense is what opens up the possibility of reshaping the metal, and if it were somehow disabled, she would be unable to control her power at all.


By making skin contact, Skarp can liquify and reshape metal masses into other solid shapes. While it is in liquid state, she can exert a limited form of telekinetic control, and the liquid mass extends her effective reach with her powers over it. She is not limited to metals subject to magnetism through this, open to all forms of common metal. Skarp has an upper limit of about five tons in mass of what she can affect at one time, but is able to split up that limit to numerous instances with a total of about five tons between them. Multiple active instances put a strain on her ability to focus and she has never successfully kept more than four active effects in place for more than a few seconds at a time.
Typical Metal
In an instant, up to 200 kilograms of metal mass can be liquified and Skarp can exert telekinetic influence over this amount casually. It isn't a very large amount of solid metal, but stretched out it can adequately serve her immediate needs. With ten seconds of continued contact, the mass that she can liquify and reshape doubles (up to the five ton limit), but her telekinetic control over it is limited to an additional 100 kilograms. This +10 seconds-+100kg-x2 ratio is constant, allowing her to control greater amounts of mass over time (200kg immediately, then over 40 seconds would be needed to reach her limit), and if the liquid metal comes in contact with other metals, they may be affected and added to the mass.
Skarp's upper limit of five tons is maintainable for a few minutes before she must cease and rest. Four tons could be maintained for 30 minutes or so, three tons for two hours, two tons for five hours and Skarp can maintain one ton or lower indefinitely. Skarp cannot affect bio-metals (eg: Colossus) nor any supermetals such as Adamantium and all with this power. — OOC: Consent rules are fully in place as well. She cannot affect anyone's possessions without their players' explicit permission. If it's something you own and she tries to affect it, we retcon that and I apologize —
Practical Uses
Skarp is able to create a two-fold protective barrier between herself and harm, surrounding solid plates of metal with liquid state metal, holding it all in place. The liquid metal is able to affect other metals that it comes in contact with while the solid plates provide protection from more conventional forms of harm. Bullets and other metallic projectiles for example might be added to the overall mass or repurposed into weapons of their own, to say nothing of what happens to someone's sword if they aren't careful. (Consent in effect!)
Skarp can sense metallic composition at the atomic level, she is able to also shape it at the same level, and is capable of creating weapons of such sharpness to be effectively two-dimensions, capable of slicing through most matter with very little force necessary. The maximum density level these weapons can effectively cut through is 2700 (Source: ). Those sharp edges can be considerably helpful in removing obstacles and any unfortunate people that get in her way (Mess-based Consent in effect!). Her understanding of metallic structure provides her with some masterfully crafted and artistic works of lethality. The weapons she makes are almost exclusively melee, but she could fashion springs and support structures to make more interesting things like catapults and spring-loaded bullet-launchers, but they must have very simple mechanisms due to Skarp's comprehension. (See +skill/view skarp)
In non-violent matters, Skarp is able to shape metal into any tool she can think of and understand, including complex-seeming machines. She could put together a pocketwatch if she understood the inner workings (she does not). In general this is rarely more helpful than simply shaping the metal to overcome her problems in a brutal and efficient manner, but there are always situations that demand a touch of finesse rather than brute force, and being subtle is among Skarp's abilities.




January 23, 2020. The Invitation

Emma Frost offers Karin Gluckburg of the Paris chapter an opportunity to meet in private.

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January 03, 2020. Mutant Town Heated Talks

Steve Rogers and DPS Spokesman visit a community center in Mutant Town

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Heavy Metal Lady
Heavy Metal Lady
Full Name: Karin Glucksburg
Code Name: Skarp
Occupation: Wanted Fugitive
Aliases: Mercury (No longer, not affiliated with Cessily Kincaid)
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Neutral
Home Turf: Other
Affiliations: Brotherhood of Mutants (Casual)
Hellfire Club (Legacy Member)
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Mutant
Age: 26
Height: 5'11"
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Inez Bjørg David
Theme Song:
Character Type: OC
Universe: Original Character
Wiki Tag: skarp
Played Since: December 2019

Last Posted Activity: 23 Jan 2020 07:04

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