Yon Kohl was a noble and warrior of the planet Khera, many light years away from Earth. He was one of their greatest leaders, so revered that his likeness became the model for the android shock troops the Kherubim used in war, the Spartans. While he was wise, strong and brave, he also could be cruel, unyielding, stubborn and prejudiced. Several thousand years ago, he was part of a Kheran mission against their ancient enemies, the Daemonites and, as a result of that conflict, found himself stranded on planet Earth during the early history of the human species.

Yon Kohl continued his war and his warrior ways on Earth. He hunted Daemonites and served in a hundred armies, marching with the Romans, serving under Alexander, standing at the shoulder of Charlemagne and the Lionheart. He made friends, allies, lover and enemies. Many, many enemies. In the 20th century, at the beginning of the second world war, the emergence of superheroes and post-human adventurers gave him an opportunity and he created the identity of John Colt, an All-American hero who fought against the Nazi menace at home and abroad, working with many other heroes of the period and largely becoming well-regarded.

In the sixties, he entered the worlds of espionage and spycraft. In the course of those duties, he and his team uncovered a Daemonite plot that could have resulted in nuclear war. Yon sacrificed himself in order to stop that plot. However, one of his allies used Kheran technology to digitize Yon Kohl's memories and experiences, compressing them and downloading them into one of the Spartan androids based on his exploits. It took years for him to be properly prepared and perfected, but now that he is, he has taken that name as his own, Spartan, and is working for HALO and with its operatives to continue to battle evil and protect Earth from alien invasion.

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Yon Kohl's was a noble but complicated man. He was extremely brave, tireless, hardworking and self-sacrificing. He was an inspiring leader and a man of great authority, with incredible self-confidence and a magnetic personality. He had thousands of years of life experience under his belt, leaving him with a contemplative and perhaps even melancholy side to his personality that he rarely shared with others.

Spartan is Yon Kohl but he is also not. Spartan has difficulty sometimes processing emotions or feeling empathy for others, leaving him alienated or estranged from his fellows. On the other hand, the prejudices and narrow-minded aspects of Yon Kohl have also been wiped away, leaving Spartan more open-minded and curious about the world than that mighty man who thought he knew so much.

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WWII heroes
Robotics and hypertechnology
Corporate Warfare
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Character Sheet

BIO-PLASMA: Spartan's synthetic chassis generates an extreme bioplasmic charge, giving him a variety of capabilities. Most notably, he can unleash powerful blasts, capable of punching through tank armor or blasting concrete to smithereens, with a blast force of up to approximately eighty tons as his maximum discharge. He can unleash charges from his hands, eyes or his entire torso and body. He can charge his fists with plasma energy, causing explosive discharge with his strikes equivalent to an exploding grenade in addition to his already superhuman strength. He can form protective force fields with a strength equivalent to his blast powers and can extend said force bubbles up to twenty feet in radius, enabling him to protect an entire squad if necessary.

DIGITAL CONSCIOUSNESS: Yon Kohl's life experiences and essence have been converted into a digital engram existing within the hardwired mainframe of a Kherubim-cloned synthoid cyberentity. Long story short, he's an android with the memories of an alien hero. As a result, he is immune to telepathic intrusion, contact or manipulation. Telepaths won't be able to sense his presence or effect his thoughts with their powers.

His computing capacity and processing speed far exceed those of an ordinary human brain, giving him a functional IQ of well over 200 and enabling him to process problems, ideas, mathematics and tactics at a superhuman rate of speed. His computerized brain is capable of interacting with other computerized technologies in his vicinity or to simply access the net through wifi signals. He can hack and manipulate computers within ten miles of him through an act of concentration and, with his enhanced intellect, can usually override and control them to his will, as well as steal copies of their files and rewrite their code to his desire. His consciousness is steadily uploaded every five minutes to a remote satellite, saved and encrypted for installation in a replacement body should his current Spartan form be destroyed.

ENHANCED SENSES: Spartan's sight and hearing are all superhuman. His vision can extend to telescopic lengths, enabling him to see clearly for several miles in any given direction, including zooming capabilities and the ability to create digital photos and videos that can be uploaded to the cloud for access. His vision can be turned to both thermal and infrared modes. He can engage limited X-ray vision that can allow him to scan through materials at relatively close range, within thirty feet. He can hear ultrasonic and infrasonic ranges, as well as detect radio waves, microwaves and other forms of electromagnetic communication, although encrypted channels might require some processing time to crack.

FLIGHT: Spartan has the ability to generate a limited graviton field around his body enabling him to fly. He can move just slightly over the speed of sound, a little over Mach 1, and can maintain this speed for up to three hours before beginning to drain his energy reserves.

HOLO-DISPLAY: Spartan can create holographic projections within a twenty foot radius. This can enable him to disguise his appearance as someone else, hide his martial nature or simply camoflauge and become 'invisible' to the naked eye. These projections are simple photonic light and do not have substance or physical presence, only changing appearance.

POWERHOUSE: Spartan is a physical powerhouse, gifted with capabilities far beyond a human being. His strength is massive, enabling him to lift/press around eighty tons. His resistance to brute force injury is equivalent to his strength, making him bulletproof and capable of withstanding blows from superhuman bricks. That said, armor piercing weapons, lasers and other puncturing tools can still often break through his epidural armor and, while he's tough, he's not indestructible by any means. In addition to his strength and toughness, Spartan's physical speed, reflexes and dexterity all operate at approximately ten times the capacity of a human being.

SYNTHOID PHYSIOLOGY: Spartan's hybrid physiology combines cybernetic enhancement with genetically engineered Kherubim clone material derived from the original Yon Kohl. His physical body is incredibly efficient, capable of operating at peak effort for days without rest. His artificial system is immune to disease and extremes of temperature. He has no need to eat, breathe or sleep, getting his energy from a combination of solar absorption and internally-generated power. He will not age and can theoretically remain functional so long as his synthetic body is kept in working order. He can continue operating even while severely damaged, including the loss of limbs or grievous injury to his systems so long as his primary core in the base of his skull remains intact. He can turn off pain functions at will. His body has a limited self-repairing capacity, allowing for rapid healing of minor injuries and damage, but more significant harm will require a trip back to the lab for repairs.




God of Soldiers
God of Soldiers
Full Name: Yon Kohl
Code Name: Spartan
Occupation: Super Soldier
Aliases: John Colt
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: WildCATs
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Species: Alien
Species Detail: Synthetic/Alien
Age: Millenia
Height: 6'4"
Build: Capable
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Blue
OOC Information
Portrayed By: James Norton
Theme Song: "I Stand Alone" by Godsmack
Character Type: FC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: spartan
Played Since: January 2019

Last Posted Activity: 17 Mar 2019 05:29

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