Isabel Kane never thought she was terribly special. She was a normal kid
growing up on a farm in Iowa. She went off to university in Colorado to
study astronomy, because she loves the stars. But her grandfather, Dan
Kane (Captain Terror), got sick and before she was quite finished with
her degree, she had to come home to take care of him. Her grandfather
was not pleased with this turn of events. Isabel spent much of her time
dealing with his eccentricities on the farm - things like letting the
animals out of their pens all the time because he didn't like to see
them caged.

Her life changed on what appeared to be a perfectly average day when she
picked up a set of Shi'ar Exospex out in the pasture. The Exospex had
been dropped during a battle in the skies above Iowa. She tucked them in
her pocket as a curiosity and went about her business, but… the Spex
talked to her, invited her to put them on. A little leery of the idea,
she showed them to Dan. He recognized them for what they were, and he
encouraged her to do it. He believed she had greatness within her, and
this was her chance to grab a life of adventure with both hands.

Isabel put them on and she learned that the Exospex allowed her to
access superhuman powers, though only one at a time. She was both
terrified and excited. Saying good-bye to her grandfather and father,
she left Earth to go see what was out here for her. She joined the
Imperial Guard to complete a term of military service for them as a
condition of keeping the Exospex. When she returned to Earth a few
months later on leave, it was to find that her grandfather on his
deathbed. But he was so proud of her. He wanted her to walk in his
footsteps, become a hero. And he gave her a card with Captain America's
information on it, telling her that they'd been friends once and that
the Avenger would help her; Dan had once saved his life.

There were a number of battles and she met many people, one of whom was
the X-Men's Cannonball. Sam Guthrie struck sparks off her in all the
wrong ways for all the right reasons, and they began dating. But Isabel
still had a duty to the Imperium, and she was recalled to active duty
via an Imperial Alert from the Guard. She had no idea how long she'd be
gone, so in her own mind, she and Sam were done.

The Guard's Smasher was killed, and Isabel was promoted to Smasher in
his place. Her military duties kept her in the Shi'ar Guard for several
years. When word filtered to the empire that Earth was being attacked,
however, Isabel began to make arrangements to go home again. Her plans
were interrupted by a summons from a superior officer, who told her that
he had someone in custody that she needed to deal with. When she arrived
at the holding facility, it was to find none other than Cannonball.
Appalled, she quickly got to the bottom of his adventures and was told
that the invasion attempt had been thwarted, which made it unnecessary
for her to try to get special permission to leave the Guard.

She still had a few months left on her service commitment with the
Guard, and Sam decided that he had both the time and desire to stick
around. However, he was informed that in the Shi'ar society, he was not
going to be allowed to do that. He argued that they were mates, which
turned out to be both the wrong and the right thing to say. He would
have to go into the battle arena and prove he was worthy of being the
mate of a Commander in the Shi'ar Imperial Guard. He did, she joined him
there, and they won.

According to Shi'ar custom, they are now married. This state of affairs
is something they do NOT talk about. Although Sam insisted on a wedding
ring, which she wears on a chain around her neck, Isabel doesn't
consider being 'forced' into marriage as a real marriage. So as far as
her mental state, it just doesn't exist. Like Star Trek 5.

Recent Events


Isabel is something of a firecracker. She has a sharp, strategic brain
and the military training now to back up her words when she has to. She
is a fighter for those who can't fight for themselves. She protects the
innocent. She's a big believer in the rule of law and she believes that
the laws must apply to everyone but she also knows that sometimes the
laws are not just and one must stand against them.

Family is a huge thing for her. She quit college to take care of her
grandfather, and she wants to make her father and grandfather proud of
her. Grampa Dan wanted great things for her, and she struggles with the
idea that doing anything mundane like running the farm would by
definition be failing them. She will do anything that needs doing for
her family and her team.

Isabel has a tendency toward a smart mouth. When people start talking
crap, she will fire back with the best retorts that pop into her head,
fully intending to mess with the person she's baiting. As a general
rule, it's all in good fun and snark, but occasionally that wit can be
laser-sharp and used to verbally cut someone to shreds in just a few
words. Those wounds are the hardest to heal, so she has learned over
time to temper that reaction somewhat. But like most people with a
temper, she loses the battle to contain it occasionally.

RP Hooks

Sam is a Mutant

Sam's got an Immense Family

Grandfather was a Superhero
He knew Captain America, saved his life any.


Sam- The most amazing man ever, even if he is a Hillbilly.

Character Sheet

Just your average, ordinary amazing young woman.




Farmgirl gone Heroine
Farmgirl gone Heroine
Full Name: Isabel Kane
Code Name: Smasher
Occupation: Hero, Waitress, and Student
Aliases: Izzy
Reg. Status: Registered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Species Detail: Human
Age: 25
Height: 5'08"
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Lucy Loken
Theme Song:
Character Type: FC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: Smasher
Played Since: 12-03-2018

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